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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 318

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 318

Even so, when Ashton was lying beside me and hugging me, I could feel his kiss getting more passionate. Obviously, he had been holding it in for a while.

I tried to back off, but I was already on the edge of the bed. Moving more would make me fall, so I pushed him, but he held my hand. I frowned when I noticed his hand was coming up my shoulder. “Ashton..”

“Be good. Don’t be scared.”

I held his hand down. “Sorry, but I can’t.”

He smiled and kissed me more before trying to lure me into it. “It’ll be fine. We can take it slow.”

Realizing that he must have misunderstood me, I was speechless for a moment. Nonetheless, he noticed it a short while later. He looked at me, surprised. “When did this happen?”

“Tonight.” It took all I had to say that.

He went out of the bedroom, leaving me alone in the bed, not knowing what to do. Before I realized it, he had come back with a bowl of ginger carrot soup and a bowl of chicken soup. That surprised me.

“Mrs. Eriksen made some chicken soup for you. Have it before you sleep,” he cooed as he tried to feed me.

I didn’t like sweet stuff, so two mouthfuls were all I could handle. He then said, “Finish the chicken.”

I frowned. “I brushed my teeth, so no.”

“I’ll just take you to the bathroom later. Finish this and go to sleep.” He pressed on, allowing no refusals. We had been living together for years, and I knew I would be on the losing side if I kept

1 the end, I resolved myself to finish it.

My whole body felt heavy, for I hadn’t recovered from the miscarriage, and it was my special day

of the month. I had a good night’s sleep the first night, but because of the lack of blood, I felt


Ashton had a lot of business to settle, and the annual general meeting was coming up, so he told Mrs. Eriksen to take care of me. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t, so I scrolled through my phone. A moment later, it rang.

I took the call. “Hello, Mr. Tuffin.”

Savini was a shrewd man. The moment I talked to him, he laughed. “Did you sleep well last night, Ms. Stovall? Do I have the honor to treat you to lunch?”

“Sure, Mr. Tuffin.”

“Thank you for giving me the honor, Ms. Stovall.”

After I hung up, Stacey called me before I could get out of bed. “So? Did Savini set up a meeting with you?” She cut to the chase as expected.

I nodded. “Yep, news does travels fast to you, huh?”

She smiled. “I just overheard something this morning. Hector’s been detained, and they have evidence of his illegal earning of hundreds of millions. This is a serious crime. I reckoned he’s going to stay behind bars for a long, long time.

“But Savini seems to have disappeared. He probably caught wind of the news. He’s already gone when the police went to his house, so I thought he might have contacted you.”

Her deduction piqued my curiosity. “How are you so sure he’d contact me?”

She found my question amusing. “After the incident with Felix, he should have guessed that you were behind it, but he hesitated for too long, and this is what happened. If he contacted you earlier, maybe Cameron would have been the wanted one here, not him.”

That was true. Louis was in charge of the political side of things. Even if Savini were to be convicted, he would not have it worse than Hector. If he had come to me earlier, he might have had the chance to redeem himself.

“What about the Moores then?” I asked.

She answered, “Rumors have it that Emery, the youngest daughter of the Moores, have returned. Jonathan is blessed with her when he was sixty. He spoils her, and she’s one little devil. She’s hotheaded, stubborn, and hard to handle. She seems to dislike Cameron and Rebecca, so she kept tripping them up ever since she came back.”

I smiled and got out of bed. “Sounds like Cameron’s getting busy.”

Stacey smiled. “Now that Hector’s arrested, she’d probably get caught if she so much as to make a slight misstep. So, what’s your plan in dealing with Hector’s wife? Should be easy to get something from her.”

“I haven’t thought about that for now.” I looked at the time. “But since Savini came to me, that makes things easier. Hector’s wife should be no problem to handle.”

“I see. I’ll let you handle it then.” I nodded. When I was about to hang up, she added, “Oh, right. I almost forgot to tell you this.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about Jared. There’s nothing going on with the Fullers now, right?” she asked. “The matter with the hospital hasn’t been settled yet, but something else broke out in J City and is making the rounds. It’s about a land Fuller Corporation is developing. It’s only two months since then, and

they found the bodies of the residents’ children buried there. Not just one too. At this rate, the whole corporation’s going to be forced to a halt.”

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