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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 299 by desirenovel

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 299 by desirenovel

The Disaster

“Bill! Bill, stay with me!” Arabella panicked seeing Bill as pale as a ghost while sweating all over his forehead. Inside his eyes were like silk floating like he was beginning to hallucinate. Arabella quickly jumped out of his arms. She didn’t know what to do but she felt she had to do something to save him. Thinking about their situation was terrifying in the jungle. She could not let him die or she would be doomed.

How could she go home without Bill Sky? She could not survive in a forest without anyone to call for help. Immediately, she got her phone. Her instinct was urging her to call for help but what was more terrifying was there was no network in the area. She kept on raising her phone seeking a signal but there was none. Then, she slipped her hand inside his pocket looking for his mobile phone. She didn’t care as she was determined to resolve the situation as fast as she could.

She could not let him die.

Not today.

Not now.

She was in awe when she saw Bill’s phone had also no signal. Their location was out of reach. She heaved a deep sigh trying to calm herself down. Her stillness was to no avail since she had to act fast before Bill would be poisoned and completely lost his consciousness.

“Bill, please don’t do this to me.” She was squealing in panic. Then she took his arm and put it on her shoulder assisting him to walk. “Bill, tell me what you feel?” She kept on talking keeping him awake. It was complete torture for her to see the sky had turned dark. She knew the threatening rain would follow.

The moment was a disaster.

She was assisting Bill who was in urgent need of medical attention, the rain, the forest, which way to go, and the night were fast approaching. They should get out of the place before it would turn completely dark.

“Bill, stay with me. Which way is the exit?” She asked trembling in fear. Her nervousness was invading her. She was trying her best to get a hold of herself to get them out alive. Bushes and trees were growing wildly along the pathway where they were walking. She had a strong feeling that they were already lost.

Bill stood with his weight on her and head low. He didn’t answer and he seemed not to hear her anymore. These bad signs made her more panic. It was huge pressure on her part but she was very determined to save Bill and herself from the situation but after a while, her hope was shattered when the heavy rain poured on the ground.

“Sh*t!” She could not hold her anger. She was awfully mad about the situation she was into. Bill got very heavy like she was already carrying all his weight.

“Bill, hang in there!” She muttered not just trying to pacify him but herself. If nervousness could kill, surely, she was already dead right now. Luckily, Arabella saw a small hut in the middle of the forest after a minute of walking. She quickly dragged Bill into the hut’s direction with her hopes started to mold again.

“Help! Help! Is anybody there?” Arabella shouted at the top of her lungs. “Please help! Please help us!” She shouted amidst the loud sound of the rain. They were already soaked when they reached the hut.

“Bill sit down here first.” She blurted putting him to sit on a bamboo chair. When she successfully put him down, she got rattled seeing Bill’s weak facial expression. It was the first time she saw the mighty Bill in this kind of state. His eyes were closing but he resisted and kept his eyes open. He seemed to be aware of what’s gonna happen if he closes his eyes. His blood seemed to leave out already from his body as his skin turned the whitest as she could ever imagine.

All she could feel were worries as she held his skin as cold as ice. “Bill, listen to me. I will get you out from here alive, Okay? Just stay with me. Don’t close your eyes.” She sincerely said then she forcefully pushed the door of the hut.

“Hello! Please help! Please!” She screamed in panic and determination along with her hard knocking.

When no one was answering, she tried to open the window. With all her strength, she successfully opened it then she climbed to the top and jumped inside. The hut was small and almost empty but good thing she saw a bamboo bed that was fit for one person. She quickly opened the door and got Bill inside. She put him to bed and got his wet shirt. She looked at every corner and found a worn wooden chest. She opened it and her eyes glowed seeing some fabrics and a few man’s clothes. She quickly grabbed them and threw them to Bill. All her actions were swift.

“Bill, just hold on.” She mumbled softly while she put him on a dry shirt then she started to unbutton his wet pants. She had no care for everything. It was an emergency and she had seen him naked before. Bill looked at her but he didn’t refuse. There were only dry old short pants with thin fabric but it was better than his wet pants. She closed her eyes when she successfully put down his pants. Then she quickly put him on the short pants. She felt satisfied not until her eyes landed on Bill’s leg. The reddish mark from the snake’s fangs. It made her angry. She got madder when Bill’s temperature switched. He was bursting hot. His temperature had risen every second.

She got her phone trying to check if she could get a network signal and get help but it was to no avail. She looked everywhere to find something, there was drinking water in a clay jar. She got a wooden cup and then gave Bill water to drink. “Bill don’t close your eyes.” She could see Bill was already very weak. His handsome face was very frail and so was his body. “Bill! Bill! Stay with me.” She held his hand and squeezed it. Bill was already closing his eyes like he was tired of fighting it. He wasn’t moving anymore.

“Bill! Come on! You can’t die here.” She felt she had to say something for him not to give up his fight.

Even though she wanted to kill him before she could still not attain to see him die in front of her. She would not allow him to die in her hand. She was not that evil to let him die. After all, he was still the father of Adam. “Bill! You can’t die here! Wake up!” She roared punching his chest seeing Bill totally closed his eyes. “Wake up, Bill Sky! Wake up! You can’t die here! You can’t die now! I still have to see my son!” Arabella said hysterically while pumping his chest. Her tears started to drip down from the corners of her eyes. She could not understand why she was crying but she let her tears go. “Bill Sky, I hate you! You can’t die! Tell me first where’s my son?” Lots of tears occurred shaking Bill’s body.

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” She mumbled repeatedly gripping his shoulders.

The good thing was Bill still had a pulse but she could not feel any relief. It was raining cats and dogs outside. The wind was blowing strongly causing trees clasping sound. The air was very cold and they were very lucky to find the hut in the middle of the forest. Now, she hated the idea of why Bill brought her there. He put them both in a dangerous situation and now, he was dying. It was all his fault. “This is all your fault, Bill Sky! You can’t die just like that! You have to bring me back to the city! Wake up now!” She clenched his shirt as she cried out. Bill was unmoved. He seemed already sleeping. Arabella’s hopes were all gone. She had mixed emotions. She could not describe it in one word. She felt also cold as she was still wet all over but she didn’t care as her mind was preoccupied with the man on the bed.

Just after the next minute, footsteps were heard outside. Arabella got rattled because they were trespassers but she also hoped that the person was the help she prayed for.

She was about to stand but a man kicked the door open. It seemed the person knew that someone was inside his house.

“Who are you?” An old man appeared in the middle of the door frame. His tone was mad. His expression was unhappy. He was a strict old guy.

Arabella quickly knelt on the ground and bowed down. “We are very sorry, Mister but we need help. My… my…” She paused. “my husband is dying. Please help us.” She added begging.

After her words, the man strode inside. Arabella remained her head low as she prayed that the man had a good heart. For now, he was her only hope to save Bill Sky.

The man strode inside the house. He lit up a bottle lamp with a match stick. He quickly strode to Bill and touch his forehead and neck.

“He was bitten by a snake.” He announced.

Arabella heaved a sigh of relief. She could tell the old man was an expert in the forest.

” Yes.” She nodded. Her heart was overwhelmed with gladness.

“Go boil the water.” He ordered with a voice full of urgency.

She quickly stood up and grasp the direction where she could find a boiling pat. There was nothing but she refused to stop looking until she found a cauldron. She filled it with water then the man made a flame using wood and paper. He seemed to notice that Arabella had little knowledge about living in the forest. Then he got the cauldron and placed it on top of the flame.

“How long did he collapse?” He asked seriously.

“About 30 minutes now,” Arabella answered immediately.

“That means the venom was starting to scatter all over his body.” The old man remarked shooking his head as he got something in his old wooden small box. She could see it was a tiny bottle full of herbs. The man lifted Bill’s head and forcefully opened his mouth. He gave Bill drops of liquid from the small bottle. Then after, he put him back to bed. Arabella froze on her spot. She was watching the man treating Bill. She could tell he knew what he was doing.

“Wiped his whole body now with the warm water.” He ordered. His face was serious.

Hearing him, Arabella jumped and did the task quickly. She undressed Bill again as the old man’s order. She told him that Bill was her husband so she had to act like a real wife. Though she wanted to close her eyes, she tried her best to open them so the old man would not get suspicious of them. She just averted her gaze on the bed passing Bill’s sexy figure and his exposed masculinity.

The man started to put crushed leaves on Bill’s body. She could not tell the name of the leaves but her instinct had the full trust of the old man. After he covered Bill’s body with the green crushed leaves, he covered Bill with a thick quilt.

“Give him this when he wakes up.” The man gave Arabella the small bottle then he strode in the door’s direction.

“Wait! Where are you going?” She was worried about the man who was going outside in the heavy rain plus Bill’s situation. She didn’t want to be left alone.

“You can use my place only for tonight.” The old man stopped but he didn’t turn around as he spoke strictly then he left closing the door with a bang.

“Thank you!” She shouted hurriedly then she released a deep sigh. She could not complain anymore. Though the old man was strict and aloof, still he helped them. He also offered his place to them for a night. With the way he said it, they had to leave his place quickly in the morning hopefully Bill’s condition would cooperate.

She looked at Bill. His forehead was covered with the green leaf. The mighty Bill Sky looked very terrible for the first time but she could not find any satisfaction in her sight. She hated this man the most but she could not even mock his situation. She should be partying and laughing right now but she could still feel her nervousness toward him was spurting. The worries she felt for him never receded. Her heart was still beating so fast.

Arabella was tired but still, she was very thankful for the man. She crouched on the floor at the bedside and hugged her knees. Tonight, she had to monitor Bill’s condition. She should not sleep.

The night was getting late.

“Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…” She was fighting with her tired body that wanted to go into a deep slumber. She kept singing Adam’s nursery songs that she used to sing.

“Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream…” She stopped when Bill moved in the middle of the night. She quickly checked on him. Bill was shivering. She quickly touched his neck. He was very cold.

“Bill? Bill! Do you hear me?” She was trying to wake him up.

“Bill! Wake up! Wake up!” Arabella roared seeing Bill was clenching his hands hardly with cold sweats all over his body.

She quickly felt his pulse.

She froze.

Then she felt a deep pain in her heart.

Bill had stopped breathing and he had no pulse.

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