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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 389

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 389

Pursing his lips, John narrowed his eyes slightly. “You want to investigate the matter by yourself?”

“I just want to know the result. Or are you saying that I can’t even know who hurt me?” I retorted mildly.

He stared at me intently. After a long time, he sighed and ordered, “Wait for me. I’ll go check it


He’d just left when Stacey came out. She looked at me and was just about to speak when I interrupted her.

“It’s rather late now, so let’s eat together another day.”

She was momentarily taken aback before noticing that John was making his way back. Looking at me, she nodded and answered, “Sure. Thank you for getting me in today.” As she said this, she looked over her shoulder at John and murmured, “Thank you, Mr. Stovall.”

John shrugged. “Why are you thanking me? It’s no big deal. It’s quite late now, so let’s go and have dinner together.”

“No, it’s okay. I still have to rush back to the countryside, so you two go ahead. Please excuse me.” After saying that, Stacey left.

John looked at me with pursed lips. “Your subordinate has the same temperament as you. So, what would you like to eat?”

“Anything.” I slipped into the car after replying him. Then, I turned my gaze on him and asked, “Is the DNA report out?”

At this, he nodded. “It doesn’t match Hudson’s, so they’re currently still investigating the matter.”

“I know it’s not Hudson’s. I just want to know the identity of the man at the hotel, for he might have planned this entire incident. I’m guessing that Rebecca and Sally are likely scapegoats.”

At this moment, my phone vibrated with a text message from Stacey, but I merely glanced at it before closing it.

As John drove in the direction of the city center, the sky had already grown dark. “Both Uncle Louis and I will investigate this matter, so don’t fixate on it. Take good care of yourself instead. Jackson said your depression has gotten worse. If you truly can’t stand staying at Peakville Estate, just move in with me and Uncle Louis. I don’t like that b*stard, Ashton, anyway, so you can just remain the pampered daughter of the Stovall family, and I’ll support you for the rest of your life.”

All at once, I giggled. “I’m only twenty-six years old, yet I can just laze around and do nothing?”

“Of course. With the Stovall family’s wealth and my assets, it’s not a problem even if you were to fritter a few million a day. After all, there’s infinite money for you to splurge.”

I chuckled, “Summer is probably the most blessed child in this world. The moment she’s born, her grandfather and uncle have made all arrangements for her.”

At this, he arched an eyebrow. “That’s for sure. After all, look who her uncle is.” After a brief pause, he shifted his gaze to me, turning serious. “Are you not planning to have your own child?” he queried.

Taken aback, I instantly clenched my hands tightly, at a loss for words.

After a long silence, I inhaled and muttered, “We shall see.” Some heartache is more than enough to have just experienced it once in a lifetime. When my child left, I never thought of having another child, for that terror will plague me for the rest of my life!

“Makes sense. With Summer to keep you company, it doesn’t matter whether you have your own child in the future.”

I nodded even my heart clenched. Recently, I seem to be getting increasingly irritable, and I can’t even control my emotions at times.

The car then came to a stop before a restaurant in the city center, whereupon a parking valet came up to help park the car.

Throwing the car key at him, John took my hand and led me into the restaurant.

Perhaps his looks were too outstanding that countless gazes swung our way the moment we stepped into the restaurant. Even whispers drifted into the air from time to time.

With a grim expression, John dragged me into a private room hastily. After ordering, he looked at me and remarked, “You’ve lost much weight from breastfeeding Summer recently, so you’ve got to fatten up.”

1 flashed him a smile even as a wave of misery flooded me, for I’d heard the whispers when we came in.

It wasn’t John they were staring at, but me. I’d almost forgotten that Ashton was a renowned young entrepreneur in J City, and news of his wife messing around with another man in the hotel hadn’t been suppressed yet.

Thus, the fact that I’m making an appearance here with John was making imaginations run all the wilder! News of me being a sl*t is most likely making headlines every single day!

“What are you thinking?” John knocked my head even as he drawled in exasperation, “Stop spacing out. The food will be served soon.”

I nodded in acquiescence.


Upon noticing my dour expression, his brows furrowed. “Scarlett, someone who’s overly concerned by others’ perception and opinions can never go far. Look at the celebrities out there. Which of them aren’t disparaged and condemned with scathing comments? Besides, we all know the truth of this matter. Listen to me and don’t take it to heart, okay?”

“I’m fine. I just feel like eating a lobster. Do they have lobsters here?” I mused as I snagged the menu.

John propped a hand against his forehead in exasperation. After staring at me for a long while, he declared, “Alright, I’ll go out and get you some lobster, but you’ve got to pander to me in the future!”

He then got up and left. In the meantime, I remained sitting in the private room, my mind a chaotic mess. How could I possibly not bother? I’m human, not a robot! No matter how calm and unruffled I pretend to be in some matters, there’s simply athorn stuck in my flesh at the end of the day!

“Tsk-tsk. Your life is rather colorful, Ms. Stovall.” Joe’s voice sounded out of nowhere – his appearance was quite the surprise.

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