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You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 292 by desirenovel

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife Chapter 292 by desirenovel


Trishia opted to wait for Arabella’s call in a restaurant of the hotel.

Tonight, she was overwhelmed with excitement. She ordered some cocktails to soothe her mood.

She had to cool down because she was already bursting with enthusiasm that finally, she could climb Bill’s bed tonight with the help of Arabella Jones.

Drinking her Margareta, her phone rang.

It’s Jayson Hansen.

Trishia smiled before she answered her phone.

“Hello, handsome. Do you miss me?” Trishia’s tone was very seductive just fitting her mood for tonight.

“Trishia, where are you now?” Jayson on the other hand had the opposite mood.

His tone was severe and seemed he was in a hurry.

“I’m sorry, handsome. I am not free now. I’m in a hotel now and I have something very important thing to do tonight.” Trishia answered directly as she knew already the reason for Jayson’s call.

She was used to him calling her If he needed someone to release his tensions but tonight, she was reserved for Bill Sky.

She had no time for Jayson Hansen at the moment.

Tonight, she would be sleeping with Bill Sky and she had no room for Jayson Hansen.

“What hotel? Who are you with?” Jayson asked sternly.

Trishia frowned as she was puzzled by Jayson’s questions.

“When did you become so nosy?” She chuckled beneath her questioning.

Their relationship was only for bed and never been other romances.

They never asked about each other’s private life.

Jayson never asked for details about her everyday activities.

It’s always been “Where are you?”

Then, right after she answered, he would say, “I’m on my way.”

With that, he would drop the call and less than an hour, he rang her doorbell as a sign that he arrived.

“I… I am just curious.” Jayson answered. His tone never changed.

“Okay, since you asked, I will tell you the truth. I am meeting Bill Sky. Satisfied?” Trishia’s mood was overwhelmed with happiness.

It seemed no one could easily ruin it even Jayson.

“And who else?” Jayson asked again.

He wanted to hear another name aside from Bill Sky.

“Ouch!” Trishia was acting hurt with him. “I said I’m meeting Bill Sky but you didn’t hear me. You won’t even have a reaction to me meeting another man.” Trishia said while acting sad.

This call was making her entertained with her cocktails while waiting for her final show.

“Cut the act, Trishia!” Jayson heaved a deep sigh. “Are you with, Arabella?” He asked eagerly.

Trishia’s smile instantly faded away.

Even though she knew Jayson’s heart was only for one woman but she felt like she was slapped by his words.

He was worried about Arabella.

She could feel an intense burning in her heart that Jayson was also into Arabella.

Arabella Jones!

Arabella Jones!

Arabella Jones!

Trishia was clenching her hands into fists while she gritted her teeth.

She was full of hatred for Arabella because the things she liked and wanted were all with her.

She had to make all efforts to get what she wanted but Arabella got everything so easily without any effort at all and for Trishia, that was so unfair!

“Yes! She’s with me Jayson and she is with Bill Sky now. Happy?” Trishia answered sounding irritated.

“What did you do to her?” Jayson asked with a controlled temper.

His tone was seriously mixed with anger.

“Nothing!” She could not help but roar. “Why is everyone thinking that I am always the culprit even though I am not doing anything?” Trishia was very annoyed. “Since you want to know the truth, okay! Your Arabella planned everything. Your Arabella went to Bill’s penthouse to offer herself to him. Happy? You see how your ex-lover loves making out with men?” Trishia’s good mood was already ruined with just Arabella’s name.

“Shut up, Trishia! She is not you! Arabella was the most decent person I know! So, don’t try to slander her name, okay? What hotel are you in now? I’m coming!” Jayson defended Arabella.

Trishia could not ruin her name on him.

He knew Arabella very well and it was not fair if Trishia would just slander her.

“Hahaha…” After his words, Trishia laughed.

Her grim was wicked and insulting.

“You really think your ex-lover is innocent? Calm on, Jayson! Then who’s Adam Sky? She had a son with Bill Sky because she hooked up with him. You know Bill’s reputation very well when it comes to women. We all knew that women throw their selves at him just to get his interest so your ex-lover was the one to climb Bill’s bed to have a child with him because she is so desperate. She’s so desperate to get an advantage over other women. She’s very cunning!” Trishia rolled her eyes in annoyance,

“Trishia, it seemed to me that you are describing yourself,” Jayson remarked without any hesitation.

“How dare you, Jayson! How dare you!” Trishia’s anger was bursting. “We have s*x! You s*x me! And now you are insulting me like that! Remember, I am your f*cking crime partner!” Trishia roared which made other customers glance at her position but she didn’t care.

“I didn’t forget that Trishia but just in case you forgot, I will remind you of our number one rule. No talking sh*t of our personal lives and you know Arabella is something personal to me so stop bashing her like a fan who was not given enough attention that’s why you became a hater.” He chuckled insultingly beneath his words.

“Don’t act like a guardian angel to her! Jayson, may I remind you too that, you had that dirty little secret 7 yrs. ago. Do I need to tell what you did to what you called ‘something personal girl’ 7 years ago?” Trishia grinned triumphantly like she had already won the battle.

Hearing Trishia, Jayson didn’t answer for a while.

“You! I swore Trishia to kill you if this goes out!” Suddenly Jayson shouted with a threatening dangerous tone.

“Oh! Chill! Chill, handsome!” Trishia wasn’t scared of him. They were partners in crime then turned to s*x partner but that was the only relationship she had with him.

Trishia didn’t see her future with Jayson.

She was only eyeing Bill Sky.

On the other hand, Jayson was only eyeing Arabella.

Trishia could tell it from the start.

Since he could not get Arabella and could not beat Bill Sky, he used Trishia as an alternative since she was known as Bill’s woman.

The same goes for Trishia.

Jayson was next to Bill in Capital Z.

It was not a bad idea after all.

They used each other and they benefited from each other.

It was a win-win for both of them.

“Okay, I will stop talking something bad to your ex-lover. Now, are we good?” Trishia was trying to calm herself down.

She could not ruin her night just because of her conversation with Jayson.

Trishia kept on looking at her phone on her side.

She was already imagining that Arabella would call her to go up.

She could not wait anymore.

She already felt that 1 hour of waiting was already 1 year for her.

“What’s the name of the hotel? I’m coming.” Jayson on the other line was obviously trying to find his calm.

His voice was with a controlled temper.

“No! You can’t come! You will just ruin our plan!” Trishia immediately refuted this.

He should not know or he would ruin their plan.

“What plan?” Jayson’s voice became angry again after hearing Trishia.

“None.” Trishia quickly answered and then cut the call without waiting for Jayson’s reply.

She would not let anyone ruin the plan for tonight.

Jayson would surely make a scene if he knew the plan.

Knowing him, he would not let Arabella enter Bill’s penthouse.

Trishia heaved a heavy breath.

“Huh! It’s over!” She uttered in the air along with another heavy sigh when her phone chimed.

A text message from Jayson Hansen.

‘It’s too late. I already knew your location.’

After reading his message, Trishia froze like she saw a ghost.

She could not believe it was happening.

She quickly called Jayson but he didn’t answer.

Trishia tried several times but Jayson didn’t answer.

Surely, he didn’t want any negotiation.

Trishia was swearing all over and she hated it.

She could not come up to Bill with sweats.

She had to look fresh and perfect in his eyes.

She quickly texted Arabella.

‘Hurry up! Jayson is coming! You need to get me in there now!’

She was not asking but ordering hoping for her urgent compliance.

Arabella should comply with their deal or she would not let her slip away.

She would make her like a misery again.

Trishia swore while clenching her fists hard.

Tonight, she should get Bill Sky no matter what.

Meanwhile, inside Bill’s penthouse, Bill was attacking her lips.

His topless body was pressing her against the wall.

Arabella tried her best to break the kiss only to Bill deepened it not allowing her to stop.

His kiss was hungry.

He was not accepting any refusal from her.

His tongue invaded her sweet mouth.

It danced inside like he was looking for a dance partner until it found her tongue.

They danced the rhythm together with the lead of his toque.

Arabella closed her eyes as she could feel her arousal striking.

Her body was starting to heat up like she was burning.

She was burning hot.

She was like on fire.

She could not help it.

Bill’s taste was so enticing.

He was the best kisser.

He exactly knew what he was doing and he exactly knew how to make her aroused.

So aroused that she could not stop cooperating with his hungry kiss.

While he was ravishing her lips, she could not help hooking her arms on his neck.

‘Arabella! What are you doing?’

‘Arabella, you are here for Trishia!’

‘Do not forget your deal with her!’

‘Wake up!’

‘Pull yourself together!’

‘Stop this nonsense now!’

Arabella’s mind was losing its temper.

It was shouting at her scolding her to stop but Bill was a very good kisser.

Not only a kisser but a good arousal maker.

She could already feel her wetness even though they just kissed.

Millions of tingling sensations were crazily running inside her body like she was electrified by their presence.

Bill’s kiss crawled on her porcelain neck down to her collarbone.

With eyes closed, her fingers voluntarily caressed his hair.

Then, Bill went back to ravishing her lips while his hand started to unbutton her shirt.

Her hands traced his muscles freely but when Bill snapped her first button successfully, she was also snapped back to her senses.

She quickly opened her eyes and pushed him with all her might.

“No! I’m not here for this!” She roared then quickly buttoned her shirt back.

Bill looked at her seriously.

“What do you want then?” Bill raised his arms spreading in the air.

With a sexy sight she had, Arabella’s eyes traced her muscles down to his 6 packs as she gulped secretly.

‘This god-man just kissed me earlier.’

‘This god just buried his tongue inside my mouth earlier.’

Arabella was very worried that he would find out what she was thinking but she had a very hard situation wherein she could take off her eyes away from his body and stop thinking about what happened earlier.

Stop thinking about his sexy tongue dancing with hers.

Stop thinking of his ravishing kiss and stop thinking of his lips so soft and sweet.

All of these, she was going crazy as her arousal was still living with her at the moment.

She was sure if she could put a finger inside her, her slimy juices would stick on her finger.

“I…” She gulped. “I… I just want us to drink.” Arabella said trying her best to focus even if it was so hard for her with the man in front of her topless.

Bill smirked.

His expression was like reading her motive.

Arabella smiled trying hard to hide the real reason why she was there.

Bill was a very smart person and sometimes, she thought of him that he could read minds.

Tonight, he should not know about her plan and the deal she made with Trishia.

She had a mission tonight and she had to finish it otherwise, Trishia would go crazy on her.

She would be having a father and daughter tandem bringing her life miserable.

“Will you?” Arabella asked him with pure innocent eyes.

After all, she had been through, she had practiced the art of acting.

Hard life had taught her though.

“Hmmm…” Bill muttered while he walked closer to her.

He stopped leaving just an inch gap from each other’s lips.

His eyes were looking at her closely unreadable.

She met his eyes.

Their eyes were locked with each other.

Staring like they were the only people left in the world.

“I want to f*ck you now,” Bill uttered calmly but with hungriness as his eyes never left hers.

“Let’s drink first.” She demanded meeting his unreadable eyes.

“F*ck me first.” Along with his demand, Bill lifted her butt leaving her with no choice but to wrap her legs around his waist then quickly, he attacked her lips again hungrily walking inside the master bedroom without breaking the wild kiss.

“You are reserved for me. You are mine tonight! Only mine, Arabella Jones.” Bill whispered kissing her earlobes full of desire.

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