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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 302 by desirenovel

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 302 by desirenovel

The Sacrifice

“You!” Trishia directly pointed her finger at the old Senator. Her vexation would just go if she could kill him.

Alice quickly strode toward Trishia in panic and gripped her arm to stop her from committing a mistake. She, of all people, knew how evil her husband is. He would not spare Trishia’s life if he was not happy with her.

“Trishia, stop!” Alice quickly scolded Trishia squeezing her arm tightly.

Trishia looked at her mom.

Her furious eyes met her mom’s pleading eyes. “What are you doing, mom?” She muttered softly. She was ready to attack the Senator but her mom’s pleading was so unreal. Trishia could not believe her mom was stopping her. She should let her allow to avenge her. She would kill the Senator for hurting her mom. Why she was stopping her?

“Mom, let me go! Do not try to protect your husband. He is an animal! He deserves to die! So, let me go now!” Trishia’s outburst was unmanageable, especially seeing the man standing in front of them had an annoying smile on his face.

“Hahaha!” After Trishia’s words, an oppressive laughing was heard. Sen. Meyer stomped his wooden cane on the floor repeatedly. Along with his laughing, he spat on the ground.

“Mom, this man is crazy! Let me go!” Trishia shouted hysterically while her right hand clenched hardly into a fist.

“Trishia, please! Just go back inside. Listen to me, baby. Just go back inside. I’m going home now.” Alice dragged Trishia back into her apartment. She was determined to go back to her husband. It was a right but dangerous decision she had to make for the best of all the lives she was protecting.

With a very puzzled look, Trishia looked at her mom again trying to find some answers to her questions but all she could see was her pleading.

“Mom…” Trishia muttered in disbelief. “Trust me, Baby,” Alice responded with eyes talking to her to follow and listen to her.

Trishia glanced at the Senator with daggers before she turned around to grant her mom’s pleading but before she could enter inside, “Hahaha!” Sen. Meyer laughed again with a provoking sound. Trishia hastily stopped then she turned around.

“You, old man! I swear to kill you if you hurt my mom again!” She roared. Her tone carried a serious threat.

“What can you do to me?” Finally, Sen. Meyer spoke. His tone was unfriendly. It was sarcastic. “What can a worthless person do to me?” He asked. “Hahaha!” Then he laughed insulting her capabilities.

“You!” Trishia could not take his mocking anymore as she forcefully snatched her arm from Alicia’s grip then she stormed toward her stepfather with scorching outrage but before she could get closer to the old senator, his men caught her. Trishia struggled. She tried to escape from the two men who were holding her shoulders for her to stay rooted on her spot. “Let me go, idiots!” She shouted impatiently.

“Sweetheart, let’s go home now and leave Trishia alone. I am very sorry earlier. It was just a misunderstanding. I swear I am not going to do things, not to your liking.” Alice could still feel all the intense pain in her body. She just had to keep up and made him believe her words to spare Trishia. Alice could not afford to lose her only daughter. Even though she wanted to run away from the evil senator, she had to go back for the safety of her loved ones.

“Huh! Sweetheart, why are you in a hurry when I am still enjoying your daughter’s drama? What a great performance, Trishia! Oh, I can’t believe that you are really a great actress! Hahaha…” Sen. Meyer was chuckling wickedly. “Tell you what, your best actress’ awards before were because of my money. Hahaha!” He laughed again and then spat on the floor. “You are never good, Trishia!” His laughing was replaced with a serious mocking voice. “It was all about my money that led you to be the best. Without me, you are nothing! Without me, you are a piece of trash!” He shouted with killer eyes.

“I don’t need your money! Hahaha!” This time, Trishia laughed like what he did earlier then she smirked. “With your age, you’re not gonna live long anyway. So eat all your money old man! Hahaha!” She responded at him stubbornly. Her ears were used to her old stepfather’s sharp tongue but her heart would never get used to it. It just made her hate him more.

“Trishia… Trishia… Trishia…” Instead of getting angry, Sen. Meyer took away Alice’s hand on his arm and then strode towards Trishia. He walked around her with his wooden cane stomping hard on the concrete floor. “Will you believe that I can cut your sharp tongue now?” He said with his cane pointing to Trishia.

“Sweetheart, no! Please!” Alice immediately cried out but the senator looked at her dangerously. His glance didn’t want to be interrupted. One man came and held Alicia to stop her from going after her husband.

“Like mother, like daughter!” Sen. Meyer commented mockingly then he shook his head. “Don’t you know that your mother is also a best of the best actress?” He looked, at Alicia with a mocking scowl and then looked at Trishia with an arrogant smile. “Do you think your mother really loves you?” He added with a provoking tone.

“Stop talking old man! I don’t have time for your sermon! Let me go!” Incensed with her situation, Trishia cut him.

“Trishia… Trishia…Trishia… You have to listen to me because you don’t have a choice.” He muttered cupping Trishia’s face to face him. Trishia looked at his face with murderous eyes. All her veins were clenched determined to kill him at that time if only she was free. Trishia swore to kill the old stepfather if she could escape from his men.

Then suddenly, she spat on his face, and then she grinned at him. Spitting on his face gave her overwhelming satisfaction.

“Pakkk!” A resonating slap sound echoed the room. Sen. Meyer slapped Trishia hard. Trishia’s head swayed on the side but she was not shoved to the ground as his men were holding her strongly. Instantly, blood came out from the corner of Trishia’s mouth. It didn’t bother her as she kept on chuckling. “Pakkk!” Another loud slap was heard. Trishia’s head swayed to the other side. “Hahaha!” She laughed out loud still not bothered with her swollen cheeks. “Pakkk!” It was the loudest slap and her blood hit the floor. More blood came out of her mouth but she was still cackling.

“Are you tired old man?” Trishia still provoked him.

“Sweetheart! Please stop!” Alice was crying out loud. She was in a panic and her nervousness was eating her up. She could not attain to see the terrible scene but her cries weren’t mattered.

“Huh!” Sen. Meyer howled angrily then he nodded impatiently. “Trishia, you really think you can get ahead of me? Hahaha! You are very wrong!” He shouted signaling his man who was holding Alice to come. Face to face, Trishia was facing her mother. Sen. Meyer was in between them with a big wicked grin. 

“Pakkk!” In the next second, another loud slap sound was heard.

“Mom!!!” Trishia cried out. Sen. Meyer hit her mom in front of her.

“Come on, Trishia! Laugh!” He ordered with an evil grin.

“Pakkk!” Sen. Meyer hit Alice again. Along with Alice’s blood were her tears dripping down.

“Mom! Stop you evil!” Trishia was attempting to escape but it was to no avail. She could not even move an inch closer to her mother.

“Laugh Trishia, Laugh!” Sen. Meyer ordered with a serious tone but with a wicked expression. “I want to hear your chuckling once again.”

“Pakkk!” And another slap was heard. Sen. Meyer closed his eyes while spreading his arms in the air. He seemed to feel his triumph and satisfaction through Trishia’s cries.

“Mom… You are so evil!” She screamed her loudest. Her blood and saliva were blending out.

Alice never said anything. Her head and body were low like she could collapse if no one was holding her.

Sen. Meyer opened his eyes.

“Listen to me Trishia, do you think that Jayson Hansen would save you?” Sen. Meyer uttered with a frown.

Hearing him, Trishia was in shock. Sen. Meyer knew about them even though they never went out in public. She wasn’t able to speak and hide her blank expression.

“Oh, Trishia, a loser belongs to a loser. What a pity!” Sen. Meyer chuckled with mockery.

At this time, Trishia already accepted her defeat. Her mother’s pitiful situation in front was an eyesore for her plus the senator knew her and Jayson. What was he going to do about them? Trishia was tired of struggling. The old senator was too cruel hitting her mother again and again.

“Poor, Trishia! Even your mother here was risking her life to be with me not because of you but…” He added spilling something.

“Sweetheart, stop! Please stop this now.” Alice cut him with a frail voice but Sen. Meyer didn’t even glance at her. His sharp eyes were only for Trishia.

“Your mother was not protecting you. She was protecting her lover and her lover’s daughter, Arabella Jones. Hahaha! How’s that? She was protecting your mortal enemy. Hahaha!” He laughed like he heard the funniest joke in his life.

Hearing Arabella’s name, Trishia clenched her fists hard. Arabella tricked her and she wanted revenge. She wanted her life.

“Is that true, mom?” With so much irritation in her veins, she looked at her mother. Alice met Sen. Meyer’s threatening eyes then she looked at Trishia. Alice nodded.

Trishia clenched her fists harder. “Of all people, you knew that I hate that woman the most! Why are you helping her? Mom, that woman made my life miserable. Let her die!” Trishia roared.

“Trishia! She is your sister!” Alice answered reminding her. Trishia had known about it a very long time. She decided to introduce Trishia to her real father before. Trishia was unhappy about it. She never accepted her real father until now.

“I don’t have a sister!” She answered angrily as she refused to listen to Alice. “I will never accept her as my sister and that man… that man… he is nothing to me!” Intense bitterness occurred in her tone. It was no room for negotiation.

“Baby, listen to me. She..” Alice tried to calm her.

“No mom!” Trishia quickly cut Alice. “I can’t take those people in our life. Choose between us now mom and cut your ties with them. I can’t share you with them. I don’t want them in our life. Choose now!” Trishia strongly cursed Arabella and her dad. She could not accept them and she refused to listen to her mom.

Alice’s tears came outpouring. She met the threatening eyes of the Senator then she looked at her daughter who was impatiently waiting for her answer.

“Them,” Alice answered looking at Trishia.

Hearing her mom’s answer, she felt she got herself drowned in a vast ocean and then washed to the shore alone while the rough wave kept on running over her.

“Do you even love me, mom?” Trishia’s eyes were moist but still had high hopes for a positive answer.

Alice looked at her seriously. “No.”

A great pain invaded Trishia. She felt abandoned by the only person she had. The person who she taught loved her selflessly. The person who always picked her up when she was down. The person who cared for her a lot.

Her mom.

Alice Meyer.

And now, she was choosing Arabella Jones and her father over her. She was shattered and now, no one was there to pick her up. She just lost her mom because of Arabella Jones.

“Best drama I had ever watched!” Senator Meyer said along with his loud hand clapping. Trishia was snapped back to her senses.

“Come on, sweetheart. Let’s go home now.” The Senator dragged Alice and strode to the exit. Trishia looked at her mom with the hope that she would turn around and look at her for the last time but she didn’t. Sen. Meyer signaled his men. They released Trishia and they left together with them.

Trishia stood frozen with a broken soul.

“Arabella Jones, You will never get my mom! Why don’t you die?!”

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