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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 405

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 405

I tried to push him away and told him sternly, “Be good and turn in early. We still have a long journey back to J City tomorrow.”

He did not budge and continued to keep me inside of his embrace.

“No funny business, Ashton!”

The man held on, but stopped misbehaving.

We stayed that way for a while more before he made his way into the washroom. He looked more like himself after he reemerged.

Perhaps it was his presence, that enabled me to sleep soundly. I awoke the next morning, greeted by an M Country shrouded by thick layers of snow.

I had half-expected that the flight would be delayed, but my concerns proved to be unfounded.

Joe did not seem happy to see me at the airport with my hand in Ashton’s. “You both are together twenty-four seven and could not even be apart for just a few days’ work trip. You’re practically joined at the hips. Anyone would have mistaken you for Ashton’s mistress had they not known any better.”

My lips were pursed in embarrassment.

Ashton shot him a look. “If you have so much energy to expend, might as well use it to find yourself a wife.”

Joe pulled a long face before he turned to collect the air tickets.

Ashton led me straight to the boarding gate. The timing of our arrival was perfect as we did not need to wait long.

Once inside, we made our way to the spacious seats in first-class. He then asked the flight attendant for a blanket. Concerned that I might be bored, he had also the screen for in-flight entertainment lowered.

The man wrapped his arms around me while his body laid next to mine. “The flight would take ten over hours. Is there anything you would like to see?”

I was not much into show binging, but one particular series did come to mind. It was one that Macy would stay up all night to watch during our college days.

“Shall we watch some Koandrian drama? How about this one?”

His brows perked up. “Well, sure!”

We located the title on the menu and started from the first episode. It was a rarity that he would watch it with me, so I was not bored at all.

Joe looked a little miffed when he entered. “Go home and get a room, you two. Mind you, this is a public space!”

Gianna Jun had just encountered Professor Do in the elevator when I redirected my attention onto Joe. “We’re watching a Koandrian drama. Would you like to join us?”

Joe’s gaze fell upon Ashton as he twitched his lips. “You are done for, Ashton.”

Ashton lifted his eyes into a glare. “Stop bothering us if you aren’t going to watch!”

Joe offered no retort.

The man must have gotten bored himself after we took to the air, as he too turned on his own screen. He looked sideways at me and asked, “What are you watching?”

“My Love From The Star,” went Ashton’s quick reply.

That made Joe pause.

“A human falling for an alien? No way this is going to end well.” His cynicism did not prevent him from searching for it.

Perhaps the ability to keep ourselves entertained made it easier to pass the time over the ten-over-hour journey. Soon, we were almost reaching J City.

It was timely too, as the scene where Professor Do was preparing to depart had me choking up

Ashton passed along a piece of tissue. “Don’t worry. They’ll be together in the end.”

I looked up at him with eyes reddened. “How do you know that?”

He raised an eyebrow. “That’s how these stories always end.”

That had me positively flabbergasted.

At the J City airport.

It was into the wee hours when we stepped outside the terminal. As my eyes were glued to the screen throughout the flight, I found myself overwhelmed by fatigue.

Ashton had already arranged transport beforehand. I could barely keep my eyes open when we got in, so he held me close and motioned for me to rest.

I had no idea how we got to Peakville Estate.

When I came to the next morning, he was not beside me, and it became chilly under the sheets.

I got out of bed and freshened up.

Downstairs, Mrs. Eriksen was busying herself as usual. The sun would usually rise around seven or eight in J City, and with it, came the moderation of the temperature.

“Oh, you’re up, Letty. Come help yourself to some breakfast while it’s still hot.” Mrs. Eriksen hummed a little tune while she cleaned the table.

Settling myself down to sample the food, I found them quite appetizing.

Most of the major companies had begun to wrap up for the year. Richard sent quite a few messages to ask when I would be returning to K City.

With the upcoming product launch just around the corner, I suppose I ought to head back within the next two days.

“At what time did Ashton leave the house this morning, Mrs. Eriksen?” I asked as I had another spoonful of soup.

“As soon as dawn broke. He left in quite a hurry too.” She paused briefly while she looked at me. “I’ve learned just a few days ago that it would seem that we are mistaken. Rebecca isn’t actually from the Moore family.”

I was stunned. Is this the reason why Ashton went out?

I did not probe further. My initial plan was to return to K City together with Summer, but I had to leave her in Jackson’s care as I had not been feeling well.

At Glenwood residential area.

Nick was in the kitchen when I arrived. Jackson approached me with Summer in his arms. “I thought you’ve gone and bailed on me. Some mother you are.”

That left me a little apologetic. “I’ve just returned from M Country last night. How has Summer been these few days? Has she been a good girl?”

He nodded and passed her along when he saw the girl extend her arms toward me. “This little imp would not drink from a bottle after she had a taste of breast milk.”

Summer indeed felt lighter in my arms. I settled down on the couch and watched as Nick focused on his task.

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