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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 483

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 483

The issue with the reporters had just passed and I was busy dealing with Jared. I still had to think of ideas to ensure that Summer would stay with me. I had no time to go cook for him.

Back then, I only agreed to his request so that he would stop pestering me. I never expected him to take me so seriously.

“Marcus, I’m really busy. Please just let me off.” I felt as though I was being forced into a dead end with no other way out.

There was silence on the other end of the line. Then, he scoffed, “Let you off?” Since when did I even force you?”

My head started to hurt, so I stopped the car by the roadside and hung up, then turned off the phone.

Finally, I felt better after some rest. What’s wrong with me? I’m either suddenly nauseous or I feel helpless and get depressed by every little thing.

Perhaps it was due to everything that had happened recently. I got off the car and went for a walk to relax my mind.

Unexpectedly, I met Kristina. She was wearing a long tan trench coat and came over. “What a coincidence. Shall we have a chat?”

I shook my head and turned to leave. “I know you don’t want that kid to return to the Crest family. I don’t either. Can we talk?”

I hesitated, but eventually agreed.

We then went to a nearby café. Kristina looked pale, but her makeup brought some color to her face.

She got straight to the point. “Believe it or not, I’ve nothing to do with Macy’s death. Her hemorrhage was really just an accident. I know you don’t believe me. I wouldn’t either. All of you think that I said something to provoke her, causing her death.”

I pursed my lips and kept quiet. Then, she continued, “Since you won’t believe me, I won’t waste my breath anymore. That child has been with you for four years. I know you won’t let her be taken away. I also want a stable status in the Crest family, so I need to give birth to my own baby. Hence, I don’t want her back in the Crest family either.”

“Just tell me what you want,” I said impatiently.

She paused, taken aback by my bluntness, then replied, “The two of you have been together for four years. You’re basically her mother now. Jared and Ashton’s friendship should still be fine after this matter is settled. Since you’re legally married to Ashton, you can make it public that both of you are infertile. This way, you can then adopt that child. But the two of you just can’t have your own children in the future.”

Kristina continued, “You should know the law better than me. Based on your background, it should be easy for both of you to adopt her. It just depends on whether or not you’re willing to give up your reputation and the possibility of having your own child in the future.”

I calmed myself down before looking at her and breaking out in a smile. “Kristina, do you really think that Ashton would be afraid of Jared in an argument?”

She shrugged. “Of course not. Judging by his social status, Mr. Fuller won’t be scared of Jared. But what about public opinion?”

I… Ashton indeed didn’t need to be afraid when it came to background and power. He has the ability to keep Summer by his side. But once the Crest family blows things up, what would happen to Summer? It’d be fine if both her parents were dead, but I wouldn’t have the right to adopt her since her dad is still alive.

I was getting frustrated. Instead of actually discussing proper matters, Kristina was just trying to agitate me.

I stood up abruptly and looked at her with a straight face. “If this is all we’re going to talk about, I think I’m done with this conversation.”

She spoke as I turned to leave. “Think about what I just said.”

“Get lost!” I could not help but say. Soon after I left the café, I felt sick in the stomach.

I bent over and threw up, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

I was becoming more lethargic each day. When I got back to the villa, I simply sat on the balcony and enjoyed the breeze for the rest of the day.

Ashton’s return was what pulled me out of my thoughts.

He carried me back to the bed and covered me up with a blanket. Ashton was furious. “Are you still a kid? Don’t you know how to take care of yourself?”

I looked at him in a daze, then remembered that it was already late autumn in K City so the weather was getting colder.

Feeling upset, I hugged his waist and leaned into him, then said in a quiet voice, “Ashton, please sit with me.”

His gaze turned warm and he asked, “What’s wrong?”

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