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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 480

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 480

“To grab some food,” he uttered.

For me? “I am really not hungry. I swear.” I was not a little kid anymore. I could have fixed myself a meal if I was hungry. Alas, he ignored me and continued making his way down. I had to plead again, “It is late. I would get poor digestion and suffer badly tomorrow.”

With this, he stopped and fixed his gaze at me. “Are you sure you are not hungry?”

“Yes, I am not,” I replied affirmatively.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he finally put me back in bed. Late night meals would really be bad for health.

He lay on top of me, with no intention of leaving. His deep-set eyes gazed into me, his eyes betraying nothing.

“Yes?” I was perplexed.

“I’m hungry.” His Adam’s apple moved sensuously as he murmured.

I fell silent, then said, “Why don’t you go downstairs and grab some food?”

“No need. Here is good.” He leaned closer to me, breathing heavily.

I was feeling uneasy being pinned down. “Please let go,” I pleaded.

Our eyes locked. I blinked awkwardly and he kissed me, catching me off-guard.

I was so shocked I forgot to breathe. He let go of me briefly only when my eyes popped from holding my breath. “You plan to keep me monk-like forever?” He seemed amused by my expression.

“I’m sorry, Ashton.”

Abstaining from sex for four years may be unthinkable for some people. To me, it was liberating and empowering instead.

I managed to get over the sorrow and painful memories and got myself back on my feet in these four years. However, I had yet to recover from the trauma my body endured.

Ashton was still asleep next to me when I woke up. He would usually be up and gone.

I propped myself up and studied his face. Memories of the past seven years flashed by.

It seemed the time of tribulation was coming to an end. I hoped what followed would be some peace and serenity.

However, I was afraid of getting my hopes up somewhere deep in me.

I was lost in thoughts and did not notice Ashton was awake. I only snapped out of it when he spoke. “Are you hungry?” I turned to meet his eyes. His smiley face was gorgeous.

“No.” I shook my head.

He pulled me into his arms and said, “You’ve lost weight. You gotta eat more.” His voice was manly.

“You know I had put on weight instead!” I smiled. I felt secure in his embrace.

Joseph brought us quiche for breakfast. It was simple but tasty. However, I had no appetite and so only took a few bites.

My stomach was churning. I bore with it until Ashton left. As soon as he left, I went to the bathroom and threw up whatever I ate.

Maybe I never really wanted to eat in the first place.

There was a small handful of paparazzi still waiting outside the gate. More details about my affairs with Ashton and Marcus were uncovered. As I had expected, I was portrayed as a slut.

I had to quit reading too much into what was being written as it would have been too draining. With so much negative publicity around, I had to do self-study at home since I could no longer attend classes at K University anymore.

Unable to catch hold of anyone after a few days of futile wait, the paparazzi finally gave up and left. It had just blown over so I would not be heading out anytime soon. I was a little traumatized after being hounded for the past few days.

We were no divine beings and thus, could not remain unaffected by the gossips.

Summer came back after staying with the Slovalls for the past few days. She immediately threw herself in my arms and asked, “Mommy, is it true you do not want me anymore? Why did you leave me at Grandpa’s place?”

I was stumped. “Mommy had to attend to some matters, and I could not pick you up. What is wrong, my sweetheart?”

“I was told you do not want me anymore and I am not your real daughter, so you will send me away once I grow up.” An innocent kid would not lie.

There were not many people at the Stovall residence. The most likely person to have spoken such nonsense to Summer would be the nanny.

“Grandpa was very busy and he worked late every day. Uncle John too, although he would tell me bedtime stories when he got home. Mrs. Dune cooks for all of us! She was the only one I can play with.” Summer’s words confirmed my speculation. Only Mrs. Dune would have spoken those nasty words to her.

“Summer, sweetheart, Mommy would never leave you or send you away. You are mommy’s dearest daughter. In the future, if anyone says otherwise, you just ignore them, ok?” I gave Summer a big hug and comforted her.

She nodded and went out to the yard to play. She did not take that gossip to heart.

I wanted to call John but decided otherwise after some deliberation.

Ashton called in the evening. “Have you taken your dinner?” He sounded husky. He must have had a long day.

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