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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 492

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 492

She smiled slightly with her attractive face. “We met four years ago in the capital. At that time, it was in Ms. Moore’s nightclub. You and Mr. Stovall saved me.”

Four years was a long time ago, so I could hardly recall that memory. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“Yvonne Wilde.” She introduced herself. “I was still in college four years ago. Mr. Stovall introduced me to the Harrison Credit to work for Mr. Harrison.”

Gradually, I started to remember that John and I seemed to come across a bullied young woman at Emery’s nightclub back then. At that time, we could not stand it, so we got ourselves involved.

It was also because of this incident that I met Emery. Later, it seemed like John had introduced this young woman to Nick’s company. She used to be just a part-timer. But now, it appeared that she had worked her way up over the years.

I nodded and forced a smile. “Well, that’s good!”

Right after that, I turned around and got ready to leave. To my dismay, she followed up and continued to chat with me. However, I did not particularly enjoy the conversation.

When we reached the room, John and Hannah had already returned. Seeing that Yvonne and I were together, Ashton glanced at Yvonne but said nothing.

He got up and said to me, “I ordered some soup for you. Drink some later to warm up your body.”

It was freezing outside, and my limbs became stiff after standing for a long time. Ashton, being the darling he was, held my hand to warm me up.

Jackson scrutinized me, then at Yvonne. “Why are you both together?”

Yvonne explained, “I met her in the garden, and we had a short chat. I haven’t seen Ms. Stovall for four years. I have always wanted to thank her.”

“Since when did you know each other?” Jackson was puzzled.

“Four years ago!” she looked at John while explaining. “Four years ago, if Mr. Stovall and Ms. Stovall did not lend a helping hand, I wouldn’t be able to survive. I am happy to be able to meet you two today and say thank you.”

I had a feeling that her intention at the moment was not that pure, but I couldn’t tell why.

John frowned as if he had forgotten her existence a long time ago. Nevertheless, he did not speak much and kept his thoughts to himself.

Meanwhile, Hannah hesitated for a while but remained silent once again.

Just then, Emery studied Yvonne and raised her eyebrows. “The two of you are truly kind. This girl’s life was transformed because of you. Props to you two!”

Obviously, this phrase was meant for me and John.

After a pause, she continued, “Ms. Wilde, I’d reckon you to not worry about it since they probably had long forgotten about it as well.”

Yvonne grinned and responded, “I was rescued, so how could I possibly forget about it?”

Hearing that, Emery teased, “In that case, you should give yourself to him!”

Yvonne blushed for a while and did not know how to react to this abrupt joke.

At that, Emery curled her lips. She had always been a very straightforward person. “The best way to be grateful is to leave your savior alone. Otherwise, it might be more like revenge, isn’t it, Mr. Stovall?”

Why does it feel like there’s another meaning to this?

Nonetheless, John continued to keep mum. Just then, the waiter had brought in the soup and placed it in front of Hannah, silently acquiescing to Emery’s words.

After we finished dinner, it was already quite late. Since Emery always went to bed early, she dragged Hunter and left together instantly.

On the other hand, Jackson and Nick appeared to have some business, so they left, leaving Yvonne behind alone. She seemed to feel a little awkward.

Before Nick left, he asked her to take a cab. But it was a private restaurant, so it would not be easy to find a cab around the area.

At the same time, Ashton did not seem to care for that at all as he led me into the car and prepared to leave too.

I noticed Yvonne was saying something to John and Hannah at that moment. As soon as she finished, John nodded, appearing to agree about something.

Then Yvonne got in the car, and John got in too. The car left right away, but Hannah was left alone.

I was shocked by what I saw. What the heck just happened? Did they quarrel? How could he leave Hannah all alone?

“Turn around!” I pulled at Ashton’s clothes forcefully without hesitation.

Ashton glanced into the rearview mirror. He also frowned when he saw Hannah standing alone in the chilly wind.

Immediately, he turned the car around and head towards the restaurant.

As soon as we reached, I got out of the car and stared at Hannah. Her cheeks had become reddish due to the windy weather. “What’s the matter? Why are you still here?”

Hannah replied softly, “He’ll be sending Ms. Wilde back, and their chauffeur will pick me up in a while.”

I was left speechless at that.

Is John out of his mind? What the hell?

Trying hard to control my anger, I helped her into Ashton’s car and asked her to told the chauffeur not to come.

Then, I dialed John’s number furiously.

After a few rings, the phone connected. “Hey, Scarlett! What’s wrong?”

“John, are you freakin’ crazy? Did you just leave your wife all alone to send another woman home? What’s the matter with you?”

Hannah didn’t expect that I had called John. Clearly startled, she tried to stop me from saying anything further. “Scarlett, don’t. I’m alright.”

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