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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 411

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 411

As for myself, I have made a considerable sum from my time at Fuller Corporation as well as from the deal with OrbitTech, so I feel pretty safe going forward.

I would sell off the property I own in Glenwood Apartments and acquire a smaller unit in R Province. That would be where Summer and myself would reside.

The man was silent for some time before he regarded me. “Is there no way back for you and Ashton?”

I merely smiled. “I’d been deluding myself for far too long. Before this, I used to see that baby in my dreams, calling out for me to save him. The birthmark on his forehead was stuck in my head. Yet I keep telling myself that Ashton had no choice, that it was not what he wanted. At some point, Jackson, everyone has to face up to reality.”

He pursed his lips. “What about the Moore family? And the Stovalls? Have you thought about them?”

Summer held on tight and refused to go.

That put a smile on my face. “I had never thought about the Moores, but I’m sure Uncle Louis would understand.”

I took in a deep drawl. “John and Cameron were closely aligned back then. If Ashton knew, why do you think John would not? He knew I’m Cameron’s daughter, and knew what Ashton did. Who knows, maybe he might be in on it too. Cameron and Zachary are not foolish. How could they not know the DNA samples were tampered with?”

Jackson pursed his lips and held his tongue.

Spring arrived early in J City. After a few torrential showers, some trees had begun to sprout.

Summer had grown a few more inches. She now liked having adults bounce around with her.

Ever the efficient worker, Jackson managed to find a buyer for my unit in Glenwood Apartments within a couple of days.

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