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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 297 by desirenovel

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 297 by desirenovel

The Bet

Arabella was dumbfounded. Her mind refused to believe Bill’s words. Then she chuckled softly with a mocking smirk.

“Stop teasing me, Mr.Sky.” She said with doubtful eyes on him. “You can’t be serious, right? And even though you are, it’s hard to imagine you and me together again. I will not enter your life ever again, Mr. Bill Sky.” She honestly replied to him swearing to herself that she would not fall for his trap anymore as she had seen it and not only that she experienced it before.

“Arabella Jones, do you really think that you can get out of my life?” Bill asked her calmly but his tone was provoking something. He sounded arrogant in a handsome manner. Dangerous in a charming way.

Hearing him, she gritted her teeth in annoyance. She looked at him with irritation. His gorgeous wet look was splendid but she could not control his animosity as she pushed his wet body away from her and she quickly swam away from him but Bill was quick to grab her wrist and pulled her back to his embrace.

“Let me go!” She ordered frowning in irritation. Her eyes were killers.

The demand was put in vain when Bill wrapped her wet body tightly with his strong arms.

“Adam…” Bill suddenly whispered. His warm lips were brushing her earlobe which made her shivered not because of the cold water but the tingling sensations of his lips touching her skin. It was irresistible and she didn’t know why Bill had always this thing that could always turn her on.

Hearing her son’s name, Arabella’s heart skipped a bit.

“What about Adam? What about him? What about my son?” She panicked as she could hear her blaring heartbeat like a drum.

Arabella felt her heart was going to explode.

She was exceptionally longing for her son.

“Calm down,” His broad shoulders seemed to tease her but she struggled hard. She didn’t want to have another intimacy between the two of them again in the water plus the thing with her son was not yet settled. She was dying to know about Adam and he was expecting her to calm down. That was impossible. For her, it was a good thing that he mentioned Adam. Now, she could talk about their son. Hopefully, this man would give her the benefit of satisfaction. Somehow she hoped that Bill would answer everything she wanted to know or better yet, he would announce that he would bring Adam back to her.

“Bill Sky, stop comforting me and tell me about Adam. Please tell me now.” She was already trembling down inside as she was very eager to know her son’s whereabouts. Adam deserved to have a mom. He deserved to be with her. No one could give him more genuine love than her. His real mother and that’s her.

” Be mine again and let’s give Adam a family.” Bill sounded very serious. His tone was deep as his unfathomable eyes were like searching for her soul. His proposal was interesting.

Too fascinating that she could not envision herself, Adam, and Bill Sky as family. It was hard to imagine that she was going to enter Bill’s life again but if it’s the only way to see Adam again, how could she refuse him? How could she kick out his proposal when it was to her advantage?


She was scared.

Just thinking about the pain she went through in the past, she jolted. Her heart was extremely angry with him and what he had done in the past. For her, she could not forget that he was the king of all evils. No matter how he showed her kindness, some things would never change and that was the man in front of her right now was a heartless beast. He was the one whose happiness was her sadness. It seemed like her pain was his entertainment. Bill had done awful things to her and they were the factors she needed to consider too.

“Mr. Sky, I am willing to do everything just to be with my son again and you know that!” She announced as she gulped to stabilize herself. Her breathing got excited but at the same time, it was nervous. If it was the only way that she could be with Adam again, she would be willing to risk it. Now, she understood Bill’s talking about risking. She could risk for the one she loved the most. She could put her guards down for Adam. Whatever happened, she knew it was not new to her. She had experienced terrible things with Bill before and she got her revenge but the prize she had to pay was too enormous. As cruel as he was, Bill kidnapped Adam and framed her. She could not forget how she knelt on a concrete ground under the scorching sun begging at him for her son but he never listened to her.

He had no mercy.

He was a heartless man.

“Wait! Why are you doing this, Mr. Sky? What do you want from me? ” Arabella asked with full of doubts on her expression. She believed that Bill was planning another trick for her. She knew Bill would not offer something advantage to her if he was not planning something bad for her. He was a scammer. He would never do things to her happiness.

“Please, I am begging you. Spare Adam. Do not use him for any of your plans. If you hate me that much, just revenge on me but no… not Adam, Mr. Sky.” Along with her words were her tears dripping down from the corners of her eyes.

“Shhh..” Bill whispered as he wiped her tears with his wet thumb. Then she pulled her into his embrace.

In the middle of the clear water, the two hugged each other like they were the only people left in a magical paradise. Birds and crickets were chirping and the fresh air circulating around. The smell of nature stabilized the atmosphere.

After a while, Arabella was snapped back to her senses as she pushed him again but her push turned out soft against Bill’s strong chest.

“What do you want now, Bill Sky?” She roared trying to get out of his domineering embrace. “We have done this before but it didn’t work.” She mumbled openly. Before, it was all about revenge. She made him go madly in love with her then suddenly, she dumped him. Whatever it is, she felt satisfied hurting him. Even though Bill didn’t love her, the fact that she made him crazily angry was feeding her satisfaction but not until Bill took Adam away from her. It was the most devastating she felt day by day.

“It’s Adam’s request.” He announced like spilling a secret. His tone was deep with eyes unreadable.

Hearing him, Arabella rolled her eyes. She knew it! There’s no need for a dictionary for her to understand everything. Bill would never propose something like that to her in his proper mind. Undoubtedly, Bill was not the type of man that would use romantic words. He never knew love. He would not love someone other than himself. The romance was not to his liking and it needs to have a miracle for him to love someone.

With these, how could she possibly be with him again?

What’s gonna be their set-up?

A contract?

Another contract?

Arabella frowned with lots of questions in her mind.

Her nervousness was eating her up but her excitement seeing Adam again leveled up. She felt a whirlwind of emotions at the moment. She could not wait to see her son again. Adam must miss her a lot. She was very happy that Adam didn’t forget her. Her son, Adam surely missed her. Thinking about this, she felt her heart was instantly shattered into pieces. Arabella could not wait to hug Adam again. Played with him and tickled him all over his body to hear his laugh.

“Of course, I’m going to give all to my son, Bill Sky.” She replied with a reassuring tone. “Tell me what’s gonna be our setup, Bill Sky?” Her tone was very eager to know and at the same time, she was already preparing her mind for whatever this monster wanted from her. “Did you prepare another contract again for me to sign?” The past was very fresh for her even though it was already a very long time. Who could blame her when she was his victim?

She was his contractual lover before and eventually became his contractual wife.

Their relationship before was all bound by contracts. Bill Sky would never compromise himself that’s why he would never act without a contract.

“No… This time will be different.” His sentence was serious and it was like a mystery to her. Bill’s forehead rested on her. His soft breathing was fanning her luscious lips. Their faces were very close to each other. She could feel millions of sensations crazily running all over her body.

“Bill, stop this now.” She whimpered dodging her face away from him but Bill cupped her face with his two hands lifting it to face him. His eyes were pretty but she could tell something was inside there.

“This time…” Bill uttered then he paused. His bottomless eyes pierced into hers. Arbella met his eyes with a questioning look. She was waiting patiently with a very eager look. “This time, try to fall in love with me,” Bill added.

His words made her blown away. She seemed to hear the funniest joke in her entire life as she cackled softly. It was an insulting laugh that was meant for Bill Sky. She was examining the person’s real identity as he talked about love. Bill Sky would never talk about it because love was not in his dictionary.

“Love?” She chuckled like she was questioning his mental health. “Are you okay, Mr. Sky?” She rolled her eyes. “What do you know about love? You are the man without a heart. How could you ask someone to fall in love with you? Hahaha…” She chuckled not believing what she had heard. All she could do was laugh at him as believing was not an option for her.

Bill suddenly held her chin. Then his thumb traveled to her lower lip. His touch made her jolt in the water. She panicked and she didn’t know what to do with the millions of crazy sensations in her body due to his sexy gesture.

“I love to bite that lip.” He was pointing out her lower lip as his thumb finger kept on stroking it gently. “You are my addiction, Arabella Jones,” Bill confessed with a sincere expression. His eyes were staring at her searching for her soul.

“No way!” She pushed him harder. “You know what? With your money, why not try to have your brain examined by the best doctor in the world?” She replied taunting him. “I preferred a formal contract, Mr. Sky where everything was clearly stated in there and would have a great punishment to the party who would breach the contract. Clear?” She said proudly like she was the boss at this time. When it comes to her son, she was not afraid of anything. She was not afraid of Bill Sky. Losing Adam forever was the only thing she was afraid of in her life right now.

Bill lifted her chin to face him.

Their eyes met.

“Be mine. Just be mine and be with Adam again” He said possessively. His eyes were hungry like he was waiting for someone to feed his soul.

“Bill Sky, how dare you? You are using Adam to get me! I know what you want! You are just going to use me in bed. Your toy in your bed, just like your other women!” She roared angrily. If only she didn’t know Bill’s cruelty, she would be dancing filled with happiness after hearing his words. From the most handsome and the sexiest man her eyes had ever laid on, she would surely end up giggling at him but at the present, it was the opposite.

“I…” Bill muttered along with his serious eyes. “I never had anyone I wanted other than you.” He added without breaking his stare at her fierce eyes.

“Hahaha!” She could not help but burst out laughing.

“You are crazy!” She commented with eyes mocking him. “Ah!… I know! Did you want to get revenge on me for what I had done in the past? Hahaha! Just don’t think that I am too naive, Mr. Sky. I changed! I changed a lot through times.” She declared proudly.

” I don’t believe you.” Bill opposed. “You want to bet?” He smiled dangerously.

She panicked.

This man was up for something. She could not risk herself with this scheming man but for an inexplicable reason, she didn’t want to accept defeat.

“No… I told you. I don’t like risking, Mr. Sky.” She exclaimed. It was best for her to play safe rather than lose.

“Hmmm… Are you afraid? If what you are saying is true, then prove it.” He said provokingly.

Arabella felt he was looking down on her. She smiled naughtily. She would never give him satisfaction.

“Think whatever you want but I don’t need to prove something to you.” She smirked pulling herself out from him but Bill was unmoved. His arms never wanted to let her go.

“Since you are a coward and refused the bet, then I’ll have to prove it myself,” Bill declared and he suddenly pressed her body against his leaving no space then his hungry lips landed on hers.

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