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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 374

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 374

“I won’t!” I pouted.

The light turned green. “Last night wasn’t enough for you?” Ashton asked as he eyed the way I fiddled absentmindedly with the eggs.

I was taken aback for an instant. It slowly dawned on me as I looked down at the eggs in my hand.

“Ashton, what kind of crap do you have in your brain!” I yelled, furious. There he is spewing all sorts of rubbish!

He smiled devilishly again. “Watch your tongue!”

Ugh, I’m sick of him.

He became serious when I ignored him again. “Why don’t you want to go to the hospital?”

“It wouldn’t fix anything even if I went,” I said sullenly. The past few trips had been in vain; this was not something that could be fixed with prescription drugs. Every session was just a chat with the psychologist, which yielded nothing in my opinion.

He looked down and didn’t speak again. As the car pulled up to Glenwood, he parked outside of the block.

He got down and turned to look at me. “Would you like me to carry you?”

I shook my head and followed him.

We called ahead and asked Jackson to pack Summer’s things. When we showed up at the door, he gave us an update. “These couple of days she has been falling asleep rather late. She’s not used to her new surroundings, I think.”

I nodded. “Where is Summer?”

“She’s in her room. Nick is feeding her with the formula.”

I went in and felt startled. Nick was there in a suit of black; he looked dashing. He appeared to be ready to leave for work.

“I’ve fed her, she won’t be crying for a while,” he said as he caught sight of me.

“Let me!” I said as I took the bottle from him. “Please look around for any of her belongings that we might have missed out on.”

He nodded. As he was about to leave the room, I asked him to shut the door.

“What’s wrong?” He frowned.

Before I could answer, Ashton swooped in from behind. “She wants to breastfeed. Are you planning to watch?”


Nick flushed red and left without a word. However, Jackson voiced his surprise. “You’ve only had the herbal remedy twice! Have you been massaging and…”

His voice trailed off. He looked at me and Ashton as sudden comprehension dawned on his face.

“D*mn, I’m overstepping my bounds,” he said sheepishly as he closed the door behind him.

I glared at Ashton in spite of myself, blushing like the setting sun. He’s horrible.

“You too, get out!”

“I’ll be here to guard you.”

“Get out!” I repeated, staring fiercely at him.

Ashton ignored me and helped himself to the seat on the balcony. He browsed his phone.

I… He is so thick skinned.

Without much energy left to deal with him, I turned away from him and lifted Summer. I foresaw this scenario earlier that day and dressed conveniently for it.

I had the notion that Summer wouldn’t know how to suckle as she had never done it before, but I was worried for nothing. The little thing latched on and suckled away joyfully, as though she had known how to all along. I sighed with relief.

After a while, Ashton stood intrusively at my side, casting a long shadow over me and Summer.

I looked up and found him staring down at me. I turned away from him instinctively. If Summer weren’t here, I would have berated and cursed at him.

I willed myself not to. “Ashton, please have some sense of shame,” I said through gritted teeth.

“It pleases me to watch my wife,” he replied coolly.

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After Summer had finished, Ashton carried her out of the room. Jackson watched him with amusement “Mr. Fuller looks like a paraplegic when he’s carrying the child.”

I shot Ashton a look. Strapping tall at six feet but hunched in half as he carried Summer carefully like she was a grenade. Each step was taken with measured caution; his body looked awfully stiff from doing this.

I struggled not to laugh at the sight. Nick turned to me and said, “Summer doesn’t have much. Jackson and I will send them over afterward. She usually cries at night from hunger. Try to let her sleep by your side for a night or two, you can just reach over and feed her easily.”

I nodded with gratitude. “Come to Peakville to spend New Year’s Eve with us. It’s rare that all of us are at J City together.”

Nick looked at Jackson and read his mind.



Jackson nodded. “Yes, why not. I’m not returning to K City anyway. It would be nice to spend Summer’s first New Year with her.”

Nick nodded in agreement

ENTIT send you the address and time afterward

nother reminded me many times: if it’s not convenient for you at night, bring Summer along.”


I was taken aback, forcefully reminded of Cameron’s invitation.

“It’s not safe to bring Summer,” I blurted. “I won’t be going tonight, you guys go ahead.”

Nick turned to Ashton with a meaningful look in his eye. “Mr. Fuller, are you coming?”

I thought that Ashton would adhere to his habit and decline. It surprised me when he said, “Yes, I’ll be there.”

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