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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 432

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 432

Although I loved being in R Province, I should never affect Summer’s future.

With a buzzing sound in my head, I lay on the bed, unable to fall asleep. Overthinking things was giving me insomnia.

I got up for a glass of water and admired the gorgeous moonlight.

Standing in front of the window looking out at the scenery, I awas lost in my thoughts. This journey of life seems too long. It’s not easy to live from day to day peacefully.

The next day, as much as he was unwilling to, a few phone calls forced Ashton to leave.

“I’ll be back as soon as I settle the matters in K City.” His gaze mesmerized me. Why is this man always so charming?

I nodded. “Take care and drive safe!”

Without saying goodbye, I sent him off.

As his car sped off, I went back to the yard and fetched my phone. The notification caught my eyes.

Death at Fuller Corporation’s construction site four years ago. Family of the deceased child hasn’t received any compensation after three years of postponement.

It was difficult to ignore the leading headline.

Four years ago?

Death of a child?

I recalled reading the news back then, but had no idea how Ashton eventually settled the matter.

It has resurfaced again. It’s apparent that someone is trying to find fault.

Could it be Jared or the Moore family?

I stopped thinking about it since it had nothing to do with me.

In the absence of Ashton, both Summer and I returned to our tranquil life.

At the hotel, rumors about Colin and me had been brewing. Some even had the impression that we lived under one roof.

I did not mind it since it was untrue. If I did, it would only add to my worries. Thankfully for the relationship I had with Louis, most staff did not portray any malice or hostility.

Some wanted to butter me up. Then again, with a personality like mine, it was hard for people to get close to me.

It was payday in mid-August.

Colin passed me the pay slip and said, “You should treat me a meal.”

Looking at my salary which had doubled, I agreed. “Anything you want to eat? My treat.”

Somebody heard our conversation and chimed in, “Since it’s on you, you can’t just treat one person, can you? Scarlett, you should celebrate your promotion with all colleagues.”

“That’s right. I’m dead bored. I haven’t been out for two months.”

Colin just smiled and did not make any comment.

I suggested, “Shall we all have dinner and drinks tonight?”

“Wow, sounds like a plan!”

The young girls were over the moon. Feasting and having fun were their weekly themed activities.

When the frenzy died down, Colin laughed at me. “With a total salary of eight thousand, you’ll be left with nothing after treating over twenty colleagues to dinner and drinks. Dinner will most probably cost one or two thousand, excluding the expenses at the bar.”

I grinned. “It’s okay. I don’t spend much anyways. Let’s just hang out and have some fun as long as everyone’s happy.”

“All right. I’ll let my mom look after Summer and Michael this evening in case we get home late. What do you think?”

I agreed.

The restaurants in R Province were relatively cheap. I found a big one and made a reservation for two rooms on the first floor.

A few colleagues were busy ordering food while someone teased me, “This must be the best restaurant in R Province since it’s picked by Scarlett. An average expenditure per person here is about two hundred. How generous of her!”

“Indeed. Half of your pay will be gone after this meal.”

Someone else added, “Why are you worried? Ms. Stovall doesn’t depend on her salary alone, so why should you feel bad for her?”

It was Joyce. Without saying anything, I smiled as they continued placing orders.

There was no need for any introduction since everyone knew one another. Chats were heard immediately when all sat down together.

Someone asked, “Scarlett, do you plan to settle down in R Province? Or are you here temporarily?”

I answered, “I haven’t decided.”

“I heard that the two young heirs of Fuller Corporation in K City and White Corporation are locking horns in the corporate world. They both plan to get support from the Stovall family. Scarlett, can you share some inside news with us?”

Their topic could never go beyond gossips. “I only stayed in K City for three years, so I’m not too familiar with all the happenings there.”

Joyce had always been in the limelight. Conversely, she was no longer the center of attention without his father’s backing.

She jeered. “You want to hear something interesting? I recall Ms. Stovall having a four-year-old daughter. I wonder why a person born with a silver spoon like you would run all the way to a rural province and hide with a child. May we know why?”

That was a massive piece of gossip.

Instantaneously, everyone fixed their eyes on me curiously. “Scarlett, we’ve not heard you mention anything about the father of your child.”

I took a sip of the wine and pursed my lips. Right then, the waiter served us food. I quickly changed the topic. “All of you must be starving. Let’s dig in.”

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