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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 301 by desirenovel

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 301 by desirenovel


The other day, Trishia Meyer was distracted by the loud knocks on her door. She was in awe seeing the person behind the door.

Alice Meyer.

Her mother was full of bruises on her face. Judging from her mother’s expression, Trishia could tell that she was tortured and was trying to hide from someone.

“Mom! What happened? F*ck! Who did this to you? Is it your evil husband?” Trishia roared angrily dragging her mother inside her apartment.

Alicia’s breathing was erratic. She was very uneasy and vigilant. Alicia paused for a while trying to pacify herself and stabilized her breathing. Instead of answering Trishia, she went directly to the kitchen and got herself a glass of water. With a trembling hand, she drank it in one go. Then, Alicia heaved a deep sigh. Trishia followed her quickly with a murderous expression. She could only care about one person other than herself and Bill Sky, her mom, Alice.

“Mom! Tell me who did this to you! Tell me now!” Trishia was not satisfied with the terrible sight of her mom. She shouted madly as if she would die if she would not kill the person who did Alicia’s bruises.

“Trishia, stop!” Alicia cut her. “Will you come down?” She added while she nestled herself on the sofa.

“No! I can’t!” Trishia refuted shouting. “I will not allow someone to hurt you like this! That person is an animal!” Trishia could not find her calm. She kept on shouting angrily wanting to revenge on her mom. She could not just sit there with her mom, she wanted to go out and kill everyone. With her mom’s bruises, Trishia got paranoid. At this moment, no one could stop her. She would turn the world upside down just to avenge her mother.

“Pakkk!” After Trishia’s words, a boisterous slap sound echoed inside the room. Alicia hit her daughter. Trishia was stunned. She was immediately sobered. “Mom…” She muttered feeling the tingling pain on her right cheek.

“I’m sorry…” Alicia was displeased with what she did but it was the only way she could make Trishia drain her madness. She knew her daughter very well and she knew that Trishia could easily do things that would put her in danger. She dragged Trishia to sit with her.

“Who did this to you, mom?” Trishia asked again but at this moment her tone was a bit calm. She wasn’t shouting but her murderous expression just lessened a bit.

After Trishia’s words, Alicia’s tears came pouring as she hugged Trishia.

“I have to go now,” Alicia muttered on Trishia’s shoulder. She didn’t answer Trishia instead she whimpered on Trishia’s shoulder.

“What???” Trishia sounded shocked and angry again. She would never let her mom leave her house.

Alicia didn’t respond to Trishia’s reaction instead she pushed her daughter and quickly stood up.

“I should not be here,” Alicia uttered with regrets in her tone as she wiped her tears.

“What are you saying, mom?” Puzzled, Trishia asked with drastic worries written all over her face.

“Don’t ask too many questions. Just stay here and you will be safe, okay?” Alicia grabbed Trishia’s arms and squeezed them a little while she was talking to her eyes sincerely. “I love you, my daughter.” Then, she kissed Trishia’s forehead. Right after, Alicia let go of Trishia’s arms and turned to leave. She was in a hurry but before she could open the door, Trishia blocked the door not letting her mother leave.

“You can’t go, mom!” Trishia uttered shaking her head. A great refusal was drawn all over her face.

“Trishia, what are you doing? Get out of my way!” Alicia roared in annoyance. Her expression was displeased and uneasy.

“No mom! You can’t go! You have to tell me what happened and where did you get your bruises first!” Trishia was determined to know and she had no room for negotiation.

“Listen to me Trishia, I have no time. I have to go back now! I should not be here in the first place.” Alicia was mad. She was in a hurry and it seemed something big was at stake.

“I said no! You can’t go!” Trishia responded stubbornly. “I can’t be mistaken it is your evil husband!” She exclaimed.

“What if he is the one, Trishia, what can you do about it?” Alicia was not happy with the situation. She could not risk her daughter’s life. She should get out of her place right now but she had no other place to go. Her instinct was to run to save her life.

Earlier, Sen. Meyer went inside the underground basement where he imprisoned her. He was carrying a dark expression.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing here?” Alicia asked sweetly. The reason was to pacify him. She wanted to play the role of a good wife to save all her loved ones as she knew that was the only thing the old senator wanted.

The senator’s reply wasn’t heard instead a loud slap sound echoed in the basement. It was a hard slap that made her shoved directly on the floor. She touched the tingling pain on her face while she looked at him angrily and puzzled.

For the past days, Sen. Meyer was good to her. He visited her in the basement regularly and at night he slept with her. Alicia was satisfied with the improvements. Even though she was locked in the basement, the Senator arranged the room to her comfort. But at the moment, she was horrified with the Senator. His expression was extremely murderous. She could not tell what happened to him outside and why he was hitting her. What triggered him to hit her? She looked at the senator with a questioning expression. Alice wanted to know his next move so she could plan it well. She should always think in advance as she shouldered the lives of the people she had wronged with.

“Do you think you can just trick me?” Sen. Meyer strode to Alice on the floor and cupped her face pulling her up forcefully. “You dare to trick me? How dare you to believe that you can trick me?!” Sen. Meyer’s eyeballs were bulging in anger and his face was flustered.

“Sweetheart…sweetheart…calm down. What are you talking about?” Alice asked horrified. Yes, she was forced to be with him and played the role of a good wife to make him satisfied. He promised to be good as long as she would stay with him but now, he stormed into the basement with flaring animosity.

“What am I talking about?” Sen. Meyer shouted gripping her face hard. His veins appeared on his arm and hands as he brutally smashed Alice on the wall. “Do not lie to me! You are a slut!” Then, he slapped her again. Alice shoved back to the ground with blood dripping from her mouth. She could feel her cheeks were already swollen from his smashing and slapping. “Sweetheart, I’m not gonna do that again. I already promised you. Do you remember? Please believe me.” All she could do was beg. Alice had to try her best to pacify him or else she would lose her life in his hand. Before all her sweet words and actions worked on him but at this moment, it seemed all her beggings were ineffective. He was driven by intense anger that he could not listen to her. He seemed not to recognize her and he could kill her if he would not stop.

“Shut up! Stop fooling me!” Another hard slap echoed in the room. More blood dripped down to the ground from the other corner of her mouth. Alice was in great pain but she refused to solve the issue with Senator Meyer. She still had high hopes that she could pacify him. She had to pacify him or it would be hard living with his anger every day. Alice had to make sure that he would not break the condition they both agreed on in exchange that she would stay with him forever.

“Sweetheart, I am not fooling you. You put me here in the basement to hide me away from my daughter and the people outside. I didn’t complain. You never heard me complaining. Please stop this madness.” Alice was pleading. Sen. Meyer picked her up again and smashed her to the sofa roughly.

“Ahhh!” She cried out along with a loud sound of cracked glass. The glass vase on the table shattered when her body smashed on the couch and her arm swayed towards the glass vase. The pain was unendurable when her back hit hard on the wooden edge of the sofa along with her forehead on the other edge. Blood gushing on the side of her forehead.

Alice’s vision got blurry for a moment. She was in a deep mess. Her mind was shuffled. She felt horrified by his brutality. She never thought this time would come as the Senator was always gentle with her. He just changed when she decided to leave him and pursue her own happiness. For the longest time, she made a big sacrifice to stay with him. She was faithful but her heart wanted to surrender in the long run. Sen. Meyer was not a good husband. He had lots of women and she was not blind to it. She just wanted to live her remaining life with the person she truly loved even though it was a selfish move. Now, she had to pay the price of her selfishness.

Determined to live, Alice tried her best to think properly. When she saw a sharp long piece of glass on the table, she quickly grabbed it even though her hand was sliced due to its sharpness. It hurt her a lot but she fought with the pain in her hand as she was hiding it behind her back. Sen. Meyer picked her up again but this time he heartlessly gripped her neck.

“Does it hurt? Huh?” He asked with a mocking scowl. His expression was dissatisfied amidst her bleeding face and the intense pain he gave her. Alice felt her frail body. The pain made her so weak. Now, the senator was choking her. She could not breathe. She tried her best to gather air all she could but he was so cruel as he hardened his grip.

“Swee…sweet…heart..” She uttered staggering almost running out of air in the body but the senator was merciless.

“You are not a good wife! You are a fake!” Senator Meyer shouted insulting her while spitting on the ground.

When she felt her situation worsen, her begging wasn’t heard and she was slowly dying, Alice quickly raised the sharp glass piece and quickly stabbed his shoulder along with her blood running on the sharp glass surface as she gripped it strongly.

“Ahhh!” Sen. Meyer cried out loud. He immediately let go of her as he wanted to reach the sharp thing. Alice took the chance to run away but before she could open the door, Sen. Meyer grasped her hair and dragged her. Luckily, her hand was quick to grab another vase on the side, she turned around even though she felt her scalp was burning due to his clasp then she smashed the vase directly to his head. Instinctively, all her actions were swift.

Sen. Meyer instantly collapsed to the ground. Seeing his unconscious condition, Alice took the chance to escape. She was in a panic and there was only one thing in her mind.

Save her life.

“I will kill him, mom. I will kill him!” Trishia’s boisterous scream snapped Alice back to her senses. As for Trishia, she would have a bug reason now to kill the senator, after all, he had never been a good father to her. He used her when she was famous and then disposed of her like trash when she was already worthless. She wanted to settle the score with him for the longest time but she dropped the idea as she was concerned with her mother. Now, she would do anything in her power to kill the person who hurt her mom.

“Stop it, Trishia! Will you?” Alice quickly exclaimed. Her tone was annoyed as she seemed to be in a hurry. She had to go back or else everyone would die. The senator would never spare their lives. She could not afford to lose a daughter. She could not afford to lose her lover and she could not afford to lose her lover’s daughter.

“No, mom. I will get your revenge! You stay here!” Trishia said stubbornly then she quickly opened the door only to see someone was standing outside her apartment.

Trishia stopped.

Alice froze.

Sen. Meyer was outside Trishia’s apartment.

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