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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 562

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 562

Based on the current trends, if Fuller Corporation could improve the AI technology, it would put them on another level.

Ashton put down his knife and explained, “It’s not the time yet. For the AI to develop successfully, it will need another ten years. Everything we are doing now is to prepare for the future. If we impatiently push forward with the project, it may backfire in the end.”

He had his own perspective on this matter. Since I was not a professional, I was in no place to question him.

By the time we finished dinner, it was already ten, and Summer was already sleeping when we were back in the villa.

Jared then called us to confirm the plans to take Summer to W City, which we had previously informed her about.

Before washing up and heading to bed, I packed some of her essentials to bring tomorrow.

The next day, Jared came by earlier, and Ashton did not head to work. When I woke up, I heard murmurings downstairs. After washing up, I went downstairs and overheard the two men discussing Marcus’s business.

From the big picture, there was no need for Ashton to force Marcus to a dead-end. However, Ashton seemed agitated whenever someone brought up the matter.

Frustrated, he stopped Jared from trying to persuade him any further and snorted, “You don’t have to worry about this.”

With his brows raised, Jared reminded him, “In this country, you may be able to suppress White Corporation. However, did you forget how powerful the White Corporation is in M Country? Once Marcus returned to M Country, we may end up losing most of our businesses there, and it will threaten our survival.”

“Do you think that I’m only capable of destroying him in this country?” Ashton’s face hardened.

His words took Jared by surprise. “Are you going to do something about White Corporation in M Country too?”

Taking a sip of water, Ashton calmly explained, “If he returns to M Country and doesn’t cross the line, I can consider allowing him to live in peace overseas. Otherwise, he will not be so lucky.”

As a businessman, Jared could pick up on what Ashton meant. “However, if Marcus can get his hands on the illegal loans in our country but somehow gets out of it and returns to M Country, you can easily expose this matter to other large corporations in there. It will be akin to wanting his life, isn’t it?”

Ashton did not respond. Instead, he gulped down half a glass of water and looked at his watch for the time.

After a moment of silence, Jared sighed. “I don’t understand. Why do you have to drive Marcus over the edge?”

Ashton narrowed his eyes but continued to remain silent. Obviously, he did not intend to answer.

At that moment, he turned back and saw me standing by the staircase. His lips instantly curled into a smile on his previously gloomy face. He gestured for me to join them.

Obediently, I joined them, and Jared ended the conversation too once he saw me.

At the same time, Flora walked out of the kitchen and chimed, “Madam and Mr. Fuller, breakfast is ready.”

Nodding, I scanned the room for Summer. Thinking that she was still asleep, I asked Flora, “Flora, is Summer still in bed?”

The older lady pointed to the yard. “No, she is up and playing with Snowfluff in the yard.”

Sure enough, the little girl soon came running into the house from the same direction.

Clinging onto me, she wistfully said, “Mommy, Mr. Fuller said that we shouldn’t sleep in, so I’ve never done that.”

I could not help but caress her face and awkwardly chuckle. “Summer, you listen well.”

As we brought Snowfluff to the groomer’s yesterday, its fur coat was soft and silky. It felt pleasant when it rubbed itself against my leg.

Looking at me with puppy eyes, Summer pleaded, “Mommy, can I bring Snowfluff along with me?”

I was dumbfounded and took some time to think before I explained, “Summer, Snowfluff is a pet and can’t take the flight with you. If you check in with it, it will be harmful to its health. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you don’t bring it along with you.”

“But…” Children have a pure heart. They tend to be attached to those they get along well with for a long time.

Unable to stand how disappointed Summer was, Jared interrupted, “There is a special cabin for us to bring pets onboard the plane. When we get to the airport, we can book a spot in the first-class cabin. Then, we can head to the plane with Snowfluff after we settle the formalities.”

At once, Summer’s eyes lit up. “Can we really do that?” She cheered.

He nodded.

The girl was overjoyed, and she threw herself at Jared.

Sighing, I rubbed my temples in disapproval. He sure is a rich man. Those costs hundreds of thousands, yet he easily agreed to it.

From the other end, Ashton spotted my actions and walked towards me to tease, “It is a good thing for her to be supported by the rich!”


Men really do go all the way for their daughters.

I merely shrugged and did not continue. Turning my heels to the kitchen, I prepared to eat breakfast.

Once we were done with the meal and Summer’s belongings were almost fully packed, Jared assured me, “Don’t worry. I will take good care of Summer.”

I nodded. I never doubted his care of Summer anyway. After all, she was his biological child, and he would probably pay utmost attention to her.

After we sent Summer out, I could not help but groan, “It’s true that we can’t keep our little girl with us forever.”

“She’s only going out for a play trip. Why are you taking it so seriously?” Ashton crackled.

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