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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 338

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 338

I felt a little confused. No evidence? Rebecca was right-my fingerprints were on the fruit knife itself, and any forensics department worth their salt would know immediately that I was the perpetrator.

I couldn’t help but suspect that Ashton was hiding something from me. “Did you have something to do with Mrs. Eriksen’s sudden appearance yesterday?”

It was quite obvious that Mrs. Eriksen hadn’t thought of those words by herself. Ashton must have coached her on it beforehand.

He paused before replying, “You want me to watch my wife get shipped off to jail? I have no wish to live as a widower for the next few years.”

I felt rather speechless.

This man had very strange ways of thinking. I didn’t quite know how to respond to him.

I decided it would be better for me to keep my mouth shut.

The new year was just around the corner. Ashton was going to take me back to J City after concluding the company’s new year meeting. However, now that he was injured, it would be very inconvenient for him to move anywhere.

He had handed over the meeting arrangements to Jared and Joe. Since I had already left Fuller Corporation, none of this was my business anymore.

As for the matter with Fuller Corporation, the Stovall family had contacted me through John before I even had a chance to ask them about it. Louis had finally announced when he was going to enter my name into the family register.

He ordered me make preparations, and to return to the Stovall Residence two days before to get used to the surroundings. Louis had decided to make it a grand occasion, and he had invited lots of guests to the ceremony.


Knowing that Louis had my best interests at heart, I agreed to obey his instructions and told John about the matter with Rebecca.

He was so shocked that he didn’t speak for a few seconds. “Didn’t Rebecca or the Moore family take any action against you?”

I shook my head. “Well, Rebecca insists that I should pay with my own life, and Ashton got injured because of this incident. However, the Moore couple has been behaving very strangely indeed-their attitude towards me changed drastically, and they refused to investigate this matter anymore. Even this seems rather ludicrous to me.”

John thought for a few moments. “Why did they stop investigating the matter?”

“Probably because they didn’t want the matter to blow up. After all, Rebecca was the one who ran over to our house to cause a scene. If word got out that the precious daughter of the Moore family was a married man’s mistress, and that she had kicked up a fuss at his house, it’ll only bring shame on them.”

That was the only reason I could think of. Every other possibility seemed rather improbable to me.

John nodded and replied, “In the future, stay away from members of the Moore family. Oh, right, I have hired a costume designer for you. Come with me when you’re free-we need to get you a few gowns. There will be lots of new year parties and banquets for you to attend recently, and as the daughter of the Stovall family, you should look good at those events so you don’t embarrass us.”

I pouted, feeling a little worried about the cost. “One gown is already going to cost tens of thousands! Some of them even cost six figures. Do you know what a waste of money it is to buy a dress that you’ll only wear once or twice in your life?”

John looked rather amused. “Nobody asked you to foot the bill. What are you so anxious about? Besides, gowns are a necessity. Ashton has already bought a few pieces of jewelry for you-make sure you learn how to wear them properly! Don’t you dare show up at a dinner party looking like a nun, like you always do.”

This man had a poisonous tongue!

Too lazy to argue with him, I thought for a while and said, “Did Uncle Louis invite the Moore family to the ceremony?”

John nodded and replied, “There are only so many elite families in K City. I think I could count them off on my fingers! As I see it, Uncle Louis will probably invite all of them. Are you avoiding them or something?”

“No!” I shook my head vehemently. After pondering for a bit, I said, “Well, it’s not like I’m avoiding them or anything. I was just thinking that I should find a way to compensate Rebecca somehow.”

Truthfully, I hated Cameron before this. After I injured Rebecca, however, my attitude towards her had softened a lot, possibly because of her daughter’s relationship with Ashton.

I didn’t want to keep fighting with Rebecca like this. We still had to see each other for a long time. If I continued to battle it out with the Moore family, I would never enjoy a day of peace in my life.

John fell silent before saying, “That’s your decision to make. But since Rebecca has already been injured, Letty, you…”

“Oh, I’ll think about it!” I hung up the phone immediately, feeling a little impatient.

It was a very gloomy day outside. I was still spacing out when Stacey called me.

When I picked up the call, I could hear the noise in the background immediately. “Ms. Stovall, will you be coming back to J City to celebrate the new year with us?”

“I’m not sure about that yet,” I replied. “I’ll ask Ashton about it later. Is there something wrong?” I did a quick calculation in my head and realized that there were only two weeks left to the new year.

Most of the office workers were on holiday. I continued, “Are you back in J City?”

Stacey nodded her head and said enthusiastically, “Yes, I arrived a few days ago. I thought you were going to come back too, so I went out and bought some items for the new year party. I even bumped into Mr. Harrison! He was walking around with a handsome man and a baby boy. I haven’t seen him in a long while, and he seems to have changed quite a bit.”

I didn’t know which Mr. Harrison she was referring to. “Mr. Harrison?”

Stacey replied cheerfully, “Yes, that young president of Harrison Credit, Nick Harrison! He’s Cameron’s son.”

That jolted me out of my daze immediately. So she was talking about Nick! I hadn’t seen him in over six months.

I replied, “Yes, it’s been a long time since I last contacted him. I wonder how he’s been doing.”

“Right? You know, when I saw that man and that baby with him, I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s gay. He seemed to be very close to the man, and the baby was probably no older than three months. He’s the most adorable creature I’ve ever seen.”

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