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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 413

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 413

It was the start of Spring.

It was drizzly at times in J City, and the sun was high on others. The greens along the scenic areas within the city center invariably started to explode in a dazzle of hues.

Peach blossoms had also begun to flower in more than a few tourist attractions too. Once I have tied up the loose ends in J City, I brought Summer along to book tickets for K City.

At the airport.

Jackson and Nick insisted on seeing us all the way to the boarding gate. Jackson looked particularly reluctant to part from Summer as he held her. “I don’t understand why you have to leave when you could make as good a life for yourself here in J City.”

“I distinctly remember someone saying yesterday that it’s important to not part on bad terms. Are you worried about leaving Summer with me?”

“You’re her mother, so what’s there for me to worry about? Go on then. Stop being an eyesore and get out of here.”

I had just one carry-on with me as I did not own much, to begin with. It would be a hassle to lug the rest of my things around with Summer in tow, so I packed only her bottle and diapers with me.

Nick had instructed the flight crew so everything was loaded on board beforehand.

Seeing that it was almost time, Jackson apprehensively asked, “Are you really not going to say goodbye to Ashton?”

I shook my head and merely smiled.

He exhaled. “This is some major beef with the Moores, so he must have his hands full trying to stave off Zachary’s wrath. I’m doubtful that he’ll be able to make himself available to see you off anyway.”

I made no comment. With the air tickets in hand, I watched him wave to us. “Take care of yourselves!”

The man choked up as he was missing Summer already. “Send me a message when you’ve settled down. We’ll come to visit.”

I nodded. Nick had one hand in his pocket. “See you!”

“Bye, you guys!” I smiled.

Once inside the first-class cabin, the air stewardess brought a baby-sized bolster for Summer and had a child safety seat set up next to me.

Flying for the first time must have been very exciting for Summer as she did not sleep a wink in four hours.

Her endearing appearance ensured that some air stewardesses would come by and interact with her from time to time, all the way to K City. It was only when we disembarked that the little one fell asleep on my chest.

Outside the airport, I planned to hail a ride to take us directly to the hotel. This was when John’s call came in.

I switched off the phone and turned my attention toward looking for a cab instead.

As I waited, a black Bentley rolled to a halt in front of me. Then the window winded down.

John seemed to have thinned out since I last saw him several days ago. His facial features had become gaunter.

“It’s hard to catch a ride at the airport, and traffic is going to get crazy near peak hour. You should hop in!” he said.

I noticed a cab turn in not far behind, so I ignored the man and walked toward the hired car instead.

When I got in, I cited the destination. The driver was curious to see a child with me. “Are you here in K City to visit?”

I shook my head and softened my voice as Summer was sleeping soundly. “I’m here to settle some business.”

The driver smiled as he engaged the engine. “Is it work related?”

I nodded. “Yup!”

“My daughter’s about the same age as you are. It’s tough on young people like yourself, having to bring your kid around for work!” he lamented as he glanced up at the rear-view mirror.

What he observed put a frown between his eyes. “I don’t know what’s the deal with this Bentley behind us. It’s been on our tails since the airport. Do you know who’s in it?”


Thankfully, we eluded the jam and made it to the hotel in forty minutes. When I alighted, I went straight inside.

John was still following. As I was checking in, the lady at the front desk occasionally stole glances at the handsome chap with a hand in his pocket standing behind me.

As I was carrying both the child and a bag, the woman asked, “Would you like for us to assist with your luggage, Miss?”

“It’s fine. I’ll bring her up!” John got in before me.

The lady was astounded. “Mr. Stovall!”

John nodded. He picked up the bag that I had left on the floor and grabbed the key card directly from the woman before he made a beeline for the elevator.

I frowned, but did not voice my disapproval.

Inside the room, when he ascertained that I was unwilling to converse, he went on to survey the interior to ensure that it was secure. Once satisfied, he called for service.

As it was a long day, I was a little exhausted. The man did not seem like he was going to leave. “If there’s nothing else, I’d like to rest!”

His dark eyes seemed to light up when I took the initiative to talk to him. “I’ve ordered some food. You should have some before you turn in. I promise that you won’t even notice that I’m here.”

Oh, forget it. I went inside the washroom to freshen up and got out Summer’s bottle and diapers.

I would feed her as soon as she was awake, and give her a change of diapers.

Room service arrived shortly. The food he laid out was mostly lighter on the taste buds and suited for my palate.

I looked at him. “It’s been delivered. Now go!”

He tried to say something but changed his mind when he saw that my daughter had roused. “She’s up, so it’ll be easier if I attend to her while you eat. I’ll leave as soon you’re done!”

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