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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 298

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 298

I nodded. Somehow, I was perplexed about it.

After that, she smiled and said, “Go upstairs and pack up your stuff in a bit, then we will leave for the White residence. Fortunately, it’s not snowing too heavily today and the roads have been cleaned. If we were to wait for a few days more, I’m afraid the snow would be heavier and they might even block some roads.”

I was taken aback. “Do I have to move today?”

She nodded. “Yes, it would be more convenient that way. I’ll give Ashton a call later and inform him about this. The White residence is pretty well-equipped so you just need to bring some clothes and shoes. I’ll let the butler know that you’re going over as well. He’ll get everything prepared according to your preference.”

I shook my head. “There’s no need for that. I’m just staying there for a few days and wouldn’t be needing much stuff anyways. Furthermore, it’s near to home, I can come back and grab whatever I need then.”

She smiled and shifted her gaze to Mrs. Eriksen who was standing on one side. “Mrs. Eriksen, do pack up as well. We will be leaving in a short while. Have a look and see what Letty might need. Please help her pack up.”

Mrs. Eriksen was stunned and she looked at me. “It’s just nearby, what’s the matter? It wouldn’t be much of a hassle to travel back and forth. Why do we have to move?”

“It’s more convenient to stay there. Going back and forth at night is simply too troublesome. So just bring along whatever that’s necessary.”

Mrs. Eriksen said little and went upstairs to pack up.

Initially, I thought it was a last-minute plan. To my surprise, I noticed Sally had brought two drivers when I arrived at the entrance. I was dumbfounded.

“I thought that I should be well prepared since it’s been snowing heavily, that’s why I had everything arranged.” She explained instantly after seeing my shock.

I remained quiet since it was impossible for me to take back my words and refuse to go with her.

The White residence.

Because of the snow, the scenic view from the White’s villa became even more breathtaking.

There were quite a few winter roses planted in the family’s courtyard. With a bed full of pink roses accompanied by the snow, the view was extremely magnificent.

Along the snow-covered pebbles, there was a path that led directly to the villa’s entrance.

Upon entering the villa, I could see Benjamin’s memorial tablet was placed in the living room. The villa that was once glorious and lively was now awfully quiet.

Meanwhile, a few servants were busy cleaning up the courtyard and Sally had one servant brought me to the room that was on the second floor.

As I was admiring the snowy view from the living room balcony, I suddenly thought that new year was just around the corner.

This year had passed rather quickly.

“Did she ask you to come over?” I heard an icy voice coming from behind.

I turned around and saw Marcus. He seemed to have lost more weight since the last ! saw him. His face was thin and sullen, accompanied by a pair of darkened eyes which looked icier than the snow outside.

I grabbed onto my coat instantaneously and asked him, “How have you been?”

He took a glance at me while he motioned towards the black sofa in the living room and sat down on it. “Not too good. What about you? Did Ashton agree with Sally bringing you over here?”

He lit up a cigarette and took a few puffs. His face remained darkened.

I walked towards the sofa and sat down, while facing him from across the room. “It’s just for a few days. He’s been busy with work and didn’t have the time for me as well Since you have a lot to handle, I’ll be more than happy to help.”

He curled his lips sarcastically. “You might be of help to Sally indeed.”

I couldn’t help but feel that his current tone was strange. I purned my lips and askei. “How’s everything going with Sharon’s funeral?”

Since Sharon and Benjamin had divorced, the Baumaus were in charge of the


“It’s quite well!” He massaged his brows.

It was normal for him to lose sleep after what had happened recently. Upon noticing he wasn’t interested in continuing the conversation, I kept quiet. Since Sally had gone to the company for some work matters, I had little to do in the White residence.

Not long after, I heard Marcus’ heavy breathing. It seemed like he had fallen asleep.

I got up, grabbed a blanket, and placed it over him. Suddenly, he pulled my hand. “Stay with me!”

Before I could react, he was asleep once again.

He was still holding onto my wrist, and I tried to pull back a few times. As I could not free myself, I frowned and exclaimed, “Marcus, let go of me!”

He lifted his hand and nailed me down next to him. “Accompany me for a while, it’s been a few days since I last slept.”

Seeing that he was extremely exhausted, I remained silent and pretended everything was alright. I continued sitting next to him. After some time, he fell into a deep sleep after being bone-tired for many days.

Secing Marcus sleeping soundly for quite some time, I too fell asleep because there wasn’t much for me to do.

Out of nowhere, I was woken up by a startling sound. I opened my eyes hazily. unsure of what was going on. Then I heard Sally’s voice.

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