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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 353

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 353

I laughed, “Mr. Stovall, why don’t you do it yourself?” How is this sexy? It’s not showing anything.

He chuckled and looked at both of them. “Anyways, she has to be the prettiest out of all today. But she can’t look too sexy or exposing. Understood?”

Both of them looked at each other and nodded simultaneously.

After struggling for a while, John was finally satisfied before we rushed to the banquet.

The Stovall family chose a private resort located in the South District. It was spacious and bustling.


When John and I arrived, most of the guests had arrived as well. Louis and several elders of the Stovall family were greeting the guests at the entrance of the hotel lobby.

As many people were invited, some of the reporters and the media came from their own company. There were also many securities and staff guarding at the entrance.

As soon as John and I alighted, Louis spotted us and waved to us with a smile. “Letty, Jo. Over here!”

John held me as my gown was changed to a long tail dress. The hemline dragged especially long, and the heels were high too. I was walking slowly, and John slowed down to wait for me.

Louis was in great good. He saw that we were walking slowly and jogged to us. A smile appeared on his handsome face. “My daughter is beautiful. You look the most dazzling among all.”

John clicked his tongue and smiled. “Of course! A handsome man and a beautiful woman, of course, we would be eye-catching.”

Louis chuckled, “You really had to go over the top.”

A wave of laughter immediately filled the air.

When I was escorted to the banquet, many guests came to greet me. Most of them were distinguished families from K City. The majority of the guests who were invited today were politicians. After all, Louis was a politician as well. His social circle comprises mainly prominent politicians.

There were some scholarly families of a hundred years of history as well. After all, I attended a few banquets and events after marrying Ashton, although they were mostly business in nature.

When most of the guests had arrived, a long red rug was placed in the middle of the hotel lobby, reaching all the way to the stage at the end of the hotel.

Ashton was slightly late. The man was handsome, and his demeanor was dignified. He could be easily spotted among the crowd.

We locked gazes. I looked away lightly without any reaction.

Instead, John, who was beside me frowned. “Did you guys fought?”

I pursed my lips and changed the topic. “Has the Moore family arrived?”

“Yup! They should be here,” he said. His gaze fell upon Ashton as he scrutinized him.

After all, K City and J City were completely different places in the South and North. Many of their customs differ from each other.

In the South, one had to host a memorial ceremony for the ancestors to join the family. But this seemed to differ in the North.

After a long speech by the emcee, Louis brought me to the stage for a bow, and that was it.

Louis gifted me an exquisite sandalwood box and said, “This was Moira’s favorite pair of imperial jade bangle bracelets when she was still around. She always said that if she had a daughter in the future, she would give this bracelet to her.”

Tears filled his stoic expression. I took it and gave him three deep bows and said, “Dad!”

Tears filled up in Louis’s eyes. He helped me up and brought me to introduce me to everyone.

A poor girl was adopted by a well-known person and hosted an extravagant banquet. Rumors and gossips would probably circulate.

Luckily, John had been here with me all along.

“Have the reporters and the media arrived?” I held onto a glass of champagne, and my gaze fell upon the couple of the Moore family, who were speaking with someone not far from me.

Cameron seemed to love body-hugging gowns. She was dressed in a tight-fitted dark green floral printed gown, looking elegant and noble.

Rebecca was nowhere to be seen, probably still in the hospital.

John also saw the Moore couple and nudged me. “They’re already here!”

I smiled and nodded. Holding the glass of champagne, I walked towards the Moore couple and smiled. “Mr. Moore, Ms. Anderson, welcome!”

Cameron and Zachary looked towards me simultaneously and were stunned slightly. Cameron spoke up first, “Scarlett, you’re looking gorgeous!”

I gave a generous smile, “Thank you for your kind compliments, Ms. Anderson. I don’t see Ms. Larson around, is she still hospitalized?”.

Cameron was stunned and smiled. “She’s discharged. Since her body is weak, Zachary and I had sent her back to J City for rehabilitation. The weather there is nice and suitable for her health.”

Rebecca was sent alone to J City for rehabilitation? I subconsciously frowned. Rebecca only had Ashton and the others to depend on in J City. Now that they were in K City, but she was sent alone to J City. Is this appropriate?But I shouldn’t worry about this. It only took a second and I smiled. “Ms. Anderson and Mr. Moore, you are so kind to your daughter!”

Both of them looked at me and smiled with a complicated expression. That kind of surprised me.

If this was the past, Cameron would definitely fight back with her words since I hurt Rebecca. But now she was quiet.

“K City is known for their opera. Since Mr. Moore had been living here for a long time, how do you enjoy the operas?” I looked towards Zachary and smiled.

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