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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 375

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 375

Ashton carried Summer in his embrace as he tiptoed out of the room. A smile tugged Jackson’s lips upwards, and he tried to stifle his laughter when he saw Ashton’s expression.

If Ashton didn’t always have a cool and stoic demeanor, I suspected that he would have burst out laughing immediately.

I was plagued with a pounding headache and had no desire to meet Cameron.

As I followed Ashton to the car, he carefully placed Summer in the back seat and strapped her in the toddler seat. After that, I made my way to the back of the car.

Jackson and Nick had already moved all of the stuff to the car. Unfortunately, Nick was forced to leave after a quick greeting because he had to hurry to his office.

Ashton started the car and exited Glenwood residential area. “I thought that you didn’t like attending dinner functions?” I asked him while on the journey.

“Didn’t you notice that Nick has been extremely busy lately?” he replied coolly as he pursed his


“Yeah, a little!” I jolted in shock before answering in response to the sudden change of topic.

“Have you figured out the reason for that?” Because of Summer’s presence in the car, his driving pace was slower than usual.

“He comes from a wealthy family and has a great fortune under his name. It doesn’t matter if Cameron controls the Harrisons’ family business as Nick is still the rightful heir of the Harrisons. He formed Harrison Credit in part of his interest in the field while sharpening his skills. Seeing as it’s the year-end now, there shouldn’t be any audit assignments. However, he seems really busy. Does he lack money? Or has he bumped into something troublesome?”

“Good analysis!” Ashton said approvingly, “It shows that you’re not that stupid.”

What is he implying?

“So, what trouble did Nick run into?” I asked again while I played with Summer.

“Have you heard about the butterfly effect?”

“Does it mean that the gentle flutter of a butterfly’s wings will ignite a storm?” I asked him quizzically.

“Yeah,” he replied. His eyes were fixated on the road ahead with unwavering focus.

Ashton added, “Cameron’s affairs do not only affect the development of her personal assets, but rather, all businesses in connection to her. This means that all businesses under the Harrisons have subsequently taken a hit as well-including Harrison Credit under Nick. That being said,

Cruise Corporation is a well-established company. Hence, they have the necessary capital to buffer the pressure during this critical period.

“However, the same can’t be said for Harrison Credit. It has been established for only two years. Sure, it has gained a good reputation and sizeable income over these two years. However, those alone would not be enough to withstand the adverse external forces. This is especially true in the case of a credit company. In fact, many big companies have terminated their contract with Harrison Credit.”

I was stunned at Ashton’s explanation. With a furrowed brows, I asked, “Before the year ends, Nick needs to find a few companies to work with to keep his company afloat?”

“Yup!” He nodded in confirmation.

“Is Fuller Corporation not working with him anymore?” At that moment, Summer raised her chubby fingers to wind them around my hand. Curiously, she peered around her surroundings with a bright, round gaze.

“Nope, the contract signed between Fuller Corporation and him last year only includes the branch in J City. This year, I moved the head office to K City. By comparison, our capital has been reduced by half.”

“Isn’t there still Quinn Corporation?”

As the car entered Peakville Estate, he pursed his lips in deep thought. “Quinn Corporation is in a similar situation. Have you forgotten? Quinn Corporation has assigned the job to AC Credit.”

Right! I was once kidnapped by Savini because of that.

I couldn’t help but frown at the thought of that unpleasant memory.

It was already noon when we reached the villa. “You should go check on her. I’ll move the stuff back,” Ashton said after he carried Summer to the baby room.

I nodded in agreement. After a few steps, I turned to look at him again. “Ashton, I’m hungry.”

Having not eaten anything since morning, I began to feel the effects of skipping breakfast right then. I didn’t eat either when I was at Jackson’s earlier.

Ashton raised his head before he burst out laughing. “Are you blaming me? What happened to the egg that I gave you this morning?”

“I left it at Jackson’s house!” I pouted with a jut of my bottom lip as I looked at him with a helpless gaze.

Ashton chortled at my pleading expression. “What do you want to eat? I’ll cook it for you later,” he asked.

“Anything is fine!” I replied with a large grin painted across my face as I watched him unload the stuff from the back of the car. “Ashton, you look like the perfect househusband right now!” I

teased him with a giggle.

“Come and shut the car door,” he instructed as he glanced over to me.

I nodded and made my way towards him. After I shut the door, I trailed behind him back to the villa. “If you could breastfeed and have a child of your own, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you remain unmarried. Right?”

“What are you trying to say?” Ashton turned around and asked with a pinch of his brows.

“I’m trying to praise you!”

“You should reward me in a more practical way!” Ashton retorted as he placed the stuff in the baby room.

Without hesitation, I sidled closer and tiptoed to raise myself before planting a delicate kiss on Ashton’s cheek. “Is this good enough?” I asked cheekily.

His eyes darkened as I stepped away. “I’ll settle the scores with you tonight,” he said.

Summer was an obedient child. She would not make a fuss as long as she was well fed and had enough sleep, staying quietly where she was, watching her surroundings. Occasionally, she would reach out to grab items that piqued her interest.

Meanwhile, Ashton was busy in the kitchen. He had left his phone in the baby room after moving the stuff.

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