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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 283

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 283

Sally nodded calmly.

It took me a few seconds to process the fact that Sally was going to take over White Corporation according to Benjamin’s last wishes. I was confused because Marcus was Benjamin’s son.

Marcus walked out of the hospital right after saying that. I ran after him, but I didn’t know how to console him. “Marcus, have you had dinner yet?”

“I’m not hungry!” He seemed reluctant to talk to me.

I was at a loss for words. As he was heading to his car, I slipped into the driver’s seat before he could do so. “I’ll give you a ride back to your house.”

It would be dangerous to let him drive now.

He narrowed his eyes menacingly. “Why? You pily me?”

My brows furrowed up. “No!” After starting the engine, I added, “You’re my friend. I owe you one, so I can’t leave you in the lurch.”

“Ha!” He sneered. “So you’re repaying my favor?”

I knew he was in a foul mood. I said nothing and focused on driving until we reached his house.

When the car came to a stop, Marcus’ eyes were shut. He spoke tiredly. “You can stay in White Corporation. Sally will take over from now on. She’s Ashton’s aunt, so she won’t do anything to harm you.”

I pursed my lips. “What about you?”

“I’ll return to M Country!” He massaged his temples. “I came back to take care of my mother. Now that the person she cared for is gone, I should return to M Country.”

I knew little about his family affairs, so I said nothing.

After a brief silence, I offered, “Come on, let’s go in. You should eat something and rest well. Don’t think too much.”

He looked at me, his gaze undecipherable. “Louis is planning to make you his

daughter. Your future will be a bright one. Don’t go overboard with your revenge. Many people had died in Zachary’s hands accidentally. Be careful.”

I nodded and sighed. “Do you have to return to M Country? The White family is rich. Even if you don’t get to run White Corporation, there is still the Bauman family, right?”

He chuckled lightly. I noticed his lips were cracked. “Are you concerned about me? You don’t want me to leave?”

Well, not really. I answered, “Yes, I don’t want you to leave. I owed you too much. If you return to M Country, there’s no way I can repay your favor.”

He sat up. “Do you want to repay my favor?”

I nodded. Back then, if he hadn’t arrived in time and asked me to hang on till the sun rises, I would’ve died together with my child. He had saved my life.

With a smirk, he suggested, “Then stay for the night.”

I simply stared at him blankly.

He snickered at my reaction. “What’s wrong? You’re not willing? In ancient times, our ancestors would devote themselves to their patron to show their gratitude. But since you’re married and I can’t marry you, I could only ask you to stay for the night.”

I gnashed my teeth helplessly. “Are you sure?”

Marcus laughed out loud. “It’s just one night. Why are you overreacting? Benjamin might be a scoundrel, but he was in love with my mom when they gave birth to me. Although I wasn’t close to him, he’s still my father. I feel horrible after his passing.”

He added, “If you’re here, at least the house doesn’t feel that empty.”

My lips parted in disbelief. I thought… +

Seeing my reaction, a faint smile flitted across his lips. “Why did you think I asked you to stay?”


“Mm, it’s settled then.” With that, he alighted from his car and dragged me into the house.

The White residence was huge. As Benjamin’s remains would be placed here for a iw days, the house’s furnishings had been stripped to the bare minimum. It was spacious yet empty.

The Whites had few people. As there was an ongoing funeral, even the air felt chilly. I followed Marcus into the living room where he ordered the helpers to prepare dinner.

Sally returned a while later with a bunch of documents about the family’s inheritance. Marcus glanced at her briefly before looking away coolly.

To my surprise, Sally came to Marcus. “You can have the White family’s properties and cars. I only want to be the chairperson of White Corporation.”

“Ha!” Marcus sneered and gazed at her intently. “He’s still here, but you’re already dividing his fortune? Aren’t you afraid he’ll haunt your dreams?”

Sally answered icily, “That was what he promised me, to give me the majority of the 50% shares he had. Hence, according to the bylaws, I have the right to become White Corporation’s chairperson.”


Raising his brows, Marcus retorted, “You’re demanding that earlier than expected. Are you leaving the White residence before his funeral?”

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