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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 428

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 428

Seems like I haven’t lost much.

“People say that wishes made at the Lotus Temple will come true. Do you want to try?”

Arching his brows, Colin handed me some candles.

I did not take it. “I don’t have any special wish to make besides hoping that the living is well whereas the dead rests in peace. Everything is fated and pre-destined.”

Summer came running towards me. “Mommy, do you have anyone you long to meet? You can ask for your wish to be granted in your dreams.”

I chuckled and took the lit candle from her hand to place it on the incense burner. “I don’t need to ask for that, Summer. I can see whoever I want to see in my dreams, always.”

Tilting her head, Summer did not quite understand what I said. She gazed at Colin. “Mr. Johnson, what about you? Have you made a wish?”

“My wish is for you and Michael to grow up happily.” Colin grinned with a candle in his hands.

Right when we were leaving, sullen dark clouds gathered along the horizon while cold wind blew in our direction.

Colin offered me his jacket. “Your body is weak, don’t catch a cold.”

I declined with a polite smile.

He frowned and then covered me with his jacket nonetheless.

Grabbing Michael by the arm, Summer asked softly, “Michael, does your father not like me?”

A boy of few words, he lifted his head to look at Colin and then shrugged. “I don’t know.”

A child would never beat around the bush.

It brought a smile to Colin’s face. He did not clarify.

I took a quick glance at the jacket on my shoulders. My heart did not skip a beat. It’s just a regular care and concern gesture from a close friend. Nothing more than that.

We had something to eat before the children dozed off. Colin drove us back under the grey, inclement sky.

When he pulled over at the yard, he wanted to get down and carry Summer into the house.

I interrupted his action. “I’ll do it. It’s late, you should get going with Michael.”

He was slightly taken aback before regaining his senses and obliged. Although he was already in his forties, Colin still carried himself like a young man in his twenties.

Declining him politely and respectfully served as the best form of reply to his genuine heart.

Romance in the twenties was passionate and romantic. However, for the middle-aged, it was nothing more than predictable daily meals and a gentle nod or a polite smile.

With Summer in my arms, I sent him off. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was Ashton. I shifted her to the other hand before answering his call.

“Is it too abrupt for me to show up now?” a low, sexy voice asked.

Subconsciously, I scanned the yard and found a familiar silhouette under the dim street lamp. He was in his regular, elegant suit.

His Mercedes-Benz was parked beside him. I could sense a pair of eyes staring at me, reserved yet intense.

It’s been four long years. He’s become even more impressive and dependable, exuding an effortless charm, and is still as attractive as ever.

“I need you to help me carry Summer,” I said over the phone. With the keys in my bag, a child falling asleep in one arm, and holding a phone on the other, I could not reach for the keys.

I could hear him chuckle before hanging up. As he approached nearer, I noticed a bouquet of pretty flowers in his hands.

He took over Summer single-handedly while handing the bouquet to me. Grinning from ear to ear, he greeted, “Happy summer festival.”

Admiring the flowers, I smiled bashfully. I knew he would be back, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon.

Perhaps having a joyful heart is better than falling in love.

I fished for the keys and opened the door. The moon was like a pearl adorning the dark blue night sky.

I directed him to Summer’s room. When he came out, his shirt was wrinkled. Yet, he still looked dapper in it.

“Do you mind if I stayed the night?” he asked with a smirk.

I looked down. Saying nothing, I searched for the needed amenities and handed it over to him. He accepted it and then habitually made his way to the guest room.

Joseph did not seem to follow him here. It’s not hard to guess that he’s not here on a business trip; he came because of me.

I tried not to overthink things. He remained a gentleman throughout his stay at my place.

Somehow, his presence deterred Colin’s frequent visits to the house.

He had been dropping Summer off at school and picking her up at the end of the day. In addition, he also started joining me in meal preparations. He would even do the laundry!

Life went on peacefully along with other daily activities. We had a ton of fruits picked from the yard, so I brought some with me to the hotel.

Joyce was still working at the hotel. The only difference was her attitude. She no longer put up an arrogant front. In fact, she was mostly quiet when we met.

I guess that’s a good thing. Being a civilized acquaintance with no common topic is better than being a hypocrite with an ulterior motive.

During lunch, she took the initiative to ask me out, but I turned her down. “I’m going home to eat.”

She did not look offended. “You don’t have to avoid me. My father is in jail and I’m no longer a threat to you. I know I used to be very snobbish and stepped on the toes of many. That’s why everyone loathes me. However, live and let live. This is my workplace. I don’t want to strain the relationship even further and make it difficult or awkward for everybody.”

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