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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 433

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 433

I don’t like to gossip about others and I don’t like to be talked about either, especially when the topic is brought up intentionally by Joyce.

People from a small province may be kind-hearted, but due to too much free time on their hands, they tend to be very nosy.

A topic like this should either be clarified or forever kept under wraps. There’s no way I can clear the air right now, so I can only choose not to mention it at all.

Seeing that I had no intention to explain further, they did not pursue the matter. The dinner ended pleasantly around nine o’clock.

As the host, I had promised everyone to hit the bar for some drinks. I could not go back on my words.

We went to a bar in the city center.

It was quite crowded. We picked a good seat on the first floor and had a great view of the stage performance on the ground floor.

The latest songs were being played on the screen while three men, who seemed to be in their thirties, were performing a soundcheck.

After ordering some drinks and snacks, we continued yammering on. The place was not too noisy but very lively.

With flashing lights and the upbeat music playing in the background, men and women danced merrily and bobbed their heads to the rhythm.

Colin sat beside me. He leaned over and asked, “Is Ashton Summer’s father?”

His unexpected question stunned me. I looked at him; we both smiled.

Adults would let it slide, and we both left the question unanswered.

It was quite dull to just sit and drink, so we ended up playing some games. Colin did not touch a drop of alcohol because he had to drive.

I was not a big fan of drinking games. After a few rounds, I lost quite a bit and had to down a couple of glasses.

Feeling rather tipsy, I saw a bouquet of flowers appearing in front of me.

At that moment, everyone was observing me with anticipation.

A boy in his early twenties introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Matthew. Can we be friends? You’re the nation’s sweetheart, Nancy, right?” His bashful expression could be seen even under the dimly colored lights.

I froze for a few seconds. “I’m not Nancy. You’re mistaken.”

He was quite persistent. “How could it be? You are Nancy. Although you look slightly different without make-up, your beauty is ethereal. You just stand out in a crowd!”

Hmm.. how should I put it? It’s great being young and reckless.

I thought about it for a while and came up with an idea to debunk the boy’s perception. I showed him my identification card. “See, I’m not Nancy Goldstein.”

He scrutinized my photo with disbelief. “You both look alike.”

I replied politely, “There’re indeed many doppelgangers in this world.”

Blushing, he presented me with the bouquet. “This is for you, Ms. Stovall. You’re very pretty. I don’t think I’ll ever see Nancy in person within my lifetime.”

With that said, he left.

The group of colleagues started clamoring for attention. “Scarlett, you really look like Nancy, especially your eyes. I was also mistaken when I first met you.”

I let out a faint smile in response.

It seems like I have a lot of look-alikes. In the past, people said I resembled Joyce, and then it was Cameron. Now, I’m apparently a twin of a top celebrity.

“Don’t take it seriously. Beautiful faces are mostly similar,” said Colin as he switched the glass of wine from my hand to a glass of fruit juice.

I was not bothered. “It goes to show that I’m quite good looking.”

It was a harmless joke after all. The effects of the alcohol started to kick in and I felt a little dizzy. After footing the bill, I left with Colin.

He drove me home. “Let Summer stay with my mom tonight. I’ll take her to school tomorrow morning.”

I rubbed my temple and nodded. “Okay, I’ll head in.”

Colin continued to be caring toward me, albeit the presence of Ashton in my life. However, his concern gradually feels like how an elder brother would dutifully take care of his sister.

Adults are good at weighing pros and cons. Ashton is a steady and trustworthy man. His style of doing things is unconventional as compared to most people.

On the other hand, Colin respects me as an individual, but he also knows his place.

The way he treats me started off as a man caring for his beloved woman and it slowly changes its form to sibling love. This is probably the best ending for the both of us.

I was searching for the house key in my bag when John showed up. His car lights were exceptionally bright, contrasting the dim street lamp in the alley.

I could recognize his black Bentley and the number plate.

My guess was right.

He turned off the engine and got down from the car. His casual attire complemented his chiseled good looks.

I remained silent and gazed at him at the door.

The towering figure came forward. “I was so surprised to learn that you’d returned to R Province when Uncle Louis told me you’re here. I thought you’d choose to settle down in a county within Q City after leaving K City.”

“Come have a seat inside.”

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