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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 456

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 456

He smiled in amusement. “What do you want to do?”

“I’ve always wanted to study law at K University, but my college entrance examination results were not so good. So I stayed at J University. Now that I have time, I want to apply for a postgraduate program at K University and continue to study law,” I replied. It was my childhood dream. Being able to pursue it again at the age of thirty would be a great blessing.

He nodded in understanding and teased, “Okay. Do you need a tutor? I can ask Joseph to find one for you.”

Chuckling, I raised my head to meet his gaze. “Doesn’t this feel like you’re raising two daughters?”

He laughed and stroked my hair. “It’s my pleasure to help you to do the things you’re passionate about.”

As I rested my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat, I felt at peace. No one knows what the future holds. All we can do is to live in the moment.

September in K City was neither too hot nor too cold. Staring up at the ceiling in the dimly lit room, I could not fall asleep, probably because I had napped too long during the day.

Ashton had been busy with his paperwork in the study. I saw the light in the study was still on when I got up in the middle of the night to have some water. So, I poured a glass of water and entered the room.

In the study, I saw that the computer was switched off and the documents on the desk were neatly stacked. It seemed that he was done with his work.

Ashton was sitting in his seat with his eyes closed. When he heard me walking into the room, he opened his eyes and asked, “Can’t sleep?”

I nodded in response and put the glass of water in front of him. Leaning against the desk, I looked at him. “It’s late. If you’ve finished your work, you should turn in early.” We’re no longer young. Staying up all night can be taxing on our bodies.

He narrowed his eyes and smirked. “Is that an invitation?”

It took me quite a while to realize the meaning behind his words. I could not help but blush at the innuendo. “Just go to bed earlier.”

Then, I got up and headed back to my bedroom. Ever since we met at R Province, he had treated me like a gentleman and respected my boundaries. If it were not for the look of desire in his eyes just now, I would have forgotten this matter.

I had barely taken a few steps before he suddenly grabbed my hand and said, “Scarlett, have a chat with me.”

Feeling bemused, I looked back and saw that he looked worn out. I realized that he was probably troubled with work-related issues.

Feeling sorry for him, I went near to his side and put my hand on his brow. “When’s the last time you had a good sleep?”

He glanced at me and pulled me into his embrace. Resting his head against my stomach, he mumbled, “Four years ago.”

It was a simple statement, yet it stunned me utterly.

As he held me in his arms, he said wearily, “I need you by my side.”

Stroking his hair, I realized that his hair was longer than before. “You need a haircut.”


He sounded sleepy. Glancing at the clock, I realized that it was past midnight already. “Ashton, go to bed and sleep.”

He muttered an answer and took me back to the bedroom with a tired face.

We originally slept separately, but he pulled me onto his bed and held me tightly.

Seeing how exhausted he was, I did not have the heart to wake him up, so I closed my eyes and fell asleep in his arms.

That night, I slept soundly and woke up the next morning feeling groggy. I peeked out from Ashton’s embrace and found that he had not woken up yet.

Staring at his face, I was once again mesmerized by his good look. Currently, his dark brown eyes were closed and his curly eyelashes were particularly good-looking. He seemed to be sleeping well. Unlike his usual demeanor, he looked exceptionally gentle and peaceful when he was asleep.

Feeling tempted to touch his eyelashes, I raised my hand. The moment my fingertips grazed them, he woke up instantly.

Locking his eyes on me, he said with a raspy voice, “You’re awake.”

I nodded in reply and tried to wriggle myself free from his grasp, but he stopped me. “It’s still early. We can sleep more.”

I looked up at the clock. Normally, he would be out at this hour. “Don’t you need to go to work?”

He smiled and said, “It’s okay to be late.”

But of course, the boss doesn’t need to worry about being tardy.

However, even if I continued to stay in bed, I could not fall asleep again. So, I told him honestly, “I can’t sleep anymore.”

He nodded, but he did not let go of me. “Stay with me for a while.”

In the end, I acquiesced to his request and stared at the ceiling. But a moment later, I turned beet red. “Ashton, you…”

“It’s a normal reaction. I have it every day!” He gave me a side-eye. “Scarlett, I’m a man. This is extremely normal.”

I knew it was normal but I couldn’t help but pursed my lips and uttered, “Let go of me. I want to get up.”

He did not budge and his breath turned slightly ragged. “It’ll be fine in no time.”

At a loss for words, I looked away in resignation and lay stiffly beside him.

After a long while, he finally got up and went to the bathroom.

He eventually came out, looking calm and collected. When he saw my flushed face, he grinned and asked, “Did I scare you just now?”

Blushing again, I quickly shook my head in denial. “The housekeeper came up just now and said that our breakfast is ready.”

He nodded in response and motioned for me to go freshen up.

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