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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 573

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 573

Cameron held Zachary’s hands and walked toward me. She grinned and asked, “Had your dinner?”

I nodded and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Should I ask the waiter to clear the table for you?”

Cameron and Zachary were horrible people. But come to think of it, they were not as bad as Isabelle’s parents. At least they would treat their own family members with kindness.

Cameron was surprised that I did not give her the cold shoulder. She pulled Zachary closer to her and babbled incoherently, “Okay, anything is fine.”

Zachary gently patted her hand to calm her down. He then called a waiter to clear the table.

Cameron, who was probably in a good mood, looked at me and smiled. “Scarlett, what do you like to eat? I remember I enjoyed dishes that are sweet and sour and also desserts when I was carrying you. Do you like them?”

She got that right. To this day, I still enjoyed desserts and sweet and sour food. Oh, well. I was indeed her daughter, after all.

She looked at me and waited eagerly for my answer. I nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Cameron’s lips curled into a wider smile. She looked at me and said, “I heard Summer has left for W City in the last couple of days, and Ashton has also been quite busy lately. Why don’t you come back to the Moore Residence and stay with us?

“Emery is back home now, and I’ve tidied your room. Why don’t you come over and keep her company since you’re quite close with her?”

Once again, she looked at me and waited for a positive answer. But when I looked at her, I could only think of Rachel.

I never liked Rachel because she was not afraid to show the world how ambitious she was, but after listening to her story from Isabelle, I felt bad for her. If Rachel were to tell me her story personally, I think I would feel sorrier for her.

After Zachary had ordered some dishes, he also turned his attention to me and waited for my answer.

I hesitated for a while and said, “I’ll just stay with Ashton. He has been busy in the last few days but should have more free time soon. We plan to travel after this.”

I did not turn down her offer, but I made it clear that I had no intention of staying with them.

When Cameron was about to say something, she suddenly saw someone coming in her direction, and her expression turned grim.

Out of curiosity, I turned around and saw Rebecca.

People I hate to see would always appear before my eyes. Always. What an irony.

A line formed between Zachary’s brows when he saw Rebecca as he was not pleased to see her here.

Disgust was written all over Cameron’s face. She did not even bother to hide her feelings.

Their reactions surprised me. I thought Cameron would treat Rebecca nicely since they used to be family members.

When Rebecca approached the table, Cameron’s expression changed.

“Mom… I mean, Ms. Anderson!” Rebecca greeted her with a smile. “Having dinner here?”

Without hesitation, Cameron gave her a sullen glare and said, “Ms. Larson, could you please leave us alone? We’re trying to have our family dinner here.”

Wow. That’s harsh.

Rebecca froze for a moment. “I just stopped by to say hello, Ms. Anderson. I don’t have any other intention.”

Cameron kept mum and ignored her. Zachary stepped in and looked up at Rebecca with a scowl. “Please leave!”

Upon seeing their reactions, Rebecca instantly became disheartened. It seemed that the couple had been treating her quite coldly for some time.

Since the Moore family had severed ties with her, and Ashton had no longer paid for her expenses, how did she manage to sustain her luxurious lifestyle? I could not quite put my finger on it.

Despite knowing she was not welcomed; Rebecca still plastered a smile on her face and bade them goodbye. She behaved as if she was still their daughter.

After she had left, Cameron heaved a sigh of relief and said in a cold voice, “She must have approached us with an ulterior motive.”

Zachary knitted his brows but kept mum.

I looked at them and sneer, “She didn’t ask to be adopted, did she? You were the one who adopted her and gave her everything. But after you realized it was a mistake, you took everything away from her. Has she done you any wrong, though?”

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