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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 451

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 451

As soon as Vanessa made herself clear, she beckoned the assistants behind her over and instructed, “Please go get Nancy over and get the rest of the team ready. We’re going to doll Nancy up for the shoot.”

The team of stylists and makeup artists was put in a tight spot. One of them said, “Vanessa, our supervisors have instructed us to get Ms. Stovall ready for the shoot. I’m afraid the shoot will be delayed if we start all over from scratch.”

“Are you trying to say we’re wasting your time? Is it really that tough to get everything ready from scratch? Do you really think this substitute over here qualifies to be involved in such an exclusive promotional clip?” Vanessa looked at me with a scornful look.

Sneering, she said, “Does she really think she’s a match for Nancy in terms of look just because she resembles her? Has she no shame at all?”

The middle-aged woman started picking on me.

“Vanessa, since when have you become such a vicious woman? Who are you calling a shameless woman?” Stacey, who had rushed into the dressing room, patted me on my back and asked, “Are you okay?”

I shook my head because it wasn’t a big deal. I had long gotten used to this kind of situation since four years ago.

Vanessa sneered when Stacey showed up. “Ms. Holmes, why is the person in charge of the Marketing Department interfering with the affairs of the Publicity Department?”

“What about you, Vanessa? Who gives you the right to poke your nose into the internal affair of Fuller Corporation? At the end of the day, I’m a staff, but what about you? According to Mr. Fuller, you’re merely Nancy’s manager, aren’t you? In other words, you’re not really affiliated with Fuller Corporation.”

“Y-You—” Infuriated, Vanessa started panting heavily. “Are you calling off the collaboration with Nancy? I guess this necessitates a session with Mr. Fuller to figure out if Nancy is a member of Fuller Corporation or not!”

She seemed to have misperceived Stacey’s words. Nonetheless, Stacey couldn’t be bothered by Vanessa anymore. She instructed the photographers, “Since everything’s ready, I want everyone to start with the shoot! Please ensure that there isn’t any non-relevant personnel in the studio!”

Vanessa had never gone through such humiliation. When she was about to lose her cool, Nancy showed up and entered the dressing room.

She had put on a white tulle dress with her long hair cascading down her shoulders. Her already miniature face seemed even more delicate.

It was the third time we encountered one another. Upon a simple glance, she was startled by my presence.

Vanessa got ahead of Nancy and instructed, “Nancy, since you’re here, let’s get you ready for the shoot!”

Nancy ignored Vanessa’s instruction and looked me in the eyes, asking in a callous tone, “Ms. Stovall?”

I nodded and replied with a faint smile, “Hello, Nancy.”

She sized me up and had her eyes glued to my face. Frowning, she raised her volume and asked, “Since when have you been chosen to take over my role?”

Stacey rebutted, “Ms. Goldstein, didn’t you say that you couldn’t make it because you’re sick?”

“So what about it? Are you trying to tell me you can always get another person from the streets to replace me?” Nancy countered.

Vanessa played along with Nancy and grumbled, “Do you really think a random woman can take over Nancy’s role? She merely resembles Nancy, but she’s nothing close! She should know her place and get lost already!”

“If you can’t mind your words, please get out of the studio at once!” Stacey couldn’t suppress her wrath anymore. “I’m sorry, but we’re not looking for a nitpicking model to represent the company! We’re searching for an ambassador who can carry herself in an elegant and humble manner!”

“Who are you calling a nitpicking model?” Vanessa had enough of beating around the bush. She yelled at Stacey, “You’re merely a manager from the Marketing Department! Do you really think you’re able to make the call? If Nancy wants you to get lost, do you think you’re able to keep your job?”

Stacey almost burst into laughter. “Ha! Since when has Nancy become the person in charge of Fuller Corporation? Why have I not been made aware of the change?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Nancy has been by Mr. Fuller’s side over the years! How dare you get so full of yourself in front of us?” Vanessa insinuated the sort of relationship Nancy had with Ashton was beyond their expectation.

Although the onlookers weren’t particularly fond of Nancy, they dared not pick on her after Vanessa indicated the former was related to Ashton.

Stacey, being the strong and stubborn woman that she was, had no intention to give up just yet. She found Vanessa’s words hilarious and scowled at Nancy. “Vanessa is not aware of the relationship you have with Mr. Fuller, but what about you, Ms. Goldstein?”


Stacey sneered and announced, “Haven’t you undergone plastic surgery based on another woman’s look? I’m sure Mr. Fuller has gotten sick of you after spending his time with a doppelganger over the years! Besides, I doubt you even know who you are anymore after mimicking a person so hard over the years.”

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