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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 553

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 553

He reached out and gave me a light pinch on the nose while letting out a helpless sigh. “There you go changing the topic again.”

We bumped into Joseph and Rachel on our way out of the office.

Joseph was quick to greet us politely upon seeing us, while Rachel frowned slightly as she glanced at Ashton before flashing a smile at me.

After I returned the smile, I entered the elevator with Ashton.

The two of us decided to take my car to the supermarket instead of his Maybach, which would draw too much attention.

I noticed how plain my wrists looked as I fumbled for the car keys. Should I get myself some accessories like Rachel as well?

Noticing that I was spacing out, Ashton took the keys from me and started the car. “What’s on your mind?”

“Oh, I was just thinking that I should send this car for maintenance soon,” I lied after a brief pause.

“We’ll sell this car off. There are a few brand new ones in the garage, so you could give them a test drive and see if you like them,” he said with a nod while driving out of the parking lot.

After a few rounds at the supermarket, we ended up buying a whole lot of stuff as Zachary said they would be coming over tomorrow, and I wasn’t sure what we would need.

By the time we got home, Summer had already gone to bed. Flora took the day off after preparing dinner as something urgent had come up in her family.

It was already midnight when I finally finished unpacking the groceries. I saw Ashton marking down some dates on the calendar when I came out of the shower.

I wonder what he’s planning…

“When will your company go on holiday?” I asked while combing my hair at the dressing table.

“Soon. We’ll be on break for over ten days or so after we conclude the year-end meeting.” He placed the calendar down and came over to help blow-dry my hair as he continued, “Jared called earlier. He was asking if he could bring Summer over to W City for a few days during her winter break.”

Furrowing my brows, I was about to object when I remembered my promise to let Jared spend time with Summer.

“How many days exactly is a few days?” I asked.

“About two weeks or so.”

I wasn’t too happy when I heard that. Her winter break doesn’t even last a month, and Jared’s going to take her away for about half of it?

Ashton put the hairdryer aside and began combing through my hair when he heard no response from me. “ Remember how I kept telling you I’d take you to Remdik but was always too busy to do so? Well, I’ll have more free time during this holiday, so we could make that trip happen.”

I turned around to look at him. “So you’ve already agreed to Jared’s request?”

He shook his head and smiled. “No, I didn’t say anything.”

After giving it some thought, I nodded and agreed to his suggestion anyway. “All right… Remdik is probably too cold for Summer anyway.”

I looked down when I felt something being slipped onto my wrist and saw a beautiful bracelet around it.

“Why are you giving me this all of a sudden?” I asked in confusion.

We actually had a ton of jewelry at home, but I usually looked shabby as I rarely wore them when I went out.

“Why not?” he said with a smile.

“Uncle Louis gave me a ton of bracelets, but I’ve only worn them once because they look too expensive. Where did you get this one from?” I asked while taking a closer look at the bracelet.

“Joseph bought it from a roadside stall during his business trip in Venria. Don’t worry. It isn’t expensive,” Ashton replied while continuing to comb my hair.

I might not know much about jewelry, but I knew there was definitely more to this bracelet than he was letting on. It looked too beautiful to be sold at a roadside stall!

I was woken up by the faint ringing of the doorbell the next morning.

It took me a while before I recalled that it was New Year’s Eve and that Aunt Sally would be coming over with the Moores.

Seeing as Ashton had already left the bedroom, I bolted out of bed and hurriedly went through my morning routine in the shower.

I saw Ashton and Zachary sipping on tea out in the yard when I got downstairs.

Meanwhile, Summer was sitting next to Zachary with Snowfluff in one hand and a bunch of new toys in the other.

In the kitchen, Cameron and Sally were chatting away happily while cooking.

It was a truly heartwarming sight to behold.

“You’re finally awake?” Ashton asked when he saw me.

I nodded shyly as I walked up to him.

Sally came out of the kitchen with a bowl of soup and said, “We’ve already had our breakfast earlier. Here, have some of this. We’re going to have our lunch a little later in the afternoon.”

I nodded as I took the bowl from her, and she went back into the kitchen again.

“Come here!” Ashton waved at me when he saw me spacing out.

I sat down beside him and turned toward Zachary. “Has it been long since you guys got here?”

Zachary smiled and shook his head. “No, we’ve only just arrived a while ago.”

He then eyed me from head to toe and continued, “My goodness, you’ve gotten skinnier! You should eat more!”

I forced a smile at him in response as I didn’t know what to say.

Right then, Sally came out of the kitchen and motioned at Ashton as she said, “Ashton, come help me with the tacos!”

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