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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 440

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 440

“I’ve recovered the moment I saw you.” I could hear him chuckling.

He buried his head against my neck. “Scarlett, love shouldn’t be a burden. In the last four years, I’ve imagined myself pampering you countless times. I was overjoyed when fate brought us together again in R Province. I’m dying to hold you dearly and never let go, but I know this is too much.

“I don’t want to scare you away. How many four years do we have in life that we can afford to live recklessly? I had to play hard to get. I didn’t expect much when Joseph went to look for you. I thought to myself, if you came, it means that you still love me. Scarlett, I don’t want to go through another four years repeating the same mistake.”

I let him hug me. My heart wrenched as I listened to him. I know I’m standing on quicksand. I buried everything safely in my heart for the past four years, thinking this too shall pass as long as I don’t ever revisit the old memories.

I’ve thought about our meeting again and he would treat me like how he used to.

Never have I expected the changes in him. He’s become very sensitive and thoughtful. He now cares for my feelings and the way he shows affection is very different.

He didn’t join me as I fall apart. On the contrary, he remains objective and gently pulls me out of this pit I’m in. He does it step by step so that I won’t get hurt.

“Your life might be complete if you’ve never met me.” He was supposed to marry Rebecca seven years ago. If he did, he’s probably enjoying a blissful marriage, a successful career, and building a happy family now.

He held my hands. “If I hadn’t met you, I’d probably not know what love is, let alone feeling happy.”

Joseph told me that the skies in R Province stay very calm. Even the clouds move at an extremely slow pace. Love and affection take its own sweet time to develop, but they are genuine and real.

“Why did Rebecca and I swap in the first place?” I’ve always wanted to ask this question since the day I discovered I was Cameron’s daughter. I was a coward four years ago and didn’t have the courage to find out his answer, so I chose not to know.

Now, I believe I’m strong enough to bear the consequence. As long as I know I have a place in his heart, the answer doesn’t matter anymore.

He tightened his embrace. “If you went back to the Moore family back then, would you have divorced me without hesitation?”

I was ready to separate with him, even in the absence of the Moore family.

Moments later, I spoke, “It’s got nothing to do with the Moores. Without them, I’d still go ahead with the divorce.”

He jeered at me, “Divorcing me isn’t easy without the backing of the Moore family.”

That’s true, moreover, I was pregnant then.

He sighed and smiled wryly. “All of this happened because I was as stubborn as a mule.”

“How did John get involved?” I know John cares for me, but why didn’t he want me to return to the Moores?

He paused. “The Moores are too unpredictable. If nothing happens, good, but when something goes wrong, the entire family perishes. They have offended too many people over the years. Without their protection, how do you think you can survive?”

That’s why John made use of Marcus to help me get connected to Louis, in the hope that I could gain support from the Stovalls or Ashton if the Moores lost their power one day?

As I connected all the dots, I realized they were all trying to protect me. However, unfortunate circumstances occurred along the way by mistake. The death of Macy and my poor child couldn’t be avoided.

I sighed as I stared at the big blue sky. There’s a serious void in my heart. How long has it been? I almost forgot who I used to be.

Four years can heal a wound, but can it really reunite two hearts? It’s not as easy as it seems.

“Come home to K City with me. We’ll have our very own wedding. I’ve been preparing for it for four years. I’m just waiting for you to come back,” he persuaded me.

I did not agree right away. Taking a glance at my watch, I realized it was getting late. I got out of his embrace and said, “It’s almost time to pick Summer up. I’d better get going.”

Biting his lips, his gaze darkened. “Let me go with you.”

I shook my head and pointed at his laptop. “You’re still in a meeting.”

He left in the middle of the meeting, and that must have disrupted the plans of the top management of Fuller Corporation.

He was not bothered by it. “Let Joseph send you back.”

I was adamant about declining his offer, but figured he would surely insist. So, I decided to go along with it.

On the way home, Joseph seemed to have something to say.

I looked out of the window. He’s most likely trying to convince me to get back with Ashton.

I took a deep breath. “Fuller Corporation is at its prime time now. Do you have any kids?”

I recalled that he’s married.

He faltered before answering, “Yes, my child is two years old now.”

“That’s great!” Everyone is moving on with their lives.

Holding onto the steering wheel, he looked at me and hesitated. “K City has undergone vast development over the years. Would you like to pay a visit?”

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