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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 430

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 430

I nodded and took the lobsters from him. Then I ushered him to take a seat.

This was their first official meeting, though both Ashton and Colin had met each other before. They were about the same age.

After shaking hands and exchanging smiles, they sat down and talked about the economy.

Ashton turned to me with a smile. “You have alcohol at home?”

I nodded. “Is wine okay?” We had too many grapes, so I used some and made them into wine.

He chuckled. “Sure. It’s impolite not to serve our guest with a bottle of wine.”

Colin was rather stunned by his statement.

I laughed. After getting the wine, I went back to the living room and found the two chit-chatting away harmoniously. Their topic seemed to be revolving around me.

I took my seat. Colin said, “I’ve known you for so long but never knew you can’t consume shrimps.”

I cast a look at Ashton, who was uncorking wine collectedly.

Transferring my gaze from him to Colin, I clarified, “Not exactly. Summer likes it, so I eat it too sometimes.”

I developed a condition during postpartum. Having seafood sometimes makes me sick, so I try to avoid it whenever I can. However, it doesn’t mean that I can’t eat it totally.

Colin curled his lips upward. Ashton poured him a glass. “Thank you for taking care of Scarlett all these years.”

I haven’t told anyone about my relationship with Ashton. Colin suspected it before, but as a gentleman, he never asks. Hence, I never told him.

Both men enjoyed their wine merrily.

After a few glasses, they became friendlier with each other and their pool of common topics grew larger.

Ashton was a legendary businessman in K City. If his business decisions and activities in J City were considered reserved, then his development in K within the last four years had fully showcased his ability and potential.

Under his leadership, Fuller Corporation propelled into an excellent listed company within a short span of four years. He had boldly invested in a plethora of projects across all industries, with a lucrative return in investments.

A man like him was very much desirable amongst the ladies and well-liked by the men, too.

The children went to bed early. Summer had gone back to her bedroom whereas Michael slept soundly on Colin’s lap.

Seeing that, the men did not continue their conversations.

After Colin left, Ashton washed the dishes and cleaned the table. I complemented him, “Ashton, you’ve become really dedicated and steadfast.”

He teased, “How should I praise you in return? You’ve become gentle?”

I burst out laughing while bringing the table cloth back to the kitchen.

He collected the utensils and took the cloth from me. “I’ll do it. Go ahead and wash up, then go check on Summer.”

He insisted. I obliged.

When I came back from Summer’s room, he had finished cleaning up and was lying down in the living room. His eyes were shut and his breathing was slow. He seemed to be asleep.

I took a blanket from the bedroom and put it on him. Accidentally, my hand brushed his shoulder and woke him up.

As we stared into each other’s eyes, I did not know what to do and found myself lost in his.

There was a twinkle in his eyes. “I saw you in my dreams a few times, but you weren’t there when I opened my eyes. Each time that happens, I’m left with a void in my heart.”

I was distracted by his words. The weight of his intense gaze made me flush.

I avoided eye-contact with him and sat on the sofa. Checking the time, I reminded him, “It’s late. You should go back to the guest room.”

He reached out to me and placed my hand on his palm. “I’ve contacted the school in K City. If you will, bring me and Summer along,” he uttered.

I smiled. “You don’t need me to bring you there.”

He continued to stare me in the eyes. “Wherever you are, I’ll be there.”

I felt so uncomfortable and covered his eyes with my hands. “We’ll talk about this in the future.”

He acknowledged and then pulled me closer. Burying his head in my neck, he exclaimed, “You smell good.”

Before anything could happen, I stood up and said quickly, “Go to bed early.”

During his stay here, we had been very cautious in our interactions. He remained a gentleman and nobody crossed the line.

The next day, we seized the opportunity of having the weekend to rest and relax.

Summer wanted to go out and play. R Province was a small place with limited options for amusement parks. Ashton drove around the city center as we shopped and wandered around.

I was not very happy that he bought Summer so many things. “It’s not good for you to spoil her.”

There’re many ways to show affection to a child. It’s not wise nor beneficial to pamper her blindly.

He pressed his lips into a thin line. “I’ve missed four years of her childhood and couldn’t control myself. Sorry.”

I was shocked to hear him apologized but accepted it anyway.

Summer wanted to eat fried chicken. It was her monthly request, so I agreed.

The big screen at the mall was advertising the jewelry commercial endorsed by Nancy.

Sitting at the restaurant, we could see the screen clearly. Tabloids about her were also published in the magazines displayed at the reception counter.

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