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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 523

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 523

The media industry adhered to a set of rules. Only those who followed etiquette and played by the rules were able to gain a foothold in the high society.

Cameron and Zachary were making arrangements at the lounge.

Actually, there was nothing much for me to do, so I just helped Emery to get some things.

However, Emery was worried about me, so she asked the attendant to get the things she needed instead.

Therefore, I could only follow Emery around while wearing a smile on my face.

“Mr. Murphy will arrive soon. He’s the leading figure of the firearm and ammunition industry in K City. I guess Louis will be coming with him.” Emery put an almond into her mouth as she spoke.

Noticing her unusually good appetite, I intuitively gazed at her belly. Why does she keep eating all the time?

Sensing my gaze, she shrugged. “It’s two months but I don’t get any symptoms though. I just feel like eating.”

I was shocked. “Are you really pregnant?”

Emery nodded. “Yes. I’m already thirty-one. It’s the most ideal age for pregnancy. Of course, I won’t miss that.”

She paused mid-sentence, then looked at me before she continued, “You’re already thirty as well. Don’t you and Ashton plan to have a baby of your own?”

“It’s still too early for us.” I gave a perfunctory answer. Right then, a group of people were walking toward the lobby.

I changed the topic. “I think the Murphys are here.”

Emery turned around and saw a group of people escorting an old man with a head of white hair.

The latter looked like he was in his nineties.

“Mr. Murphy!” Emery greeted Robert with a smile as soon as the latter entered the lobby.

Robert smiled at her. Despite his age, his gleaming eyes radiated a majestic aura. “I can’t believe how time flies, Emery. You’ve grown up in just a blink of an eye and now you’re getting married.”

“Mr. Murphy, don’t get emotional. You’ll live a long life with a healthy body.”

Robert was pleased by Emery’s words. He held her hand and headed to the lounge.

Emery pulled me close. “Mr. Murphy, this is Scarlett Stovall, my brother’s daughter.”

Robert froze and scrutinized me for a few seconds. “Are you saying she is the one whom your brother was searching for?”

Emery nodded. “Yes, we finally found her after all these years.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Murphy,” I greeted.

Robert held my hand with a puzzled face. “Four years ago, I was told that the girl’s surname is Larson. Why is it changed to Stovall? Why don’t you go by the surname of the Moore family?”

I knew he was referring to Rebecca. I only replied with a smile.

Emery explained, “No, Mr. Murphy. There isn’t anything about the Larsons. You’ve been staying overseas, so you haven’t met her in person. You must take a closer look this time. The woman standing in front of you is the daughter of the Moore family.”

Robert nodded and smiled. “Alright. I’ve always remembered all the pretty daughters of the Moore family.”

The guests who just arrived at the lobby escorted Robert to the lounge.

Emery dragged me along and said, “Let’s go get changed now.”

We had to redo the makeup to match the gowns and accessories.

The bridesmaid outfit that Emery prepared for me was a hanfu—the type that we only see in Chinese historical drama. I was rather surprised when I saw the outfit. “Isn’t it too luxurious?”

Emery shook her head. “Not at all. It has to be like that. I purposely customize this outfit for you.”

I didn’t understand her words, so I just smiled in response.

After we got changed, it was already six in the evening. It was time for the traditional ritual.

By the time we arrived at the venue, all the guests had been seated.

Hunter looked amazing in his wedding outfit. He looked dashing in both Chinese and Western-style costumes.

Emery handed me a sandalwood box. “Later, you stand behind me and hand this to me upon receiving my signal.” I took a look at the box. Inside, it was a pair of jade bracelets inlaid with gold. One of them was carved into a phoenix, while the other had a dragon engraving. The jade was crystal-clear, while the gold inlays looked extremely exquisite.

I nodded, then I turned to Zachary who was dressed in a black suit. He was in his fifties, yet there wasn’t a trace of a gray in his hair. There was nothing that could cover up his outstanding demeanor.

“Later, my brother’s walking me down the aisle. In the future, he’ll walk you down the aisle and hand you over to Ashton. Your life will be perfect then,” Emery whispered in my ear.

I held a different opinion on the definition of a perfect life. The day when I was married to Ashton, I walked to him alone since my grandmother had already died.

Zachary overheard Emery’s words. His gaze seemed slightly apologetic.

As the music was played, I couldn’t hear anything else.

Both sides of the red carpet were covered with short-stemmed red roses. The whole place was adorned by white balloons, exuding an air of romance and serenity.

Hunter gazed at his beautiful bride as Zachary walked Emery down. Placing Emery’s hand into Hunter’s, Zachary said earnestly, “I now entrust my sister to you, Hunter.”

Hunter nodded. A gentle smile lit up his face as he stared at Emery.

They just looked at each other and it felt as if they could stay that way forever.

Unwittingly, I glanced around and spotted my man standing among the crowd.

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