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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 354

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 354

He glanced at me and uttered in a low voice, “Girl, now that you are the legitimate daughter of the Stovall family, you should call me uncle!”

I was stunned and said, “Uncle Zachery.”

He looked at me with an unpredictable gaze. “Girl, I know you still hold a grudge against Cam. But Louis had specially prepared this banquet for you today. You shouldn’t ruin it!”

I held onto the tall glass in my hands, and my face turned pale. So they knew about it?

I raised my eyes to look at him. I shrugged my shoulders and said nonchalantly, “As Uncle Zachery had mentioned, this is my own banquet. I can decide how I want it to be. No matter what, as long as I meet my goal, it would have achieved its purpose.”

Cameron looked at me with a sigh. “Nevermind. This is karma, Zachary!”

Looking at their unusual attitude, I couldn’t comprehend what was happening at the moment!

Was it because I became the daughter of the Stovall family, so they became hesitant and were treating me differently?

John stood beside me and was silent all along. He saw me frowning and went quiet. He said calmly, “What are you thinking?”

I shook my head and looked up subconsciously towards the people who were prepared on the second floor.

John saw my hesitation and said, “Actually, this is for the best. At least it’s not worse off.”


The child and Macy had died. Rebecca only suffered from some injuries, but the rest had left my world forever. I couldn’t get them back anymore even if I tried.

That thought alone had made me calm. The people on the second floor nodded. There was a huge projection screen on the stage of the hotel lobby.

Two minutes later, the scenes on the screen had attracted the guests of the banquet. The Moore family had stood on top of K City for years. And Cameron’s fame was on par with the Moore family due to her success over the years.

Gasps were coming from the guests every time she appeared in the video.


I didn’t look at the sereen since I wasn’t interested in what was playing. I was only interested in Cameron’s reaction when she watched these scenes.

But she didn’t seem as devastated as I thought she would be. Instead, she seemed to have

prepared beforehand and leaned closely against Zachary’s embrace.

My brain was buzzing. In the noisy crowd, Zachary looked at me with an indecipherable look. It wasn’t filled with rage, neither was it bloodthirsty, but sympathy.

I saw him held onto Cameron and left in the crowd. But I didn’t feel any pleasure. I knew that after today, Cameron’s reputation was going to be in tatters.

My goal seemed to have been achieved!

The video playing on the screen was stopped after Cameron and Zachary left. The lobby was filled with whispers about Cameron’s sordidness in contempt.

The banquet had concluded. Louis and John hurriedly sent off the guests.

I stood in the lobby, feeling lost.

Joe came into my sight expressionlessly. “Let’s have a chat?”

I averted my unfocused eyes. My heart was feeling heavy. “What is there to chat about?”

He sat on the chair beside me and raised his brows before he spoke. “You did it?”


I didn’t plan to hide. Nobody would have dared to interfere with the Stovall family’s banquet unless he was from the family.

He sneered. As if he had already known, he looked at me with a sarcastic look. “I thought you would at least be relieved when you wounded Rebecca. You already have a prominent family and Ashton who solely cares for you. She was just a child, do you really have to go this far?”

I pursed my lips. Feeling tired after standing, I sat down casually on the chair beside me and said tiredly, “So now that I have everything I should have pretended that the injuries that I had suffered never existed?”

He furrowed his brows. “Scarlett, have you thought of why did the Stovall family acquiesce to this and the Moore family had allowed this to happen? By only relying on John’s meddling?”

I raised my brows. “If not?”

He sneered, finding this ridiculous. “Do you think everyone would fall for your tricks like an idiot? Who is Zachary? He is someone who had been walking on dead bodies in the seventies. Do you think he would let you step all over his wife without taking any actions?”

“What are you trying to say?” I said, feeling calm.

He sneered disdainfully, “I want to let you know that a brainless, cold blooded, and idiotic woman like you should stop now. Please refrain from everything else and live your life in peace.”

He paused for a moment and continued in a sulky manner. “Also, Ashton is sick. Even if you guys fought, you shouldn’t go so far. He is your husband, so you should at least look out for him.”

It was obvious he was angry but helpless at the same time.

After watching him left, I daydreamed on the chair for a while before standing up.

The guests had already left the lobby. John looked at me and said, “Are you going back to the Stovall’s tonight or, would you like me to send you back?”

To Ashton’s side…

After giving some thought, I said, “I’ll take a taxi back by myself!”

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