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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 281

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 281

I drew my lower lip between my teeth. She was right. After all, Parker was dead. Ashton would have to keep his word, no matter what. If something had happened to Rebecca, he would need to take care of her.

I sneered at her. “Rebecca, if you’re willing to sacrifice your whole life, I don’t mind your existence. After all, we share a bed at night. You know he doesn’t love you romantically. I can’t believe you’re okay with waiting for him. You’re not even his mistress. If that’s the case, why should I mind?”

As the color drained from her face, I continued, “Your existence might bother us occasionally, but you’ll have to waste the rest of your life doing this. However, if you leave Ashton, you’ll have a different life. You’re pretty with a powerful family background. There will be other men who would make you happy. Look, Joe is a good example. It’s obvious he really likes you. Even if Cameron’s reputation gets torn to shreds, you can still take care of her. The Moore family is too strong for me to destroy. So, as long as you leave, I won’t get to sabotage your future.”

I was telling the truth. As long as Rebecca was willing to give up, my actions wouldn’t bring harm to her. However, judging from her persistence toward Ashton all over the years, I knew she would refuse to leave as she was used to him.

Indeed, a menacing glint flashed across her gaze.

She shook her head. “No, I won’t leave him. If you refuse to let my mother off, then we’ll fight till the end. Let’s make things difficult for each other. Scarlett, you want nothing else, but I want both him and my family. I won’t give up.”

I shrugged. “Fine. Let’s see who will win!

Rebecca was greedy, as she wanted everything. She was right. It seemed like I wanted nothing else, but it was because I had nothing to begin with.

I didn’t realize when Rebecca left the cafe. I sat in my seat as my heart clenched slowly. To her, losing a baby meant a few days of pain.

After I lost my child, I lost the will to live. She had her parents and relatives, but I had nothing else.

The coffee stain had dried off. I knew I must be a pathetic mess by now.

Standing up, I got ready to head back to work. Suddenly, I noticed someone standing

beside me.

Ashton’s sudden appearance gave me a shock. I thought he’s busy?

“W-Why are you here?” I grabbed my bag and prepared to leave.

He narrowed his eyes. “Who were you with earlier?”

“No one!” I replied. Turning around, I noticed Jared and Joe taking a seat at a nearby table. It seemed like they had just arrived.

Ashton urged. “Why is there coffee on your outfit?”

The coffee had dried by now, but the stain was still visible. I furrowed my brows and lied, “I spilled coffee on myself accidentally.”

Ashton snickered and glanced at me as if I were a clown making a fool of myself. “You poured coffee on yourself?” …

I bit my lip and changed the topic. “Are you here to talk about work?”

He looked away from the empty cup on my table and insisted, “Who did this to you?”

“Will you beat her up or pour a cup of coffee over her head?” I frowned and retorted.

He arched a brow. “So that’s what you like?”

I was rendered speechless.

“Forget it. You should go back to work. I need to return to my office!” Tattling on Rebecca was useless. After all, he wouldn’t beat her up, would he?

He grabbed my wrist. “What did she tell you?”

I could feel my head throbbing. “Ashton, we can talk about this at home. You should go back to work.”

Prying his hand off, I headed out of the cafe.

Soon, Ashton caught up to me. He draped his blazer over my shoulders. “You didn’t drive here, right? I’ll give you a ride home. Change into a clean clothes before going back to your company.”

I knitted my brows and shook my head to refuse his offer. “No need. It’s dry by now. I

just need to deal with something back in the company. I’ll head home righi alier thar.”

“Is it that urgent?” he inquired sternly. When I met bis gaze, he softened and said, “Go home and take a shower. Don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

“It’s fine,”

“Scarlett!” Ashton scowled. “We should get along better. After all, we’re married. Why are you doing this?”

I frowned instinctively at his words. Mrs. Eriksen was right. He had been working hard to deal with the problems. I could see how hard he was trying to take care of me.

After a pause, I gave him a nod. “Okay. Let’s go home, then.”

His expression relaxed as he brought me to his car. After he drove away, I asked, “Don’t you need to inform Dr. Crest and your friend?”

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