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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 453

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 453

I knew Ashton was infuriated, but this was ultimately still his company. There was no need to make a ruckus here. Besides, knowing his personality, Nancy’s showbiz career was probably over.

“I’m fine, it’s just a small injury. Speaking of which, what shall we eat?”

He took a few moments to compose himself. While holding my hands, Ashton proclaimed reassuringly, “You’re my woman. You don’t need to give in to anyone.”

His obsidian eyes bored into Vanessa menacingly. “It’s basic courtesy to return one a favor.”

Upon hearing his words, she collapsed to the ground, begging repeatedly. Her voice quivered. “Mr. Fuller, I know my mistake! I didn’t do it on purpose, I’ll apologize to her! I beg you, please let us off this time.”

Her words fell on deaf ears. With his unchanging look, he continued, “Can an apology resurrect the dead?”

Vanessa knew there was no getting through to him. She wiped off her tears and turned towards me. “Ms. Stovall, I didn’t mean to hurt you! Hit me back all you want. But just this once! Please convince Mr. Fuller to let Nancy off the hook.”

Ashton remained unresponsive. He turned towards me, his expression softened. “Will your palms be ok?”

He took my hands in his as he spoke, gesturing for me to open up my palms. Then he looked right at Vanessa.

Taking it as her queue to come in, she stood up and stopped right in front of me.

Slap! It happened in a flash. Before my brain could process anything, Vanessa was already bleeding from the corners of her lips. Although Ashton had led my hands, I had almost no part in this. The brute force came entirely from him.

It did nothing to reduce his rage. The air remained stale and grim.

He glared at Vanessa, voice cold, “Don’t let me see you ever again.”

Next, he stared at Nancy. Although he said nothing, it was enough to convey his hatred towards her.

With my hands still in his, Ashton reminded, “Next time, don’t show any mercy. There’s nothing to feel bad about.” Just then, he remembered the other two present in the studio. Stacey and Joseph’s failure to protect me had earned them a resentful stare.

I knew Ashton was worried for me, but he shouldn’t blame them for my grievance.

Now that the score was even, I tugged on Ashton’s elbow and asked, “Are you done with work? My stomach’s growling.”

He chuckled lightly before giving a light tap on my nose. He had no qualms about showering me with affection in front of a crowd. “All right. Let’s go grab something delicious.”

Ashton led the way out of the studio. Once outside, I let out a sigh. Looks like Fuller Corporation will go into a frenzy.

The prediction was realized sooner than expected. Behind me, there were loud murmurs. ”Who is this woman?”

“So who exactly is the replacement here?”

Only after we got in the car, then there was finally some respite. I turned over and asked, “Do I really look like Nancy?”

He smiled as his fingers trailed down my cheeks. “No. She’s not worthy to be compared to you. You’re way better than her.”

Upon hearing his words, I pursed my lips in embarrassment. Did he become gentler? The truth was, Ashton had not. He had only gotten more ruthless over the past four years. What made the difference was, he was now good at concealing his emotions. The only ounce of warmth he had left was all reserved for me.

Back at the villa, Summer was having fun with a furry little dog.

I was surprised to see her here. I turned and asked, “Were you the one who brought her here?”

Ashton nodded. “Once everything is settled, we’ll return to K City. I’ve already chosen the school Summer would be attending. Meanwhile, let her enjoy herself first.”

Noticing our arrival, Summer ran excitedly towards me with expectant eyes. “Mommy, can we keep it?” She pointed at the brown fluffy dog behind her. It looked to be approximately three months old.

I reflexively frowned at her request. Just as I was about to say no, Ashton interjected. “When we’re busy, this little buddy here will make a good companion for Summer.”

I did notice. Back in R Province, with Michael by her side, she had been an unstoppable chatterbox. But ever since our return, Summer had mellowed down considerably.

I could not blame her. It was a new environment, and she had no friends. I guess a dog will make a good companion for her.

I caved.

Back inside the villa, dinner was being prepared. Due to Mrs. Eriksen’s old age, she had retired. Ashton found a new housekeeper to replace her duties.

She was a woman in her mid-forties. Her name was Susan Madden.

While waiting for dinner, Joseph had arrived at the villa. He was greeted by Ashton, who was sitting placidly in the living room.

He mustered up his courage and said, “Mr. Fuller, what happened just now was due to my negligence. What shall we do with Nancy?”

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