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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 298 by desirenovel

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 298 by desirenovel

In The Forest

“Bill, don’t!” What was heard before everything turned into silence. The next sound was their erratic breathing amidst the blasting of water.

Bill devoured her lips hungrily while pressing her soft body against his masculinity. Arabella could feel his hands wandering around her body like searching for something to play with. They were aiming at certain spots and they seemed to know which directions they were going.

“Bill…” Arabella called out his name. “Don’t, please. Don’t do this please.” She was scared of him but the thing she was afraid of the most was herself. It was not a secret that Bill was always giving her orgasms every time his around. On top of that, he was the only man that could do that to her. He could easily turn her on by just his scent. How much more now that Bill started to touch her? Kiss her? And hug her? Do everything he wanted to do to her? Millions of tingling sensations started controlling her body. They were running crazily all over her body electrifying all her nerves. With her eyes closed, her tongue danced with his tongue’s rhythm while her arms were hooked on his neck. For a while, Bill’s hands stopped on her waist until his right hand crawled upward and unclasped her bra behind.

She immediately opened her eyes and stopped kissing him.

“Bill, don’t!” It was an honest refusal but her body was already heating up. Obviously, her body wanted more. It may sound awkward, but her body was craving him. His touch could be gentle or wild, it always had an enormous effect on her.

Then, Bill’s lips landed on her earlobe. His sexy breath was fanning her ear. Arabella knew Bill was already too aroused to stop. She had goosebumps when she saw her bra was already floating on the water. Her eyes widened trying to reach it while hiding her healthy breasts with her other hand.

“Stop doing this or I will hurt you!” She wanted to release herself from the heat and him. The cold water seemed useless at the moment since Bill’s domineering heat was strongly captivating her inner self. It was the type that was difficult to resist especially since her wet round breasts were already pressing his muscled chest. An intensifying heat between their wet bodies was dancing in the tempting atmosphere.

Hearing her threatening words, Bill just smirked cutely. He was unaffected by her. His sexy handsome wet face was so irresistible. She promptly averted her gaze to the water to avoid his exhilarating charm.

“You lied,” Then, Bill commented sexily imprisoning her wet body inside his arms.

Arabella looked at him doubtfully.

“Your body cannot lie.” He added and smirked charmingly. Then put his luscious lips on hers and after, he quickly let her go. He swam around leaving Arabella in the center gleaming in embarrassment. She loathed the situation she was in and hated herself for being so weak against Bill’s touch.

Now, Bill was mocking her.

How could she not hide it?

How could she not control herself?

Bill was right.

She had lost the bet.

The fact that Bill knew that he was her weakness, made her more embarrassed.

She should not agree to the bet so she could preserve her pride. She could just have turned him down to save her face.

“Grrrr…” She gritted her teeth in annoyance while catching her bra in the water and wearing it on then she swam her way out of the water.

After a while, they walked back in the direction where Bill’s motorcycle was parked. In their way, Arabella was trying to pacify herself from the stigma she felt from Bill’s mockery. Admittedly, she had to seriously cure herself. She would have a very big problem if she would not get over Bill’s effect on her.

“Stop!” Her thoughts were shattered hearing Bill’s powerful voice.

With her stubbornness, Arabella just continued walking refusing to follow him. For her, disobeying him, again and again, would suffice the humiliation she got from him.

“Stop, right now!” Bill was already shouting like there was an emergency but Arabella just smirked at him and deliberately strolled wiggling her butt to show Bill that she would never allow him to order her around just like that. She would not take any orders from him just like that because he was nothing in her life. He was not her husband. He was not her boss. He wasn’t her friend. Most of all, he was nothing. He was nothing in her life and that would remain forever.

“Snake!” Bill said in a thunderous voice. Hearing him, she suddenly halted. Her face instantly turned pale out of a sudden seeing a big snake hissing on the ground approaching her direction.

When she was about to collapse due to her shock and nervousness, her body was suddenly lifted in the air. Bill carried her in a bridal style.

“Don’t move,” Bill ordered her almost whispering. Her eyes closed when she met the snake’s venomous eyes. She could feel her cold sweats appear on her hands and forehead while she was extremely trembling inside. It was her first time seeing a real snake in her whole life.

“Relax…Just don’t make a move.” Bill whispered calmly. He was carrying her with muscles jutting out just to keep them frozen in their spots.

The snake grasped around Bill’s boots. Due to her anxiety, she held her breath to lighten up her weight. Her mind was in a panic. She was afraid that Bill might put her down or he could not keep on holding her and accidentally dropped her.

“Bill, don’t drop me.” She muttered with her heart clenched. Her tone was sincerely begging. It seemed the stubborn Arabella got a dose of personality shifting.

“You are too heavy… I’m afraid I can’t keep it any longer.” He whispered back teasing.

Hearing him, Arabella felt more scared. She didn’t know what to do. Her mind was preoccupied with the snake that could bite her at any moment. She could not die. Adam was still waiting for her.

“Bill, I can’t die here. I still need to see my son. Adam…he needs me. He needs his real mother.” She could not find her calm as her nervousness was eating her up.

“Shhh…” Bill looked at her. For the first time, she saw his eyes were troubled and she panicked more.

“What are we going to…” She was about to ask something but her words were cut. Bill suddenly ravished her lips.

She was shocked but she let him. She let him kiss her as she was afraid to move.

Then Bill deepened the kiss. His tongue was entering inside her mouth like seeking its dancing partner. Arabella closed her eyes. She could not understand what he was doing and how could he flirt with her in this kind of situation?

Her mind was in a deep mess as she just didn’t feel so right about it. Is he tricking her again? Why he was already moving?

“Bill, the snake. Are you insane?” She broke the kiss and complained softly.

Bill just smirked cutely. “Hmmm…” He mumbled. “It’s gone.” He added.

After his words, she was relieved. Arabella heaved a deep sigh. “Then put me down now.” She ordered struggling to get away from his arms. Now, she felt that Bill Sky was more dangerous than the snake on the ground but Bill refused to let her go.

“There were more snakes on our way. Are you sure you wanna go down?” He asserted with a serious tone.

After hearing him, she quickly hooked her arms around his neck. “In that case, I think the view is better here. And seriously, I am tired of walking so thank you so much for the kind gesture, Mr. Sky.” She faked a smile. At this moment, she realized that being in his arms, she was safe. Of course, she would choose safety over anything so she could still see Adam again.

Bill didn’t reply. His face was serious but with his wet hair covering his forehead, he looked a little less domineering than the usual. He was like a bossy handsome teenager who carried her in silence along with the narrow uphill and downhill loops that were surrounded by trees and bushes. Arabella looked at the man who was carrying her strongly.

She was right.

The view was the most perfect from her position.

The sight of Bill Sky up close made her imagination run wild. He looked like a real prince and she was a princess. A handsome prince with a sexy figure.

‘Maybe he was a real prince in his previous life then turned to be a king. A handsome hot king!’ She gulped while her eyes fixated on his features.

His pointed nose, his medium-thick black eyebrows, long eyelashes, unreadable brown-gray eyes, perfect jawline. Bill was like a masterpiece of the best carving genius. Arabella could not help but heaved another deep sigh of disappointment. If only the man knows how to be a gentleman, if only he knows how to love, if only he was not cruel, if only he has a heart, then he would be everything she wanted to have for a lifetime partner.

“I might charge you for peeping on me for too long,” Bill mumbled with a cute smirk. Arabella instantly averted her stare to the other direction blushing tremendously. How could she be so obvious? “Don’t be full of yourself, Mr. Sky. I am just staring at the trees and clouds.” She bluffed regaining her pride that was instantly shattered earlier.

Bill didn’t answer but he smirked handsomely. The trees were dancing with the rhythm of the breeze. It was getting colder. The different sounds of the animals were heard in glistening nature. Bill continued walking with Arabella in his arms.

“Bill, why are you doing this?” She suddenly asked just to break the awkwardness she felt between the two of them in a forest. She could not help thinking about what he was up to as she exactly knew that Bill Sky was the busiest person on earth but he was there in the forest with her enjoying the crystal waterfall. Who would have believed that Bill Sky was wasting his precious time in a forest swimming in a hidden paradise? Who would even think about Bill Sky going to this kind of place? What about the snake? The place was dangerous and he knew it for sure. What about his billions if he would be bitten by poisonous snakes? Did he not love his life? She could not even believe him that’s why she wanted to know even though she knew he would not answer her seriously but her curiosity was just so overwhelming like the only way to pacify it was to ask him.

“Taking a break.” He answered with a deep tone.

She nodded repeatedly. It was a good answer for her. She could not just imagine why Bill had chosen to take a break in a dangerous forest.

“Why with me? When you can have all the pretty women in the world?” She didn’t know why she was so nosy at that time. It was all about her severe curiosity.

“You are my…” Bill answered but was unfinished.

She waited for him to continue as for an inexplicable reason, she was excited about his answer.

Bill stopped.

She looked up at him and was suddenly terrified.

“Bill, Bill… Are you okay? Answer me!” Arabella roared in panic seeing Bill’s forehead was full of sweat with a very pale face. His eyes were in deep pain and he was fighting it but he kept her in his arms. She was sure Bill got bitten by the snake and he hid it from her.

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