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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 396

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 396

I instructed Mrs. Eriksen, “By the way, I have a friend coming over soon. Can you please prepare some fruits and cake?”

She nodded and urged for me to finish my breakfast.

As I didn’t have enough sleep, I could hardly eat anything. After just taking a few mouthfuls, I no longer had the appetite to continue.

I thought I might as well wait in the living room while watching TV. When Stacey arrived, she was shocked to see my dark eye circles. “Aren’t you recovering well? What happened?”

I pinched my forehead and replied, “Ashton is hiring a secretary for his headquarters in K City. Are you interested?”

She was surprised. “The president’s secretary? Doesn’t Mr. Fuller already have Mr. Campbell? Furthermore, he never hires a female secretary.”

My head was buzzing at that point. I took a sip of water and explained, “After the new year, the

company is expanding. There will be many trivial matters that Joseph will have no time for. Since you have worked at Fuller Corporation before, you know his character and would fit right into the job.”

She didn’t understand the reason behind it. “Ms. Stovall, now that you’re not as busy with work at White Corporation, you can come straight back to Fuller Corpor

“It’s true that White Corporation is running well by itself. But, I won’t join Fuller Corporation as I still have my own plans. Anyway, you can decline the role if you don’t want it.”

She shook her head. “You’ve misunderstood. Honestly, my current position is no different from being a receptionist. Hence, it is an honor to be offered the role of the president’s secretary at Fuller Corporation. But what about the Moore family…”

“You have nothing to worry about that. I had done everything I needed to do. The punishment had been meted out accordingly as well.

Since a year had passed, it was time to start anew.

Passing me the sleeping pills she brought, she was stunned by my words. “Felix knows a little about what happened between Mr. Crest and Mr. Fuller. He mentioned that when Mr. Crest was a teenager, he fell in love with a girl who was Mr. Fuller’s cousin. Later on, the girl committed suicide by jumping off a building. Since it happened a long time ago, the Fullers hardly talked about it. As for Mr. Crest, he probably hasn’t gotten over it yet. Hence, he wants to create a little trouble for Mr. Fuller at work.”

I couldn’t help but furrow my eyebrows. “Just a little trouble?” More than ten years had passed since that incident. Furthermore, cousin?Doesn’t Uncle Charlie not have any children?What’s going on? There seems to be more to the matter than it meets the eye.

She grunted in acknowledgment before adding, “I’ve been watching Kristina recently. Other than being close to Mr. Crest, I don’t see her keeping in contact with anyone else. However, she has just gone on a trip to K City. But, I’m not sure what it was for.”

“She went there despite the holidays?”


Stacey nodded. “If I’m not mistaken, she has gotten in touch with the White family.”

I grunted in acknowledgment. In the meantime, Mrs. Eriksen had prepared the dishes. After my meal, I took the sleeping pills. Its effects came quickly. Hence, I went straight back to my room.

This time, I slept through the night and only woke up at dawn. Mrs. Eriksen seemed to have been waiting for me to get up.

When she heard a sound from the bedroom, she quickly came upstairs and brought some food. “Luckily, you’re awake. Are you hungry? Mr. Fuller called to say that his return has been delayed. Knowing that you have fallen asleep, he asked me to prepare food for you the moment you wake up.”

After sleeping a few hours, I finally felt better. Looking out at the sky, I realized it was still dark. The clock on the wall showed that it was one in the morning.

Having just woken up, I had no appetite to eat. “Mrs. Eriksen, why don’t you leave the food here. I’ll eat them later. Anyway, it’s already late, so you should get some rest.”

in was

As Mrs. Eriksen was advanced in age, she looked a little tired. After nagging me to finish my food, she went back downstairs.

Despite feeling recharged, I regretted sleeping for such a long time. Even though it was nighttime, there was no way I could sleep anymore.

In other words, I had to struggle through the night again.


Suddenly, the phone rang and it was Ashton on the line.

I answered with a gentle tone. “I just woke up.”


“Mmm-hmm!” his voice was raspy but pleasing to the ear. “Try and eat something later. It’s alright if you can’t sleep. Coincidentally, I have nothing on now, so we can chat awhile.”

I nodded. “Mmm-hmm!”

“I have to stay in M Country for a few more days. So, remember to have regular meals and don’t stay up late. You should also get Jackson to bring Summer to you.”


“Uncle Louis and John won’t be in J City these few days. If you need anything, give Nick a call, and he will help you.”


Ashton fell silent after that.

As I wasn’t good with words, I didn’t know what to say suddenly in that moment of silence.

After about half a minute of racking my brain, I replied, “Come back soon.”

There was another long silence before his raspy voice rang out. “Alright.”

Since I didn’t have much to say, I looked at the phone and prepared to end the call.

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