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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 300 by desirenovel

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 300 by desirenovel

Chaos Maker

“Bill! Bill! Wake up, Bill!” She roared while punching his chest repeatedly. She quickly got the small bottle and poured the liquid into his mouth. When she saw nothing had happened, she was completely at a loss.

“You can’t die!” She was angry clenching his shoulder. Absent-mindedly, her tears skipped her eyes. “You can’t die, Bill Sky!” She blurted out with her hopes slowly shattered. Bill was unmoved and she didn’t get any reply from him. His eyes were still closed and the leaves that were covered all over his torso fell out when she moved him forcefully.

For an inexplicable reason, her heartbeat was clenched hard. Mixed emotions infested her. She felt angry, disappointed, nervous betrayed by the situation. She despised Bill Sky even in his death. She felt he was too weak to die just like that. She was not contented with him dying that easy. And what about her son, Adam? She looked at the handsome man who was just sleeping peacefully. Her vision was blurry due to her stubborn tears filling up her eyes. She hated herself for crying. This man didn’t deserve her tears. He didn’t deserve a single drop. She should not cry over him and she should be laughing right now. At long last, Bill would stop pestering her life anymore. The man who made her life a living hell would be gone forever. Bill Sky’s name would no longer be in her life. This is what she wanted for the longest time. She prayed for it. It was her long-time desire. But why she could not feel any joy? Not even a little satisfaction. Why was she crying right now? What were her tears for? She heaved a deep sigh with her tears continuously dropping on Bill’s chest when suddenly someone grabbed her wrist. She was shocked. Bill slowly opened his eyes. She looked at him with sparks in her eyes.

“Bill, Bill, are you okay? You are not dead.” She blurted out flipping his face from side to side as she couldn’t believe it. Then she leaned toward his chest to hear his heartbeat. She heaved a sigh of relief when she clearly heard his heartbeat had normalized. Noticing that she was leaning just an inch gap from his bare chest, she quickly moved upward but Bill was quick to grab her back on his chest.

Arabella was stunned but she didn’t resist. When she was shoved onto his chest, she closed her eyes as she heard his heartbeat drumming. The tiredness she felt directly hit her. She felt overwhelming satisfaction that she rested everything on his chest.

At first, she was a bit uneasy with the set-up but eventually, she got herself nestled in his arms followed by her deep slumber. Then she woke up to the loud banging of the door. Someone forcefully kicked the door open. She also heard the loud noise of a chopper in the area. Her panicked eyes saw some soft lights outside and she was sure it was already dawn.

“Bill, wake up!” She assisted him to stand. She felt bad about the footsteps outside. It was not just one person but judging from the footsteps she heard, she was sure they were a lot of them outside.

She was in a big difficulty as her mind was a mess right now.

‘Who were they?’

‘Could it be the old man?’

‘Is he a bad guy?’

‘Did he recognize Bill Sky and got men to capture him in exchange for money?’ 

“Bill, Bill wake up.” She grabbed his arm but he didn’t cooperate.

“Put your hands in the air!” A man shouted pointing his flashlight directly at her face with a gun followed by 6 men running inside quickly. Terrified, she obeyed. With her two hands lifted in the air, she was trembling in fright but she refused to surrender her life to them. She could not see the old man in the crowd and she felt guilty for doubting him.

“Who are you?” She asked shouting. No one answered her instead the men quickly strode forward to Bill giving her zero attention.

“Hey! Don’t touch him! He is sick! Do you hear me?” She opposed and blocked her body on their way but the man who was in front of her pointed his gun at her. She quickly raised her hands in the air again showing them that she would not fight but she could not let them take Bill away.

“Where are you bringing him?” She roared seeing they got Bill. Two men were carrying a stretcher and they transferred him there then they carried Bill outside. She wanted to refuse but she remained mute.

“Please, follow us.” A voice behind her snapped back her senses. It was one of the men. Before she could refuse, he held her shoulders at the back and pushed her forward. There was urgency in all their actions.

When she got outside, she got a clearer vision of the men who entered the house and took Bill. If she was not mistaken, they were Bill’s men and they were rescuing him out of the forest. She didn’t know how they knew about their situation but she was sure that it was the billionaire’s protocol. They pushed Bill inside the chopper. She quickly headed in the chopper’s direction only to be stopped by the two men. She was very horrified. She could not be left in the forest alone. She didn’t want to be alone in the forest full of venomous snakes.

She got more nervous when she saw the chopper was leaving. “Bill Sky, do not leave me!” She shouted her loudest amidst the noise coming from the helicopter’s rotor blade. She was very disgruntled about being left alone with the two strangers.

“Please follow us.” The sturdy man in his black suit politely said. Arabella felt she had no choice but to follow them. After all, she didn’t want to be left behind.

They reached the same place where Bill’s motorcycle parked but the big bike was already gone. It seemed someone got driven it away. A black bulletproof black car was waiting for them. The man opened her door, she quickly jumped in.

Inside the car, the silence was deafening. The two men sat in front while she was in the backseat.

“Ahem!” She pretended to be coughing to open up a conversation. “Mister, would you know where is Mr. Bill Sky’s location?” She wanted to rest her mind from thinking about Bill and his condition but she could not stop asking about him. Maybe she just wanted to put a period about him. She just wants to know if he was fine then she would surely let go of her thoughts.

After her words, no one responded. One man on the passenger seat just shook his head as a simple way of telling her that they didn’t know and they didn’t want to spill any information about their master.

Since the two were very stiff, she surrendered. She kept her mouth shut and then averted her gaze outside the window. The sun was going up and the view was covered with its golden light. It was wonderful. Then her memory brought her to where she and Bill were riding the motorcycle and enjoying the scenic view. It was just yesterday and no one expected that their journey would turn out to be tragic. Bill had miscalculated their journey. If he knew the place then why did they expose themselves in this jungle? Bill would not risk his life over this kind of stupid journey. Arabella heaved a heavy sigh. Bill should be safe with his men. She had done her part in saving him so she should stop thinking of him anymore. Whatever happened to him, it wasn’t her fault. She shook her head to pacify herself.

“Mister, please stop. I will come down here.” She uttered seeing the familiar city. She knew she was already safe in the area. She was confident that she could take a cab and reach her home safely.

After hearing her, the driver stopped. She was satisfied that they were not giving her a hard time.

“Thank you, mister.” She said before she got down then the car swiftly went away.

The satisfaction she felt was overwhelming. Finally, she’s safe. She could go home and have herself pampered with a hot shower. Wiped all the bad memories in the jungle by cooking and eating delicious food then took the whole day sleeping. She had in mind all the good things she would do to erase her worries for Bill Sky.

After a while, she successfully reached her apartment. It was the only place she could find her calm and wipe all the sorrows away for the day. She was excited to lay down on her bed. She felt all her tiredness got hit her when she saw her house. The whole night was torture for her. She only had a little sleep on Bill’s chest. She shook her head again trying to get rid of Bill in her mind then continued to walk towards her unit.

When she reached the door of her unit, she stopped. The doorknob was out of its place. In just one look, one could simply tell that someone got inside her house uninvited. At first, she thought someone robbed her house but her instinct was telling her that someone was still inside the house as movements were heard outside. She was very angry with everything. She felt her days were all disasters lately. First with Bill Sky and now the person inside her house.

‘Who’s inside her unit?’

‘One person or many?’

‘What did they want from her?’

She clenched her fists. At this moment, she only had one person in her mind.

The vicious senator Meyer?

Other than Bill Sky, Sen. Meyer was next to him. He was evil with an ugly old face, unlike the latter, Bill’s handsome face was extreme but also extremely evil.

Arabella slowly moved closer to the entrance. With one push, the door opened wide. Her heartbeat was racing fast as she strode slowly inside. When she entered her house, a whole lot of mess greeted her eyes. All her furniture and appliances were scattered on the floor broken and damaged. Her wardrobes and things were like rags torn and scattered everywhere. She was so shocked but she was also extremely angry. She didn’t like what she saw. Everything she had was not for free. She bought everything through her hard work. And now, she saw all her things crumbled was no joke. Her house was like hit by a tornado. Arabella gritted her teeth in annoyance finally seeing the person who did the whole mess. The person who was responsible for ruining her house was none other than Trishia Meyer. The chaos maker!

Trishia was sitting on her couch with a big scissor in her hand and Arabella’s curtain in the other.

“Eenie meenie miney mo…” Trishia was pointing the edge of the scissor to her things. She was obviously choosing which to cut into pieces just like Arabella’s wardrobes on the floor and Trishia seemed to be aware that Arabella was already inside watching her but she didn’t care.

“Trishia! Stop it right now!” Arabella roared seeing Trishia was going to cut her favorite Sunday dress.

Instead of turning to see Arabella, Trishia deliberately cut crisscrossed on Arabella’s fave dress.

With intense anger surging up, Arabella quickly strode toward Trishia and got her scissor but Trishia was quicker to cut Arabella’s hand with the sharp scissor blade.

“Pakkk!” With blood on her right hand, she still had the strength to slap Trishia very hard due to her intense fury.

She won’t allow Trishia to just hurt her.

“You! You get out right now before I call the police!” Arabella’s temper was bursting. With a threatening tone, she pointed to Trishia. Arabella’s eyes were killers. She could never stand Trishia alone. She was so annoying, a stubborn brat who was full of herself.

“Hahaha!” Amidst Arabella’s warning expression, Trishia laughed out loud. ” You gave me a chill, Arabella,” Trishia commented laughing. How could she forget that Trishia was a daughter of a powerful man?

“I am not joking Trishia, If the police cannot touch you, I swear to god that I will kill you if you’re not going to get out!” Arabella’s expression was determined to her every word. She was obviously controlling herself not being a criminal at that time but she was willing to break the law if necessary.

“Are you sure you can kill me?” Trishia smiled wickedly. “You! I am just starting, Arabella Jones. What I had done here was nothing. There are still lots to come!” She said viciously while laughing tremendously insulting Arabella.

Arabella was already pissed with Trishia’s brat attitude. She quickly walked toward her kitchen and got a knife. She chose the sharpest and the biggest one then she stormed back to Trishia’s location.

Seeing Arabella was holding a knife, Trishia’s smile widened then she clapped her hands repeatedly.

“Bravo!” Trishia kept on uttering cheerfully while still laughing out loud. ” Arabella Jones, can you really kill me?” Trishia smirked with a frown like begging but after she laughed again.

“Okay, come on! Kill me now!” Trishia provoked the furious Arabella.

“Don’t be a coward, Arabella Jones. Come on, kill your own sister now!”

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