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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 566

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 566

After a series of talks and procedures, Ashton finally wrapped up things and approached me after he got off the stage.

Without a care about the stares around him, he pulled me close and asked, “How were the desserts?”

“It was delicious!”

It was the highest praise I gave.

“If you want to eat them again, I’ll invite the chef over to personally prepare it for you,” he offered, looking very pleased with himself.

I mirrored his smile.

We talked briefly, and it was inevitable to seem more intimate as a married couple.

At first, Ashton and I wanted to look for a place to sit. However, we unexpectedly heard a loud plop.

Turning back, we saw a group of people gathered by the pool. One person yelled, “Someone fell into the water! We need to rescue her!”

Those who knew how to swim, jumped into the pool.

As Fuller Corporation’s chairperson, Ashton pulled me along to the scene.

He made me stand a distance from the pool and asked one of his employees, “What’s going on?”

“Mr. Fuller, Ms. Zimmer fell into the pool…I think someone pushed her.”

When Ashton turned his attention to the pool, someone already rescued Rachel. In winter, the pool temperature was dangerously low. Lying on the ground in thin clothing, Rachel was shivering from the cold. She looked pitiful.

Thankfully, a gentleman took off his outerwear and draped it over her legs while another gave her CPR.

Moments later, she regained her consciousness but looked rather weak.

Ashton squatted beside her and ordered for someone to get her a glass of water. There was another person who brought a blanket for her too. He asked, “Are you okay?”

Still in shock, Rachel trembled and stared at Ashton for a while before she threw herself into his arms. She bawled.

At that moment, a few people gasped while sneaking looks at me. They were even whispering among the crowd.

“Ms. Zimmer always seems like a powerhouse, like a female warrior. Now, she seems so vulnerable.” This was a common line among the crowd.

“How can she not be shaken? Given her weak demeanor, Mr. Fuller’s heart will likely waver too,” One person claimed.

However, his friend scolded, “Don’t spout nonsense. Mr. Fuller is already married. Although he did not announce it, he already brought Mrs. Fuller to the company a few times. That should count as an official statement.”

“What do you know? Men would never be satisfied with one woman. In particular, for a man like Mr. Fuller, who has the looks and brains, it is no surprise for him to fool around outside. Besides, Ms. Zimmer is a good catch. She is beautiful and talented. I think they are a match made in heaven.”

The discussion continued. I looked at Rachel in Ashton’s arms and thought they did look compatible.

Some say that a marriage between equal parties could last longer. Thinking about it carefully, the gap between Ashton and me did seem quite large.

While I was observing the scene, I suddenly spotted Cameron going over to Ashton. She pulled him away from Rachel and jabbed, “There are 120 people here and a paramedic from the hotel to send this lady to the hospital.”

Cameron was not one to poke her nose into other’s businesses. Her sudden actions were obviously to warn them of their behavior.

Luckily, the hotel staff was quick to carry Rachel out.

Soon, the annual meeting went on like nothing happened after they reassigned the staff’s duties.

In the meantime, Cameron swept Ashton away to talk to him.

Left alone, I looked for a place to sit and munch on more food, and I was slowly feeling quite sleepy.

Right on time, Ashton returned.

He spotted me yawning, and he chuckled. “Are you sleepy?”

I nodded. Looking around at how crowded the area still seemed, I asked, “Do we have to stay here for long?”

“We can head home soon,” he chuckled while pulling me aside to get me a glass of milk.

“Come with me. I’ll introduce you to a few people.”

They turned out to be some of the partners of Fuller Corporation, who were also prominent figures in K City.

Ashton was a man of few words, but he brought me to several people, repeatedly introducing me as his wife.

After meeting a few of them, Ashton was prepared to head home with me when we met Isabelle among the crowd.

Although there were countless Fuller Corporation’s employees present, I felt like Isabelle was the only person I had spoken to throughout the evening.

Other than talking to her, I was either drinking or eating.

When she caught sight of me, she smiled.

I took a few steps to the exit but stopped in my tracks and turned to her. “Are you leaving soon?”

“Yes, soon,” she casually replied.

“Do you want to leave with us? Where do you stay? Let us send you back because it’s hard to get a cab here.” It’s close to impossible to get a cab here.

She was surprised to hear my offer, and she hesitantly looked at Ashton.

I nudged the man beside me who nodded and agreed, “Let’s go!”

When we climbed into the car, Ashton and I sat at the back while Isabelle took the seat beside the chauffeur.

We did not speak much. After she told us her address, the chauffeur drove to her house.

Beaming, she thanked us when we reached her place.

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