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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 417

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 417

Both sides of the street were lined with rose bushes that were always in full bloom during this time of the year. Summer liked playing here, and she liked dragging Colin and Michael along here with her as well.

Every time she came here, she would ask for an ice cream cone, and Colin would buy one for her.

Colin exited a shop, handing one ice cream cone each to Summer and Michael before giving me one as well.

I chuckled. He’s treating me like a child.

Summer carefully licked at her cone, lifting her head up to look at Colin. “Mr. Johnson, why do you always buy ice cream for Mommy too? Mommy says that only kids eat ice cream, and adults don’t.”

“Your Mommy is a kid, just like you,” joked Colin.

Summer glanced at Jackson in confusion, going on to ask, “Mr. Jackson is the same age as Mommy, so does that mean he’s a kid? Why didn’t you buy ice cream for Mr. Jackson?”

Jackson nearly spat his water out. “That’s because I’m a manly man. I’m not a kid, so I don’t eat these kinds of things. Your Mommy and I are different—no matter how old your Mommy gets, she will always be a child.”

Summer nodded, although it didn’t look like she understood a single thing he’d said.

As the sky grew darker and darker, the street lamps suddenly lit up. I couldn’t help but gasp at the sight. Nick and I had walked through a street that looked similar to this one in the past.

That street had also been filled with rose bushes, but this one didn’t have a night market, nor a barbecue stand.

“What are you thinking about?” Jackson nudged me, jolting me from my daze.

I realized that Summer and Michael had already run off a good distance away. Colin was following closely behind them.

I shook my head slowly in response to Jackson’s question.

His eyes darted between Colin and me, raising an eyebrow. “He’s quite alright—personality-wise and looks-wise. Other than being a little older, he’d be a good choice.”

His sudden comment took me aback, and I furrowed my eyebrows as I turned to him. “Huh?”

“Trying to find you a good partner!” He shrugged.

“I take it you’re not so busy with work after all,” I teased.

He sighed, saying casually, “I just think he’s a good guy. He treats you well and has been helping to look after Summer these past few years. Besides, you’re thirty years old. Now that you’ve moved on, you should start rebuilding your life and find someone so that you’ll feel less lonely when Summer grows up.”

I rolled my eyes and decided to ignore him, heading towards the kids.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me. I’m being serious!” Jackson chased after me, ranting on, “Ashton is already planning on getting engaged. You should really start to think about your own future as well.”

A chill ran down my spine, and I stiffened for the briefest moment. Taking a few seconds to process the new information, I glanced back at Jackson. “Engaged?”

He nodded. “With Rebecca. She is his responsibility, after all. Even if there’s no love between them, he has to take responsibility for her, so getting married isn’t that big of a deal. You, on the other hand, should honestly consider Colin.”

I sighed, walking away. The night had turned darker than I last remembered.

That’s right.

It’s been four years. Ashton starting to live his own life shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

We were now strangers to each other. I should be wishing him well.

Quietly finishing my ice cream under the dim glow of the street lamps, I suddenly felt like this street resembled my life’s journey.

Summer was sound asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow at home. Colin had brought Michael home as well, and Jackson stayed up chatting with me for a while longer before retreating to his guest room.

In my bedroom, I hugged my hurting stomach for a long time, unable to move from the pain. Even after four years, I would still suffer from horrible cramps every time I got my period.

And to top it all off, I had also eaten ice cream today.

I’d thought that I could sleep off the pain, just like I used to, but I didn’t expect to lose consciousness in the middle of the night.

When I came to, I was at the hospital. Jackson’s arms were crossed as he glared at me. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know you’re not supposed to eat ice cream while on your period.”

I sighed weakly, licking my dry lips. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

He huffed, his eyes slightly swollen and red. “Summer was so scared that she burst into tears and refused to leave your side. I was in the next room. You could have called me or shouted out. Why did you endure the pain by yourself? Since when you started not telling others whenever you’re hurting?”

He has a point.

Since when had I started to keep all my pain to myself?

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me,” I chuckled lightly, shaking my head.

Sensing that I wasn’t taking any of his words to heart, Jackson stormed out of the hospital ward, clearly pissed off.

Colin helped me with some of the hospitalization procedures, looking apologetic as he turned to me. “I’m really sorry. I should have noticed sooner!”

“I was craving a sweet treat, so it wasn’t your fault,” I reassured him. “Has Michael already gone off to school?”

“Yes, and so has Summer. Though, she’s still very worried about you. I’ll make a trip to the school later and tell her that you’re doing better.”

“Thank you.” Summer and I were co-dependent on each other. I couldn’t leave her, and she couldn’t leave me.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled like he wasn’t sure what to do with me. “You need to rest here for two days while I handle things at the hotel. You can pause your janitorial job for a while and focus on your new job. Hopefully, that’ll take some of the burdens off of your shoulders.”

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