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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 371

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 371

He said it as a matter of fact, and it slowly dawned on him how inappropriate it sounded. Jackson glanced embarrassingly at Ashton and promptly left the room.

“It’s not good to take so much of that, you know.” Ashton said.

I grunted in agreement, as my gaze fell on Summer. “I want to visit the hospital in a while.”

“I’ll accompany you.” Ashton volunteered.

I wanted to reject, but Summer chose that moment to wake up and cry loudly.

I wasn’t good with comforting infants and did not dare lift her up, so I scrambled out to fetch Jackson.

He was in the kitchen. He did not know how to cook so he employed a housekeeper. He heard Summer too and was on his way over.

“She must be hungry,” Jackson said as he grabbed the milk bottles.

I followed close behind. He suddenly stopped in his tracks and I ran right into him.

“Jackson, you…” I clutched my nose which seemed to have received most of the force from the collision. He and I were both stunned.

When we returned, we found Summer already in Ashton’s arms, tiny and frail like a newborn.

Summer stopped crying. She stared adoringly up at Ashton with her large unblinking eyes.

Jackson was surprised. He strode over and gave the bottle to Ashton. “She should be hungry, try feeding her,” Jackson said as he let out a cough.

Ashton sat down and coaxed the bottle to Summer’s lips with tenderness.

Usually cold and haughty, he couldn’t have been more different than when he sat there with the baby in his arms. I was at a loss for words, and thought privately to myself at how very sweet and lovely it was, but also pretty funny.

Jackson had no words to spare and promptly exited the room.

I walked over to Ashton’s side and watched Summer drink vigorously, with her eyes still latched onto him. “When did you learn to feed babies?” I asked him.

And such a small one at that.

He looked up at me. “When you were pregnant,” he said simply.

“When was that?” I was completely clueless.



He pursed his lips but did not speak. He said as he gazed back down at Summer, “Let’s take her back to Peakville Estate, Jackson and Nick have their hands full with their own affairs. We can’t burden them with her.”

I was taken aback, for I had not considered that. For a moment I did not know what to say

He sighed at my silence. “At Peakville Estate, you would have plenty of time and help, as I would be hiring a couple of housekeepers. You would be able to calm your thoughts and spend time with the child too. When Mrs. Eriksen comes back next year, she would be there to help you, as she has plenty of experience with young children.”

He looked me in the eye. “Would you agree to that?” he asked seriously.

I nodded without realizing it. When I had regained my wits, I shook my head. “I need to ask Jackson and Nick. They have been caring for the child for so long, I couldn’t just leave with her They’ve grown attached too; I need to consider their feelings on the matter.”

Ashton nodded but didn’t object.

Nick came home for lunch at noon. He brought over some fruits as well. At the dining table, I noticed that he looked vastly different from the time I first met him,

Back then, he was a carefree and boisterous fellow from a rich family with no thoughts about the future. In the span of six months, he became more reticent and considerate, as he spent most of his time caring for other people besides himself.

He noticed that I was studying him. “What is it?” he asked.

“Are you going back for the new year?” The Harrisons were not a powerful family, but they owned a lot of property. Cameron, his mother, was responsible for expanding the family wealth. Though she had an heir, Cameron never considered for him to inherit the wealth.

Nick tidied up the cutlery and froze slightly at my question. “Go back where?” he asked sullenly.

I was embarrassed and did not know how to respond.

The rest joined us at the dining table. Nick turned to Ashton. “You two should bring Summer to the Registration Office and register her,” he said.

I couldn’t help looking at Ashton to see how he would respond to that.

“Jackson and I have no business officially raising her,” Nick said placidly. “You two are a legally married couple. It’s easier for you to follow along with the procedures to adopt her.”

Jackson was startled, but at Nick’s words, he fell into thought.

Ashton grunted in approval and cast his eyes on Summer. “I’ll deal with this as quickly as I can,” he assured Nick.

Nick nodded. “My mother would like to invite all of you for a meal,” he informed after a pause.


I was startled. “All of us?”

Rebecca was her daughter. Though it was a while ago, the fact that I’d hurt her and made her famous for the wrong reasons remained vividly on everyone’s minds. Cameron was willing to invite me for a meal after all that?

Nick nodded. “You and Ashton as well.”

I glanced at Ashton instinctively. He nodded his consent as well.

After lunch, we parted ways. Nick made his way back to the office while Ashton and I took Summer for registration.

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