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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 522

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 522

Ashton chuckled as he saw the changes in my expression. “This kind of flower cluster is used by Ustrana’s aristocratic families. It’s not that valuable, but what makes it precious is that it’s decorated with peacock feathers which symbolize happiness and peace.”

“I don’t think it’s Emery’s idea, though,” I said.

“The Moore family got this for her.”

As soon as we entered the hotel, Emery welcomed us with open arms. She was wearing a white, off-shoulder wedding dress. Her dress was long and the hem was dragged on the floor like long, white waves.

“Wow, Babe. You look stunning! I was right to make you my bridesmaid.” Emery grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Ashton.

I smiled at her. Looking at the hem of her dress, I was confused. “Why aren’t you wearing a phoenix coronet? I saw the decorations of the venue. I thought the wedding is held in Chinese style.”

Emery shrugged. “Yes, it is. Hunter’s parents admire Chinese culture very much, so they prefer to follow Chinese wedding traditions. What do you think about my wedding dress?”

“You look very beautiful!” I wasn’t lying. She was absolutely gorgeous in that dress.

Emery lamented, “Actually, I prefer to have a Western wedding, but Hunter’s parents insisted on doing it their way. Therefore, they have the venue decorated in Chinese style. Before the ceremony, I have to get changed into a red gown adorned with embroidered flowers. I have to put on the phoenix coronet too.”

She paused for a few seconds before she continued. “Later, you have to get changed too. I can only wear my favorite wedding dress for an afternoon.” Emery let out a deep sigh as she looked at her dress.

Hunter came over with a cheerful smile on his face. He looked elegant and gentle in the white suit that fitted his tall and slender figure.

“You must be hungry. You should eat something first. After the guests arrive, you won’t have time to eat.”

“Right! We have to serve the guests in a while. Let’s have some good food.” Emery pulled my arm as she said.

Before we walked away, Emery turned to Ashton who was standing next to me. “Mr. Fuller, your wife belongs to me today. Mr. Quinn and Mr. Crest are in the lounge. There are some other facilities in the hotel too. Please help yourself!”

Ashton stared at me with his eyebrows slightly furrowed. Right now, the elegant, suave man whom I know was like a displeased child who just had his toy taken away.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Wait a moment, Emery.”

I walked toward Ashton and looked at him. “You take a walk first. I’ll come to you after I’m done.”

After saying that, I tiptoed and planted a light kiss on his cheek. He held my arm before I could walk away.

“Just like that?” Ashton wasn’t satisfied.

Looking at his flickering eyes, I took the hint immediately. I tiptoed to give him a kiss on his lips. “Are you satisfied now?” I asked with a smile.

He nodded and finally smiled. “We’ll continue tonight.”

“Oh my! Just cut the crap. Save it for your raunchy night later!” Emery said with slight frustration.

My face flushed upon hearing that.

Emery was open-minded indeed.

After bidding goodbye with Ashton, I went to the bridal suite with Emery.

The food was ready.

We chatted while eating the food. “Have you and Ashton ever thought about holding a grand wedding in front of everyone?” asked Emery.

I didn’t see that coming. After thinking for a few seconds, I shook my head. “If we hold a ceremony publicly, Summer’s identity will be disclosed. So I think we’ll just skip that. We’re fine anyway.”

Emery frowned. “But people have been gossiping about you. If you don’t make it clear, the situation will be worsened.”

“I’m living my own life. I can just ignore them.”

She pouted, “You’re so generous.”

Someone knocked on the door. “Ms. Moore, here’s your gown.”

Six neatly dressed attendants came in and stood in a row while holding a vintage sandalwood box in their hands.

I was stunned by the view. “Wow, you’re going through all these wedding traditions just as how an aristocratic lady did in the ancient times.”

Emery chuckled. “Should I be dramatic and run away in my red robe? The female leads in the Chinese folk tales always did that, didn’t they?”

Everyone in the room burst into laughter upon hearing her words. Emery took a look at the accessories and the apparel.

They even had the shoes prepared. I was amazed as I stared at the exquisite hairpin in the box. “This hairpin is so delicate. The designer studded it with saga seeds.”

Emery nodded. “It’s made by Hunter. He told me saga seeds symbolize eternal love and happiness in the Chinese culture.”

It’s such a meaningful wedding.

After lunch, Emery took me to the hotel lobby to welcome the guests.

The guests invited by the Moore family were mostly from prominent families in K City.

Although the wedding was made public, only one or two well-known media companies were invited.

They were all experienced reporters who knew what to, and what not to publish.

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