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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 543

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 543

These words were gentle but firm.

Rebecca stiffened a bit but kept her smile and said, “Ashton and I have been close like family all these years. Since he calls you aunt, that makes me close to you as well. Addressing you as aunt is a show of my admiration and love.”

Judging from her ability to use someone else’s words to her own advantage, Rebecca seemed to have advanced a lot since those days when she could only bring up her deceased elder brother, Parker, to arouse sympathy.

In response, Sally merely smiled and did not pursue the matter any further. “Oh, it’s fine then. If Ashton treats you like a younger sister, you can naturally address me as Aunt Sally. My dear, counting those years, you should be about thirty years of age and ripe for marriage. Is there anyone in mind?”

Obviously, she was using this sibling-like relationship between Ashton and her to stress that the two cannot be in a romantic relationship.

Spoken like a true veteran!

I wonder how Rebecca is going to deal with this tricky question since we all know what’s on her mind.

She had just said that Ashton was like family to her, so it would make no sense if she suddenly said that she was interested in Ashton.

Rebecca’s expression stiffened slightly, but she still managed to put on a smile and said, “No, I’m fine with living alone now.”

However, we all knew that those words were merely a lie to console herself.

Sally nodded and said emphatically, “Oh, no. A woman must get married. It doesn’t matter whether you end up getting divorced or living happily ever after. However, a wedding is something you must have if you do not want to end up with regrets.”

After a pause, she continued, “I just recalled that in Ashton’s company, there is a Mr. Quinn who takes good care of you. I think he is caring and motivated. Besides, he’s handsome and comes from a good family too. Why don’t you give him a chance?”

Joe Quinn?

The conversation had drifted to this point, and Rebecca was at a loss for words, so she faked a laugh and said, “Aunt Sally, I hope you won’t pressure me to get married. Since you said that all of us have our own destinies, no one knows how things will turn out eventually, especially when it comes to marriage. If there is no chemistry, we can’t force ourselves to love someone. So we should let nature take its course.”

“Oh! My dear, what do you mean by letting nature take its course?” Sally held Rebecca’s hand as she said in a serious tone, “You are wrong because that would only work if two people are in love. If the love is one-sided, it’s just wishful thinking. Just look at Letty and Ashton. They have been together for seven years, constantly talking about their wedding. If this is not fate, I don’t know what is.”

Sally was, in fact, reminding Rebecca not to wish for things that weren’t meant to be hers. After all, they would not belong to her no matter how hard she tried.

Of course, Rebecca understood what she meant, and it was difficult for her to keep her composure.

But with more than thirty years of experience in society, she was able to continue smiling.

After taking a few more bites, she finally spoke up, “Aunt Sally, my friends are still around. I’ll leave you both now and see you another time when I am free.”

Sally nodded without making any attempt to make her stay, saying, “Sure, please drop by at my place when you can!”

The relationship between adults was complicated with truths and lies between shades of grey, neither friend nor foe.

Even when there was much fighting and hurting, they would still plaster a smile on their faces.

The price for growing up was hypocrisy.

After Rebecca left, Sally glanced at me before chiding, “I really don’t know what Ashton sees in you. It’s been seven years, but you cannot even handle a rival.”

I was rendered speechless.

But I had to admit that she was right.

After a while, I replied, “She is Parker’s younger sister. Before Parker died that year, he entrusted Ashton with Rebecca, so he’s responsible for her. It’s not like Ashton can just cut off all ties with her, right?”

Hearing that, she cast a sidelong glance at me with a tinge of exasperation. “But does that mean he has an obligation to take care of her for a lifetime? Even her biological father cannot be responsible for her forever, let alone Parker. So please don’t force Ashton to take on such a heavy burden.”

“Besides, this woman is already thirty years old. She can be independent and live her own life. If she wants the company of a man so badly, she can go ahead and pay for one.”

This was the first time I heard Sally speaking so harshly.

Yet, what she said was true. I pursed my lips and then took in some food.

Even though Parker had asked Ashton to take care of Rebecca, he was not her parent, so there was no obligation for him to be responsible for her all of his life.

After lunching with me, Sally left as she had other errands to run.

Since I had nothing to do, I decided to go home. However, I bumped into Rebecca again at the entrance of the mall. Apparently, it was not coincidental, but rather, she had been waiting for me.

“Scarlett, do you really think you are so special that everyone likes you?” She blocked my way.

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