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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 382

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 382

I gave up saying anything since she would turn a deaf ear to my words. Half an hour later, she served me breakfast and urged me to give it a try.

At the same time, she instructed the two nannies to clean up the house.

She turned to me again and advised, “You need to take foods that are rich in protein now as you’re breastfeeding.”

When Ashton woke up and saw the nannies, he asked quizzically, “What’s going on here?”

Cameron chimed in before I could open my mouth, “I bring them here to help take care of Summer. You two could take a breather and have a good rest yourselves.”

Ashton glanced at both of the nannies who were cleaning the house at the moment and thanked Cameron courteously, “Ms. Anderson, sorry for the trouble.”

“Not at all! Don’t mention it,” Cameron replied jubilantly as he did not turn her down.

After that, she urged Ashton to give the breakfast a try. Surprisingly, Ashton was not repulsed by Cameron at all.

Cameron stayed in the villa the whole morning. She juggled between monitoring the nannies cleaning up the house and looking after Summer in the baby room.

Ashton was busy with his work matters in the study. As I was reluctant to be together with Cameron in the baby room, I chose to stay in his study.

After quite a while, he raised his head and asked me, “You’ve been here for quite a while. Anything you want to discuss with me?”

I put down the book and asked him directly, “Do you sense that there’s something amiss about Cameron?”

He shifted his gaze from his laptop momentarily and looked at me. “Anything wrong?”

“Why did she suddenly invite us for a meal at Pear Garden. What’s more, she brought along two nannies and prepared breakfast for us! What has gotten into her? She has done so much for us. Even our own friends might not have done that!” I was really baffled.

Ashton walked toward me and crouched next to me. With smiling eyes, he asked, “You don’t like


I shook my head in response.

Holding my hand, he planted a few kisses on it and said softly, “Perhaps she’s doing all these to make it up to you?”

“Feeling guilty? If she really feels guilty, she shouldn’t have done so much to hurt me previously!”

My expression turned grim as I continued, “Ashton, I really feel uneasy with her around. Can you ask her not to appear before us again? The New Year is just around the corner. We should make time to visit Grandpa and Grandma’s grave. Not to forget about Macy as well—it’s time to bring Summer to visit her.”

He stood up and pulled me into an embrace. “You’re right. We should visit them. But it’s not appropriate for Summer to follow us to the graveyard. She’s still too young”

I nodded and asked again, “When are we going?”

“Tomorrow,” he replied briefly and lowered his head to kiss me passionately.

Coincidentally, Cameron entered the room with Summer in her arms. She smiled in embarrassment and said, “Don’t bother about me. You go ahead. I’ll bring her down for a walk.”

Ashton recollected himself and asked placidly, “Is Summer hungry?”

Cameron nodded and replied, “I made her some milk with the milk powder, yet she was reluctant to drink and kept sticking her tongue out. I guess she must be yearning for breast milk. That’s why I bring her up now.”

Ashton immediately took Summer away from her and handed her to me.

After that, he left the study with Cameron.

I had a hunch that Ashton was hiding something from me. However, it could be just me being over-sensitive.

When I walked out of the study after breastfeeding Summer, Cameron had left. Ashton was on a call in the living room. It sounded as if he was assigning Joseph some tasks.

The moment he saw me, he hastily concluded his conversation and hung up within seconds. Taking Summer away from me skillfully, he looked at me and asked, “What do you feel like eating?”

I held onto his arm and replied softly, “I’m fine with anything. You decide then.”

We had more time to ourselves ever since the nannies were here. Ashton and I no longer had to take turns waking up in the middle of the night anymore. Since Summer was in their care most of the time, Ashton cherished the time spent with Summer even more. Basically, he brought her along everywhere he went. Life seemed to be peaceful and relaxing for all of us.

Due to the stress-free lifestyle, I had put on quite some weight. As J City was located in the South, the weather would usually turn warmer towards the year-end.

On New Year’s Eve, Nick and Jackson visited us at our home. The Peakville Estate was engulfed by a lively atmosphere with the arrival of our guests.

John gave me a call, requesting me to pick him up from the airport. As Ashton was just seated beside me, I passed the phone to him and let both men communicate on the arrangement.

After hanging up the phone, Ashton said casually, “Just go, but take care alright.”

I squinted and looked at him curiously. “Be frank with me, what did he tell you? I’m surprised that you willingly let me be his chauffeur without a second thought.”

He replied with a chuckle, “Louis is with him and requested for you to go fetch him from the airport. If I accompany you there, do you think you can cope with the things at home later?”

I shook my head at once. Preparations for reunion dinners were a real challenge for me. Without hesitation, I grabbed the car key and left.

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