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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 406

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 406

Turning to Jackson, I asked, “Are you planning to go back to K City?”

“Are you?” he frowned as he countered my question with one of his own.

“The White Corporation has an upcoming product launch that I’ve been overseeing. It doesn’t seem right for me to stay away.”

His gaze shifted onto Summer. “Do you plan to take her with you to stay in K City?”


He fell silent before he looked to Nick. “How about you?”

Nick stilled his hands and turned to regard me. “Both Harrison Credit and my family are in J City. If I’m going to be in K City, it’ll only be for work.”

He appeared thoughtful before he continued, “You could resign from White Corporation and come back to J City. The Fuller Corporation is almost completely managed by outsiders currently. Since you are the young lady of the house of Fuller, it should not be controversial for you to take over the reins at the company.”

I pursed my lips and wanted to turn him down, but he carried on, “Ashton has a lot of ambition, but J City is both Fuller Corporation’s place of origin as well as its base of power. It would be preferable for it to be in the hands of family.”

I gave it some more thought before I replied, “The reason why I left Fuller Corporation was because of failure. If I want to make a return now, I’d have to demonstrate that I’m able to deliver outcomes first. The AI development in White Corporation is in my charge. If I were to leave before we see results, how would that be different from my departure from Fuller Corporation in the first place?”

“So, what’s your plan then?”

“I would like to wait to see the results of the Al market. That aside, I’ve met Marcus.” I felt a tug at my sleeve and looked down at Summer. She must be hungry.

Nick’s brow’s knitted. “You mean Benjamin’s only son?”

I nodded.

Jackson was confounded. “Didn’t he die in a car accident?”

“I saw him in M Country. I’m not sure what’s going on as I have no idea what really happened to him back then either.”

With that, I carried Summer into the room to feed her.

I spent the rest of my day there without incident.

My intention was to ferry Summer over to Peakville Estate, but Jackson did not feel safe having me alone at the wheel. It was agreed then that I should return with Ashton for her on another day.

The sky was still bright after I left the apartment, so I decided to head over to the cemetery to visit George, Grandma, and Macy.

My car got stuck in traffic en-route. Fortunately, I was not trapped on the freeway.

As it had not cleared up after quite a while, a number of drivers alighted to investigate.

One of those who came back sighed in resignation. “It’s pretty bad up ahead. The youngsters these days are so reckless. There was even a heavily pregnant woman in the car. It was a real close call for her.”

“The Maybach’s driver is in his twenties and doesn’t look like some ordinary spoiled brat. I’d say sloppy driving is what it was. It looks like we might be stuck here for a while,” another chimed in.

With a quick glance at the time, I reckoned that I would not be able to make it to the cemetery when this was resolved.

With little else to do, I got off the car. In the corner of my eye, I spied the vehicle at the heart of the accident. It was a black Maybach.

The number plate struck me as oddly familiar.

An alarm went off in my head when I realized that it belonged to Ashton. My legs gave way beneath me and left me slumped onto the floor.

“Are you alright, Miss?” An onlooking cab driver reached over and helped me up.

He massaged my temples with his thumb and that offered some relief.

I blinked as I looked at him. “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” He continued to support me. “Do you have low blood sugar? Do you need me to send you to the hospital?”

Shaking my head, I replied, “I think I’m okay now. Thank you.”

I steadied myself as I trudged forward.

Because the congestion went on for some distance, the accident area was packed with onlookers, which impeded the ambulance’s advancement.

I waded in through the crowd.

Amongst them, I spotted a man in a crisp black suit. He had a solemn look as he stood protectively over the woman next to him. With his cellphone in hand, he appeared to be seeking emergency services.

The ground was saturated with blood from the conceiving woman. There was someone administering aid to her and other medically trained personnel helping to clear out the crowd on site.

My gaze fell upon the heavily pregnant woman’s bloated belly. The trail of crimson extended onto her legs. The sight jolted like a bolt of lightning.

I subconsciously held a hand over my own abdomen which was suddenly hit by spasms, and slowly backed away.

Ashton, who was on the phone, appeared to have seen me. His eyes darkened as he approached.

The color fell from Rebecca’s face behind him.

“What are you doing here?”

My abdomen hurt so much that I furrowed. “I was just passing through. Are you alright?”

He shook his head and lifted me into a cradle in his arms when he saw how pallid I

was. “Where’s your car?”

“Back there.”

Once inside my car, I managed to recover a little to my own relief

“Why are you hurting all of a sudden?” he asked.

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