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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 449

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 449

“Ashton!” I called out because I thought I was in a dream, but when he turned around and looked at me with his glistering pair of eyes, I knew then he was real.

He put his documents aside and leaned over to kiss me. “Do you want to join me on a trip somewhere?”

“Does it have something to do with your work?”

“It does, but it’s not just work. Since today is such a great day, let’s go for a walk.”

I nodded.

HiTech’s promotional clip was one of the reasons Ashton had returned to J City.

An outdoor studio was leased for the shoot. Ashton wouldn’t have to be there, but he brought me over because he thought I would enjoy a walk.

The staff in the spacious studio were dealing with their respective tasks. Before entering the studio, Ashton received a call that required his attention to sort out a certain emergency.

“Does that mean the things needed aren’t prepared beforehand?” He raised his volume because he was infuriated.

The person on the other end of the call was on pins and needles. “It’s one of White Corporation’s many projects. Mr. White insisted on dealing with you in person.”

Ashton was frustrated, yet he did a great job suppressing his emotions. Nodding, he asserted, “Fine!”

Once he hung up the call, he turned around and looked at me. I got ahead of him and announced with a smile, “Why don’t you tend to the emergency? If you’re here, I’m afraid others are going to talk about us behind our back again.”

Literally, everyone from Fuller Corporation was familiar with Ashton. Therefore, if others saw another woman by his side, the gossipmongers would start spreading rumors again.

He nodded and beckoned Joseph over to show me the way around the studio prior to his departure.

Joseph followed me everywhere I went. After a few steps, I turned around because I couldn’t stand the awkwardness anymore. “I can take care of myself. Why don’t you tend to the things you have on your plate?”

He shook his head and insisted, “I can be your guide!”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled helplessly. Actually, it wouldn’t be much of a difference to have him or Ashton by my side.

When I saw the person at the entrance, I felt a sense of relief. After making sure that she was the person I had in mind, I approached her with a smile. “Stacey!”

After four years, she seemed to have been promoted to a higher position.

She was equally surprised when she saw me. Before I could grasp the situation, she had rushed over, firmly holding me in her arms. “What on earth happened? Where have you been over the years? It has been such a long time since I last heard from you!”

“I’m back!” I replied with a smile. When I left, I got everything changed, including my contact number.

In other words, it would be tough for others to reach me.

Stacey took a breather and stared at me with her eyes widened when she saw Joseph behind me. “Are you here with Mr. Fuller?”

I nodded and explained, “I’m just here for a walk. Why don’t you show me around?” Glancing at Joseph, I asked, “Mr. Campbell, is that fine with you?”

Since I had made myself clear, Joseph couldn’t possibly turn me down. He nodded and said, “I’ll leave you guys alone then. Please contact me if there’s anything you need.”

After he departed, I told Stacey, “I am so grateful you’re here! Otherwise, your colleagues are going to talk about me behind my back again.”

She nodded and added, “Although Mr. Campbell is merely Mr. Fuller’s assistant, his presence is still going to attract other’s attention. Allow me to show you around instead.”

After we took a few steps, she turned around and teased, “You don’t have to worry about attracting others’ attention because I’m merely a manager in the Planning Department.”

As Stacey showed me the way to the studio, she introduced Fuller Media to me and asked me to tell her the things that had occurred over the years.

It was a pleasant moment to be around Stacey.

“Ms. Holmes, those from the Publicity Department said Nancy wouldn’t be able to join the shoot because she had fallen ill. What should we do? We have everything ready, but our lead actress isn’t here.” A lady showed up and asked anxiously.

Surprised, Stacey frowned and asked, “What happened? How could she be so irresponsible and call it off at the last minute? It took us an entire week to get the required setup ready! Not to mention, the weather today is perfect for the shoot!”

Just then, a few other people in charge of the production gathered around. They were equally flustered. “We need the teaser for the promotional clip tomorrow because we have gotten in touch with the media way beforehand. If we can’t keep our words, I’m afraid Fuller Corporation’s image is at stake.”

“That’s right! We can’t afford to delay the production any further! The production fee is nothing serious, but Fuller Corporation’s share price will take a heavy blow!”

“I think Nancy is deliberately playing hard to get! Does she really think she’s a bigshot in the showbiz just because she was Mr. Fuller’s partner for a few official events?”

“Let’s forget about the things she has done in the past, but how could she be so irresponsible when she’s involved in such an important project?”

The anxious bunch couldn’t do anything else apart from complaining about the things they had been keeping to themselves.

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