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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 393

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 393

Furrowing my brows, I sighed at his words as I understood what he meant.

“I know. I…”

“In that case, just go along with my plans.”

“I want to take her on a trip to R Province!” I insisted while glaring back at him.

“With who?” he put down his cutlery with a dispassionate expression.


He pursed his lips in displeasure. “When was it decided?”

“Before the new year!” I didn’t know that something had happened to Macy back then.

“Were you not planning to tell me about this?” He was upset.

1 pinched my forehead in a bid to relieve my headache and snapped, “Don’t you already know now?”

Having lost my appetite, I put down my cutlery and headed to the study.

The White Corporation’s Al project was still my responsibility. As they would be launching a new product after the new year, work for it would begin once the holidays ended.

However, I hardly had any mood to go on reading. Although I wasn’t sleepy, my head was still aching from staying up the whole night.

Leaning by the door, Ashton’s gaze was cold but he didn’t look angry.

I was annoyed by his stare and snapped, “What is it?”

He raised his eyebrow. “Summer is back.”

Caught by surprise, I dropped what I was doing and headed out of the study. While he was blocking the door, he kissed me.

It took a while before he let me go and led me downstairs.

Jackson was sitting in the living hall playing with Summer, while John and Louis were also present.

John wasn’t good with children. Hence, he preferred to keep his distance from them, especially since Summer was still an infant-unlike a one or two-year-old where he could play with them without having to worry about hurting them.

However, watching Jackson carry Summer, he would occasionally point out what Jackson was doing wrong.

Peeved, Jackson stuffed Summer into his arms and snarled, “Since you think you’re so smart, why don’t you carry her!”

The moment he held Summer, John didn’t dare move a muscle. Despite his large frame, he carried Summer in a careful manner.

As John was stiff as a rock, Summer fiddled with his luxury watch curiously and not minding the fact that she was hardly familiar with him.

When he saw Ashton and I walk down the stairs, he heaved a sigh of relief and quickly remarked, “Stop dilly-dallying and carry your precious daughter.”

As Ashton had taken care of Summer for a long time, he was experienced at handling her despite the lack of instruction.

When he received Summer from John, he instinctively carried her in his arms.

Jackson glanced at John in contempt. “Someone like you won’t even know how to take care of his own child. Knowing nothing, how do you expect any girl to fall for you?”

John retorted, “I’m sure you know everything while I know nothing. But, aren’t you still single despite being almost thirty?”

Jackson sneered, “And you’re almost a step away from your grave? Do you only plan to find someone when you’re dead? Do you think just wagging that tongue of yours is enough?”

Those two men were being extremely childish.

Sitting beside Uncle Louis, I made him some tea. When he saw how busy I was, he frowned. “Didn’t you hire a nanny?”

“I did. But it’s her day off today,” I replied with a smile. “Ashton and I prefer some privacy. Hence, the nanny will only be here whenever Summer needs to be cared for. Or else, Ashton and I would prefer to be alone at home.”

Louis nodded. Glancing at Ashton inquisitively, he asked, “I heard you found a treasure recently. Aren’t you going to show it to me?”

Ashton raised his eyebrow and passed Summer to Jackson. After that, both men headed to the study as they obviously had something to discuss.

When I looked in John’s direction, I was surprised to see that he was observing Summer intently. “You’re already thirty-five. Aren’t you planning to find a partner to settle down?”

When he turned to look at me, Jackson cleared his throat and spoke up. “How can any girl be interested in someone who has no substance behind those good looks?”

“What do you care?” John shot him a glare before replying, “What’s the point of getting married? I’m happy just having you and Summer by my side.”

“Sheesh!” Jackson rolled his eyes. “Why do you need to dramatize having a crush? Give it a few more years and you will turn into a statue just from waiting.”

“It’s none of your business.” John stared daggers at him. “Don’t you plan to take Summer out?”

Sensing that John was about to lose his temper, Jackson was sensitive enough to carry Summer into the garden to play.

As the atmosphere calmed down, I looked at John and asked, “Has Uncle Louis found anything?”

Pursing his lips, his expression grew serious. “The report is out and seems to indicate that man may not have touched you.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Didn’t touch me? Then why…” Did he leave those things in the room on purpose?

“There were no traces of your DNA there and we have run a comparison. The police have two theories. First, the owner is an extremely powerful and mysterious person where his DNA information is hard to obtain. Second, that person may be dead, which is why they can’t find a match too.”

I frowned. “Can they retrieve it from the dead?”

“Within a specific timeframe, they are able to obtain it with certain scientific methods.”

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