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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 385

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 385

Is Sally the one behind all of this?If she is, then what’s her motive?What benefit does she gain from doing this?

“Stay at home and get some rest. Try not to think too much into this,” he comforted me with a soft voice.

Seeing as he was about to leave, I grabbed hold of him and glared at him. “Can you take me with you, Ashton? I don’t want to be alone here.”

He paused for a while and nodded. “Sure!”

Since Summer was away with Jackson, there wasn’t anyone else at home. If I were to stay in the house alone, I would be too anxious to sleep at night.

As it was New Year’s Eve, there were fewer people on the streets. After driving out of the urban areas, Ashton stopped the car in front of an abandoned factory and helped me down from the car.

We were immediately greeted by two men in black suits who were standing guard outside the factory. They bowed to Ashton respectfully. “Mr. Fuller!”

“Yes,” Ashton responded tersely and dragged me into the factory. He seemed rather callous and detached

Upon seeing the man with the sunglasses again, my body began to shiver. Ashton hurriedly embraced me and said in a deep tone, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here!”

He then signaled Joseph to bring out two chairs. After helping me onto the chair, he crouched down beside me and held my hand.

“Close your eyes if you’re scared, okay?” His voice sounded warm and gentle.

I then nodded in response.

Glancing menacingly at Hudson, he stood up and toned his voice down a few levels before threatening him, “Speak up now! Or I’ll make you.”

Hudson’s face was already badly disfigured from the beating. It seemed like he had gone through quite the torture before we even got here.

“What more can you do to me?” he sneered.

Ashton pursed his lips and had a minatory look on his face as he violently kicked Hudson in the face. The kick left Hudson lying on the ground, with blood coming out of his mouth.

Ashton gave him a cold stare. “So, you feel like talking now? Or do you want me to continue?”

Hudson was laughing as he groveled on the ground. He really didn’t seem to care about his life. “Kill me if you have the guts.”

Infuriated, Joseph sent another kick towards his stomach. “Let’s see how long you can keep this


Ashton gazed at Hudson, who was beaten half to death, with revulsion in his eyes. After a while, he finally signaled Joseph to stop the beating.

Sitting on the chair, Ashton was emitting an intimidating aura. “It’s fine if you don’t want to talk. I’ll bring your parents and fiancée here to join in on the fun.”

Ashton seemed heartless and evil when he said that to him.

Furious, Hudson gazed at Ashton with his eyes wide opened and yelled, “You son of a b*tch! You can kill me now if you’ve got the balls to do so. Don’t you dare lay a hand on my family members!”

“Ha!” Ashton chuckled. “You think you’re in a position to make demands? By the way, I heard that your fiancée is pregnant. What if I told her about the things that you’ve done? Do you think that she’ll be so shocked and end up having a miscarriage?”

“You…” Hudson climbed up from the ground and lunged himself toward Ashton.

Joseph was quick to react by kicking the back of his feet, causing him to lose balance and fall onto the ground.

Meanwhile, Ashton continued to stare at him with contempt in his eyes. After a while, he instructed Joseph, “Bring his parents and his fiancée over here right now.”

Hudson got up from the ground again and grabbed Joseph by his collar. His gaze turned toward Ashton as he exclaimed, “You’re despicable!”

Ashton glared at him apathetically. “I can be even more despicable. Do you believe me?”

As they stared down at each other, Ashton was confident that he had the leverage against Hudson.

“Okay, I’ll talk! What do you want to know?” Hudson finally budged.

Ashton averted his eyes from him to glance at Joseph. “Go get Mrs. Fuller a glass of fruit juice and some pastries too while you’re at it.”

Joseph was stunned for two seconds or so before glancing at me with a perplexed look. After that, he simply nodded and went on his way.

Slumping on the ground, Hudson seemed chagrined as he looked at me and uttered, “I didn’t lay a finger on her. You guys can go and check for yourselves if you don’t believe me.”

Ashton stayed quiet as he gazed at him nonchalantly. That being said, he looked like he was able to kill someone with just his cold stare.

Hudson stopped for a while before adding on, “I only did what Ms. Fuller told me to, which was to bring Ms. Stovall to the designated hotel. As to what happened after that, I have no idea.”

The Ms. Fuller that he was referring to, was Sally Fuller.

“That’s it?” Ashton queried, with his eyes darkened.

Hudson nodded. “Yeah, that’s it. I didn’t recognize the guy waiting inside the hotel. As I was escorting Ms. Stovall into the hotel, he had his back against me. He looked like he was about six feet tall. He had this cold demeanor about him.”

Ashton remained silent. Since Joseph was nowhere to be seen, Hudson was worried that Ashton was still planning to threaten him with the lives of his parents and fiancée.

He spilled out as much as he could to deter that from happening. “Ms. Fuller gave me three hundred thousand. The money is in the Ferrari. I desperately needed the money to pay the dowry to my fiancée. I wouldn’t have done such a thing if it wasn’t for that.”

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