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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 383

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 383

The journey from Peakville Estate to the airport would usually take only around forty minutes. However, the traffic was bad due to New Year’s Eve.

Cars were crawling along the road. Looking at the Ferrari in front of me, I could not resist gaping. This must be a millionaire!Bang! The sudden hit sent me into a tizzy. I didn’t even start my car!

My car had been stationary for quite some time in the long queue. It did not make sense for it to suddenly move forward and collide into the race car in the front!

A man in sunglasses got out of the royal blue race car. The man was dashing in his custom-made outfit.

Thud! Thud! He knocked on the window of my car.

Rolling down the window, I gulped and raised my head to greet him, “Hi, I was.

The man cut me off with a stern look, “It’s my fault. I’ll be responsible for any damages done. Can you get out to check on the condition of your car?”

I was stunned for a while before getting out of the car. After taking some photos of the incident, I was about to inspect the condition of my car.

Suddenly, I was overcome by unusual dizziness. Within seconds, I could feel my eyelids becoming heavier and my energy draining off my body. Sensing something amiss, I was about to make a call. However, I sank into unconsciousness the next moment.

I understood that no one could spend the rest of their lifetime peacefully without any hiccups. However, it never came to me that there would be another massive blow awaiting me just right before the arrival of a brand New Year.

By the time I came to my senses, I was already on the hotel bed. After struggling to sit up, I discovered that my entire body was naked. My clothes were all over on the floor. I was devastated the moment I saw a used condom on the floor.

There was a sudden excruciating pain in my heart, and the extreme helplessness creeping into my mind was choking me up.

I got down from the bed hastily, yet I collapsed to the floor. I didn’t have the strength to walk!

Reaching out my hand, I grabbed the clothes scattered on the floor with great difficulty.

Bang! The door swung open abruptly. I stiffened as Ashton emerged with a grim look.

As we locked gazes, his face darkened. The profound coldness in his eyes was piercing through my heart

Gripping my clothes to cover myself, I began to tremble and quiver, “I-If I say I don’t know anything, do you believe me?”

I am telling the truth! The only thing I could remember was when I got out from my car on the highway.

Ashton looked at me with a glint of indecipherable emotions in his eyes. After what seemed like ages, he finally raised his head again and took a deep breath, obviously trying to stifle the erupting emotions within himself.

Walking calmly toward me, his voice sounded unusually low and raspy as he replied, “I believe!”

Crouching down beside me, he covered my body with his jacket silently. However, his pupils constricted when he caught a glimpse of the used condom on the floor.

At the sight of his reaction, the throbbing pain of my heart deteriorated. Tears started to trickle down my face, yet I could not utter any words.

Twitching his lips, he raised his hand to wipe off my tears. “Don’t cry. Let’s go home now!”

He lifted me and strode out of the hotel room without hesitation. When I stole a glance at him, I noticed his chiseled jawline tightened. At that very moment, there was not the least bit of warmth in his movement

The main entrance of the hotel was already crowded with reporters.

Someone had apparently set me up and deliberately dug a pit for me.


One of the reporters stepped forward but retreated due to Ashton’s intimidating stare. Nonetheless, another reporter was daring to blurt out, “Mrs. Fuller, rumor has it that you were drunk last night and had a one night stand with a stranger. Are you having any problem in your marriage with Mr. Fuller?”

That was indeed a provocative question.

Ashton’s face fell as he glared at the reporters blocking his way. “Get out of my way!”

The painful blow earlier on had turned him into a vicious predator with burning flames in his eyes. If not for the bodyguards holding him back, he might have thrown a punch on the reporters blocking his way.

After squeezing his way through the crowd, Ashton placed me gently on the car seat and instructed the driver to speed off.

Once we reached Peakville Estate, I jumped out of the car and stumbled all the way toward the villa.

Thump! Only after a while, I fell and knelt to the floor. As my knee knocked onto the ground, the stabbing pain seemed to wake me up.

Upon hearing the sound of hasty footsteps behind me, I clenched my fists with my eyes tightly


“Just leave me alone!” I growled like a trapped and injured animal in despair.

The sound of the footsteps came to a halt as Ashton froze in his steps. With gritted teeth, I supported myself up. I tried to bear with the throbbing pain and dragged myself toward the villa.

Once back to the bedroom, I locked myself in the bathroom and scrubbed my entire body frantically.

After a long moment of scrubbing, it felt like a layer of my delicate skin had been peeled off. However, I could not stop scrubbing. I was shameful and felt disgusted with myself. I did not know what I had encountered earlier!


How did I end up in the hotel room? Why did I have to go through that!Knock! Knock! Ashton was knocking on the door as he yelled anxiously, “Scarlett, come out now! Please open the door. We

can go through this together!”

Covering my ears with my hands, I slumped onto the floor. The running water from the showerhead continued to flow onto my face and my entire body. My heart ached when I heard Ashton’s voice. I really did not have the courage to face him at that moment. It looks like there is no end to my misery. I thought that I could finally lead a simple and peaceful life. Having a loving husband and an adorable baby—I’m really looking forward to a better life. Now that this has happened… What have I done wrong? It’s the New Year, yet I’m in such a piteous state!

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