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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 525

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 525


It was getting dark. The banquet took place in the hotel after the ceremony.

It seemed that Emery was the one who gathered the crowd to witness Ashton’s proposal. Actually, I preferred a simple love to a passionate one.

The wedding was very grand and the guests were all prominent figures of the city. All of them were greeting and toasting each other.

After witnessing the proposal, the others were curious about my identity. Previously, Ashton tried his best to protect my privacy when the scandals broke out.

It was hard not to attract the other guests’ attention when the Moore family and Ashton Fuller kept focusing on me.

The spotlights shone brightly, pointing toward Ashton and me. I unwittingly lowered my head.

Ashton whispered in my ear. “Are you nervous?”

“There’re a lot of people watching us.” I pretended to be collected, but my emotions were rioting inside.

“The banquets held by the Moore family are always grand. Don’t worry. We have to face it anyway.”

I nodded in response. He held my hand all the time when some guests approached us. I was rather awkward when they addressed me as “Ms. Stovall.”

I smiled in response. After a while, my face became stiffened.

We were seated at a table full of exquisite dishes.

It was a table for sixteen. Emery was busy serving the guests, along with Cameron and Zachary.

Robert took a seat beside me, followed by Louis. Upon seeing us, Louis waved his hand and beckoned me over.

“Scarlett, come here.”

I was not good at socializing. I instinctively looked at Ashton. The latter patted on my hand and said, “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.”

I walked toward Louis and he gestured for me to sit down. “Mr. Fuller, meet my daughter, Scarlett.”

Robert nodded with a smile on his face. “I’ve met her. Emery said she’s the daughter of the Moore family. How come she’s your daughter now?” Robert was confused.

Louis gave a laugh. “It’s fate. I like this girl, so I took her in.”

Robert nodded and smiled. “I see. She’s so blessed!”

Everyone burst out laughing. I curled my lips upward but didn’t find it amusing at all.

Based on my understanding, being blessed meant having a peaceful, happy life. I don’t think so, though. I merely have good tolerance.

Emery approached me and whispered, “Scarlett, come with me. I’m going to the hotel room to get changed. I’m not comfortable in this outfit.”

It seemed that she had toasted all the guests, so she wanted to get changed. I nodded in agreement as I wasn’t comfortable in my outfit too.

After we excused ourselves, we went upstairs. My mind wandered off while taking the elevator.

“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Emery’s voice broke my train of thought.

“It’s nothing.” I shook my head.

After we changed our clothes, Emery sprawled on the bed. “I swear I’ll only get married once in my life. It’s too exhausting,” she whined.

I pursed my lips and kept staring at my phone. I wasn’t listening to her.

Emery called me a couple of times before I snapped back to my senses. “What’s wrong?” I was a little lost.

She frowned. “No. What’s wrong with you? You’ve been spacing out since we walked into the elevator. What’s on your mind?”

“Can you do me a favor?” I asked.

“What is it?”

“My grandmother had left me a sandalwood box. Grandpa kept it for me. He then passed the box to me before he died, but I didn’t keep it safe. Ashton lost it. However, I think he didn’t lose it and he gave it to Cameron Anderson instead. She probably misunderstood because of the box. Can you help me look for the box? I think it may be kept in the Moore Residence. Or can you ask Cameron about its whereabouts?”

Emery hesitated. “Why do you suddenly think of the box?” she asked.

“It just popped up in my mind.” I couldn’t tell her everything yet.

Emery knew I was hiding something, but she didn’t probe me further. “Alright. I’ll try to find it.”

“Thank you!” I took a look at the time. It was getting late at night.

Summer was still in the villa. I had to go home now.

When I went downstairs, Ashton was not there. I took a seat while waiting for him. Once he was back, then we could go home.

He came back after a short while. His tall figure stood out among the crowd.

I waved at him, then walked toward him. Before I could say something, he asked, “Have you taken your meal?”

I actually forgot about it. I followed Emery upstairs with an empty stomach.

“I’m not hungry.” He pulled me back to the dining table before I could tell him my intention of going home.

He filled my plate with different dishes.

Someone came over to greet us with a toast. I was worried that he might need to drive later. “I don’t think you should drink. Aren’t you going to drive later?”

He downed it in one gulp before he answered, “We have a driver.”

After that, some of them wanted to drink with him and he welcomed them all.

I ate my food in silence, but I had lost my appetite.

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