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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 356

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 356

Besides wearing a long dress, I was in super high heels which I rarely find myself in, so I found it hard to balance.

In addition, the man had shifted most of his weight on me, and to support a grown-ass man while walking in heels proved to be a challenge.

However, it was too late to go back on my decision. Since the driver had left, I could only grit my teeth as I supported him into the house, and we still had to walk past the garden to the bedroom.

That was the first time I realized big houses weren’t really ideal under some circumstances. Stopping in my tracks, I asked, “Ashton, can you walk?”

He frowned and gazed at me with his dark eyes. “What do you think?”

I…Well… One will always pay the price for one’s action.

Slowly but surely, we finally reached the bedroom. Having used up all my strength, I didn’t feel right and the first thing I wanted to do after placing him on the bed was to change into a more comfortable outfit.

However, I was too quick on my movements that I stepped on my dress when I was getting up from the bed.

The tube-top dress didn’t have any straps to support it on my body, so the heavy dress slid down, and I was exposed, wearing only my flesh-colored underwear and the nipple tapes.

Wearing the nipple tapes made no difference to being naked. Ashton looked at me while he snickered, “You’re so eager today.”

Pursing my lips, I ignored his words and went to the wardrobe to change into some casual wear. When I came out, Ashton was nowhere to be found, while the sound of water could be heard coming from the washroom.

Too many things had happened today. Feeling exhausted, I went to the study and switched on the television. Reading the news headline, it was exactly as I had expected. Those videos of Cameron were leaked to the public.

To my surprise, the Moore family had the power to suppress the news from getting out of hand, but they did nothing.

Even Cameron sat by and did nothing. It felt like she was deliberately giving me a chance.

Seeing how it was rather late at night, I gave up on the thought of calling Jackson.

After resting for a while, I went back to the bedroom, Ashton was still in the washroom.

This shouldn’t be, as he was one of those who showered fairly quickly and always get himself clean under ten minutes. I’ve stayed at the study for a while, so he should be out by now.

With worry in my heart, I headed toward the washroom and knocked on the door. “Ashton, are you in there?”

No response.

I grew restless and turned the doorknob. To my surprise, the door actually opened.

Opening the door slightly, the warm and moist steam came out from the washroom with the scent of shampoo. I said, “Ashton…”

Before I could finish my sentence, my view was blocked by his lower abdomen. Lifting my head subconsciously, I saw his firm and sexy abs.

He was retracting his hand from the door, and it seemed he was here to open the door.

I froze for a bit and asked awkwardly, “Are you done?”

The man hummed a reply. He was just done bathing and looked really attractive with his wet hair.

I moved away from the entrance while he exited the washroom with a towel wrapping on his lower body and wiped his hair.

How can he be so cool even when he’s sick?He’s good. I’ll give him that.

My makeup was rather heavy that day, and I wanted to get them off my face. Entering the washroom, I removed my makeup and washed up before entering the shower.

I tossed my clothes into the washing machine in the washroom, while Ashton’s suit was way too delicate, so it was better to leave it to the professionals.

Noticing Ashton’s blue undergarments were left in the laundry basket, I washed them in the sink.

He would wash his inner garments every time while his other limited edition clothing was cleaned by the professionals. And sometimes, he would just throw them into the washing machine and let the machine do its work.

It had been three years since I was married to him, and I didn’t really help in washing his clothes. Now that I think of it, he was following my will on everything except things related to Rebecca.

When I was lost in a daze, he opened the washroom door suddenly. Looking at the blue garment in my hands, he was slow to react and spoke indifferently soon after. “You left a hole in it.”

I was stunned and turned to look at the blue in my hands subconsciously. Realizing that he was just bluffing, my cheeks blushed in embarrassment. “Well, it’s better to leave the laundry basket empty, no?”

Pursing his lips, his dark eyes were implying something, but he said nothing and entered the washroom. He took the wristwatch from the cabinet and wore an indifferent expression all the time.

After looking at the garment in my hands, he left.

1…We are a married couple, but why does this feel so awkward?

When I dried the underwear and came out from the washroom, Jared was there. Ashton sat on the chaise lounge and cooperated with the former for a body checkup.

Jared had mastered both medicine and traditional acupuncture, so he liked to use both of the techniques when he was treating his patients.

When he saw me coming out from the washroom, he retracted his hand and took out a bottle of medicine from his bag. “If you don’t wish to die, please take your meds on time. She’s back, so

stop being suicidal…

He swallowed his words when Ashton glared at him coldly.

Jared let out a sigh and packed his bag. I followed him downstairs when he was about to leave, as there was something I had been wishing to tell him.

Walking to the door, he noticed I was following behind him, so he turned around and raised a brow. “Is there anything else?”

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