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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 380

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 380

It felt odd that we were here at Pear Garden for a meal.

Zachary glanced at Ashton with a smile and asked, “Mr. Fuller, the Moores’ company is facing some problems. Do you have a moment for a chat?”

Ashton did not reply to him right away but turned to look at me with pursed lips. “Go take a stroll

-it aids in digestion. I’ll be home after I’m done here. Summer can stay with me.”

I glanced at Zachary and asked Ashton, “Looks like both of you are having a discussion. Is it appropriate to bring along Summer?”

“Sure. Just go ahead!”

I had a feeling that Ashton was deliberately setting up bonding opportunities for Cameron, Zachary, and me.

So Ashton thinks that I can easily forget how they have hurt me previously?

Pear Garden’s yard was huge-exactly how Cameron had described earlier. I was mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the blooming winter roses.

“Scarlett, there are some freshly baked cookies in our kitchen. I’ll let you bring some back later,” Cameron said cheerfully as she trailed behind me.

Feeling uneasy about the change in her attitude, I pursed my lips and rejected her offer politely, “Ms. Anderson, it’s alright. I am cutting down on sugar as it is bad for health.”

She looked at me and asked warily, “Scarlett, you still loathe me because of what I’ve done earlier, don’t you?”

My brows furrowed as I responded impatiently, “Ms. Anderson, what do you want from me exactly? Stop beating around the bush! I don’t have time to play the guessing game with you.”

She shook her head at once and explained nervously, “I don’t have any bad intentions. You don’t have to worry. My heart is filled with remorse for what I’ve done previously, and I’m just trying to make it up to you.”

“You don’t have to do that. There is nothing you can do after all that you’ve done. The best is to stay away from one another.” I quickened my pace after my speech to avoid further conversations.

She caught up to me and continued, “I know that I’ve no right to beg for your mercy. I really regret what I’ve done. Scarlett, both Zachary and I really hope that you can give us a chance to make things right.”

Rebecca suddenly emerged and glared at me as she yelled, “Mom, what are you doing? Why do you need to beg her? She has caused us so much trouble!”

The next moment, she raised her arms and shoved me impetuously. There was an outdoor swimming pool right behind me, with a certain depth of water in it.

It never crossed my mind that Rebecca would get so agitated all of a sudden. I didn’t manage to duck her in time and fell backward into the pool.

It was a shallow pool. The water was freezing during winter. Being completely drenched, the coldness pierced through my body. I struggled to get out of the pool frantically.

The moment Cameron saw me fall into the pool, she yelled anxiously, “Help! Someone has dropped into the pool!”

Two bodyguards dashed out of the villa and pulled me out of the pool.

Cameron took off her coat and wrapped it around my body. Then, she instructed the bodyguards, “Send her to the bedroom at once so she can take a hot shower in the washroom.”

Next, she looked at the maid and ordered, “Boil some chicken soup for her.”

It was a chaotic scene then.

Rebecca tugged Cameron and asked furiously, “Mom, what’re you doing? You don’t have to rescue her. She deserves it. Just let her meet her end!”

“Shut up!” Cameron snapped at her in exasperation, “Why did you do that? If anything happens to her, I won’t let you off easily.”

“Mom, I’m your daughter!” Pointing at me, Rebecca shrieked hysterically, “Why are you still speaking up for her even after what she has done to hurt you?”

Cameron pushed her away and sent me to the bedroom together with the bodyguards.

I was still trembling, and my body had stiffened due to the extreme coldness. It took me a while to regain some warmth after soaking myself in the bathtub.

When I was out of the washroom, Ashton was waiting outside with Summer in his arms. There was rowdiness outside the room.

The moment he saw me, he asked with knitted brows, “Are you feeling better? How did you end up in the pool?”

“It’s my fault. I should have looked after her well.” Cameron explained to Ashton guiltily and asked me concernedly, “Scarlett, are you all right? How are you feeling now?”

I looked at her and replied coldly, “I’m fine.”

Next, I turned to ask Ashton, “Are you done with your discussion?”


He nodded and asked, “Do you want to go home now?”

I just nodded and turned to look at Summer. She was staring at me with her pair of sparkling round eyes. It really melted my heart to see her adorable face. I was about to take her from Ashton, but he moved aside swiftly.

“Let’s go home first. Don’t catch a cold.”

I nodded silently and followed him out of the bedroom. Coincidentally, a maid was holding a tray with a bowl of chicken soup. Cameron immediately advised, “Scarlett, take some chicken soup first to warm yourself up.”

Suddenly, Rebecca appeared out of nowhere and snatched the bowl of chicken soup from the maid. With a vicious look on her face, she splashed the bowl of soup at me.

Ashton was moved to shield me from her attack.

I was stupefied and looked at him worriedly. He just frowned slightly with an intimidating look.

Fortunately, Jackson was responsive and took Summer away from him at once.


He turned to look at Nick. “Bring Mr. Fuller to go for a change now. Check his back to see if it is scalded.”

Nick nodded in acknowledgment and gestured to Ashton. “Mr. Fuller, this way, please.”

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